Best Vape Setups Under 100

5 Best Vape Setups Under $100 - Incredibly Affordable!

Instead of smoking cigarettes, people are opting for vapes lately as they are said to be less harmful and cost-efficient compared to cigarettes. 

It has consistently been rising in popularity among people of all ages as vapes are highly customizable and versatile to suit everyone’s needs. 

A good, budget-friendly vape setup does not have to cost your hundreds as the options are endless within this budget. 

This article talks about 5 best vape setups under 100 in 2023 that are suitable whether you’re a beginner or an avid vaper. 

Each of these offer satisfaction to your nicotine rush and enjoy the juice at the same time. Take a minute and go through to find your ideal vaping setup. 

The Basics of Vaping 

Vaping is the modern way of nicotine consumption for the youth in this generation. Vaping involves heating of the flavor and inhaling the vapor of it which contains the nicotine. 

The device is inserted with a coil on the inside which is responsible for heating the flavor that is stored in the tank of the device. Once you have your vaping device ready on hand, follow the instructions on the manual and fill the device as needed. 

If you are an avid smoker, you will need an e liquid with a higher nicotine content in order to satisfy your nicotine rush. However, if you are a beginner, it is ideal to start with lower nicotine content. 

You will also need to decide on what type of flavor best suits your wants and needs as well as how to inhale the vapor

Upon picking on the flavor you prefer and the way you would like to inhale, you are now ready to begin taking puff whenever needed. 

It may take a while before you get used to vaping, however once you’re ready, vaping should become much easier over time. 

Review of the 5 Best Vape Setups Under $100 

There is an endless array of options for vapes to choose from costing under $100 that offers incredible vapor output, throat hit, contains nicotine rush, and flavor output.

It is ideal to do your own research on vapes and consult someone with prior experience vaping to help you figure out what to look and go for. 

However, down below are few options you can consider for your vape setups that cost under $100 but ensures top notch output - 

1. Lava Plus 2000 Puffs Disposal - Coffee Latte 

Lava Plus 2000 Puffs Disposal - Coffee Latte

The Lava Plus 2000 puffs disposal vape is one of the sleekest vapes consistently rising in popularity. It has a slim and compact design that makes it easy to carry in your bag or pockets unlike most other bulky and heavy vapes. 

The well-built casing on this device makes it anti-slip and prevents any sort of spilling or leakage on it. Its ergonomic mouthpiece is also a favorite among users due to being easy to access and free from any hassle. 

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy pop-off cap 
  • Smooth and dense vapor production 
  • No harsh throat hit  


  • Lack of battery and display can be confusing 
  • Automatic activation by inhaling can cause inconsistent vapor release at times 

The best part about the Lava Plus 2000 is that unlike most other vapes of similar kinds tend to come at a hefty price tag.

However, the Lava Plus 2000 comes at a fraction of price only at $10.99 and is available at VapeDeal to purchase along with several other flavors. 

2. SMOK Novo BAR AL6000

SMOK Novo BAR AL6000

SMOK Novo has revolutionized vaping experiences for good and its users are loving every bit of it. It comes with a long lasting battery that allows you to enjoy vaping uninterrupted for a long time.

The fast charging feature on it also contributes to the convenience of not having to wait too long to charge. 

This vape features an adjustable airflow control that allows you to adjust the flow as per your liking. The density, vapor production, and airflow are all under your control without any fuss. 


  • Impressive battery life 
  • Comes with battery life indicator 
  • Comes with juice indicator 
  • Adjustable airflow control 


  • Bulky and heavy compared to others 
  • Difficult to get a grip for some 

One of the best disposable vapes, SMOK Novo BAR AL6000 ensures there’s something just for you. With 14 different flavors to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a flavor suitable for you from VapeDeal at $17.99 only. 

3. Myle Micro Bar Disposable 1500 Puffs - Mega Melon 

Myle Micro Bar Disposable 1500 Puffs - Mega Melon

There is no doubt that the Myle Micro Bar Disposable vape is absolutely one of its kind. It is one of the most sleek and compact vapes in the market that allows for convenient storage and carrying.

It features a minimalistic design which makes it visually pleasing and is ideal for beginners as well as for avid vapers. 

