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Really Berry by Naked 100 - 60ml

Really Berry by Naked 100 - 60ml

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The Really Berry by Naked 100 is sold in 60mL bottles and brings a refreshing blend of blueberries combined with blackberries and lemon sugar drizzle. Formally known as Verry Berry.

Naked's Really Berry is a delicious blend of ripe blackberries, tart raspberries, sweet blueberries and lemon sugar drizzle. It's perfect for anyone who enjoys a fresh, fruit-forward vape. really berry by naked 100 e-liquid is a prime example of how amazing a fruit vape can be, enriching the flavors of the berries with each other to create a vaping experience that you won't soon forget. While it is certainly berry-licious, Really Berry by Naked 100 also has a touch of sweetness that make it perfect for an all-day vape. So if you're looking for something that's both delicious and refreshing, look no further than Really Berry!

60mL Glass Bottle
Dropper in Bottle
70% VG
30% PG
Made in USA
Available nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg

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