Collection: Vape Starter Kits

Planning to start your vaping journey but not sure about the vape mods? Begin with Simple Vape starter kits. 

Vape starter kits are everything you need to start with vaping. You will have all the components in one box. The best part is you can have a full vape mod experience with the starter kits. 

Mostly, starter kits are less expensive than vape mods. You don’t need to buy every component like coils, tanks, or bodies separately.  

There are separate types of vape starter kits for the user's convenience.

Types of Vape Starter Kit

  • Vape pens
  • Starter pods
  • Cigarette-like starter kits
  • Box-type starter kits

Basic Vape Starter Kit Components

  • Body
  • Vape tanks
  • Coils
  • Battery
  • E-juice (depends)

Brands Bringing You Best Quality Vape Starter Kits

  • Geek Vape
  • Smok
  • Lost Vape
  • Vaporesso
  • Voopoo
  • Uwell

Get into mods, tanks, coils, and customization on a budget with vape starter kits today.