The coils featured in this device are very well loved for producing such dense, smooth, and consistent vapors without compromising the flavor. Upon purchase, this one comes pre-charged already and is ready to satisfy your nicotine rush immediately. 


  • Water resistant 
  • Offers medium-tight draw of the vapor 
  • Ergonomic design for easy grip 
  • Powerful coil for consistent airflow 


  • No light indicators 
  • No control over airflow 

The Myle Bar is available in 20 different flavors at VapeDeal at an impressive price of $14.99 only. 

4. SMOK X-Priv Starter Kit 

SMOK X-Priv Starter Kit

The SMOK X-Priv starter kit is one of the latest versions of the PRIV series that is highly raved about lately due to its incredibly smooth vapor production and flow.

The large OLED display screen on it provides users with the visuals of all sorts of adjustment and control information. 

This piece is visually one of the bests from SMOK that also comes with functionality. It allows users the convenience of adjusting the temperature on it with ease so the heat and vapor production is met with your liking. 


  • Top-fill button lock adds security 
  • Large display for details 
  • Hinged door for battery protection 
  • Short circuit resistant 


  • Significantly heavy to carry 
  • Likely to crack the glass display 

This elegant piece from SMOK has redefined finesse at its peak and continues to amaze users with it.

For such a stylish and timeless piece, it comes at a fraction of price only at $54.99 at VapeDeal along with several other designs to choose from.  

5. Yami Bar Air 6000 Disposable Puffs - Iced Mint 

Yami Bar Air 6000 Disposable Puffs - Iced Mint

This tiny little device has taken its users by awe with its performance and output.

The Yami Bar Air 6000 has been known to offer users with a smooth, intense, and satisfying vapor production that does not even seem real.

It is a small cylindrical device that resembles cigarettes as closely as possible. 

It boasts a sleek design free from buttons and holes and LEDs which does not tug or pull when kept in your pocket or bags.

The airflow is automatically activated upon inhaling and allows the users freedom from having to press down on any buttons. 


  • No sharp edges or designs to pull or tug 
  • Flat, slim, and dull design 
  • No extra buttons or holes for particles to enter 
  • Activates airflow upon inhaling 


  • Lack of display can be confusing 
  • Cylindrical shape causes it to roll off and crash 

For a vape that is so minimalistic and easy to handle, it does come at the cheap price of only $12.99 at VapeDeal along with several others to choose from. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vape Setup 

Purchasing a vape out of the blue can be a disaster if you don’t know much about it as there are several factors you need to consider before making the purchase. It is best to do a thorough research and consult someone with prior experience vaping in order to find your perfect match for it. 

A few key factors to remember before making such purchase are as follows -  

Material And Build Quality 

The built quality of your vape is extremely important. As the device generates heat in order to release the smoke, it is quite natural for the device to get heated up rather easily as well. 

If the device is made of delicate material, you will struggle to hold a grip on the device and possibly injure yourself. Poor build quality could also cause leakage and spilling of the flavor, as well as be responsible for poor smoke generation leading to a poor experience. 

Battery Life And Power 

Running out of battery in the middle of a vaping session is probably the worst thing to experience. It kills your buzz and makes you understandably quite cranky. 

Having a long lasting battery on your device is going to help ensure you can seamlessly enjoy vaping without fearing of the battery running out. To avoid such misfortunes, it is best to opt for vapes with long lasting batteries that will serve you days at a time. 

Tank Capacity And Coil Resistance 

The tank capacity on your device determines how much flavor it is able to contain, which is typically 2ml and above. 

A full tank of juice should roughly contain 2ml or so which may not seem like much but it surprisingly carries about 600 puffs or so. 

So, if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted session of vaping, you might want to be aware of the tank on your device. The coils on the device are single handedly responsible for heat generation which turns the flavor into vapor. 

Ease Of Use And Maintenance 

Having a basic, simple, classic, and non-complicated device is much more valued as opposed to having a device with numerous buttons, ports, indicators, and switches. A sleek design will allow the device to remain concealed and easy to store. 

With clear identifications and minimalistic design, the maintenance of the device can become much more convenient and ensure longevity as well. 

A well maintained device is going to significantly last you much longer without needing any replacements or repairing for quite a while. 

Comparison of the 5 Best Vape Setups Under $100 

Although each of these 5 vapes are well under the $100 mark, they each possess a distinct feature in them that makes them unique. Each of these vapes are highly reliable and offer incredible output. 

However, to help differentiate between them, here is a chart that shows their output - 




Lava Plus 2000 

Sleek and compact design 

Lack of buttons, LEDs, and screen 

SMOK Novo Bar AL6000

Smooth and rich flavor hit 

Very non-discrete  

Myle Micro Bar 

Water resistant 

Non-adjustable airflow 

SMOK X-Priv Starter Kit 

Elegant with a large display for information 

Very heavy due to stainless steel material 

Yami Bar 6000 

Flat discreet, and easy storage 

May roll off due to being cylindrical 

Lava Plus 2000 

Lave plus is one of the best options to go for if you are a beginner. Even avid vapers are also going to enjoy this one without any compromisation. However, although it is very compact, lightweight, and slim to use and carry, it does miss out on LED indicators, buttons, and display screen which helps users know about the controls of the device. 

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 

Smok Novo Bar AL6000 is ideal if you want to enjoy the rich taste of the flavor without having to compromise on your nicotine content. It offers users with an intense taste of the flavor while also hitting the throat just right without overpowering the juice. That said, it is quite chunky and hefty to carry in your pocket or purse which makes carrying it difficult and can also be difficult to get a proper grip on when inhaling. 

Myle Micro Bar 

  • Powerful coil produces dense vapor 
  • Lightweight and discrete 
  • Offers medium-tight draw 
  • No control buttons 
  • No display screen 

SMOK X-Priv Starter Kit 

  • Has large display and shows information 
  • Easy hinged door access for batteries 
  • Offers temperature adjustment 
  • Very heavy due to stainless steel material 
  • Large display is likely to take a hit when dropped 

Yami Bar 6000 

  • Adequate number of puffs for the price and setup 
  • Easy, compact, and discrete to carry 
  • Airflow sensor indicates inhaling 
  • Lack of buttons, and display can be confusing 
  • Likely to roll off due to its shape 

Although each of these vapes are incredibly satisfying and likable in their own distinct ways, they happen to be very different from one another in some ways. Of all 5 of these vapes mentioned above, Lava Plus 2000 Disposable vape is undoubtedly one of the best

This vape offers a wide range of flavors available, sharp and intense draw, consistent airflow, and dense and thick vapor, all of which gathers to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

It is also well within the budget of being under $100 at only $10.99 without compromising with the airflow, throat hit, or the nicotine rush at all. 

How to Take Care of Your Vape Setup 

Taking proper care of your vape pen or setup is the most important part that ensures it remains long lasting without being compromised. In order to take care of your device, you must take apart the cartridge from the pen and ensure it is able to stand upright to prevent spilling. 

There are a few other key factors to consider in order to care for your vape setup which will allow it to remain good as new even when you’re taking a break from vaping, such as - 

General Maintenance 

Maintaining the cleanliness of a vape properly is the secret to a lasting lasting device. For most devices, it is rather easy to keep up with its maintenance as opposed to devices that come with a complex design and intricate bits and pieces.

Keeping the coil and the tank of your vape clean as a whistle will ensure top quality vapor production and prevent any build up on them.

Replacing the coils every now and then and ensuring the battery longevity is good also contributes to the well-being of your device. Users must also completely take the device apart and thoroughly clean each compartment of it for better vapor production and long lasting devices. 

Replacement Parts 

Although there is not a lot to replace on a well maintained vaping device, the ones that do need replacing may not always be as widely available as not all compartments of a device are compatible with others. Typically, the coil, tank, batteries, and the juice are what needs to be changed or replaced every now and then. Each of these pieces plays an essential part maintaining the well-being, proper vapor production and heat generation from your device. However, interchanging these pieces from one device to another can damage the device due to incompatibility. Which is why it is vital to ensure everything is well-fitted and compatible to ensure longevity. 

Proper Storage 

No matter the shape, size, or the weight of your vaping device, it is vital to store it upright and prevent it from tipping over. Keeping the vape upright will prevent the buttons from being pressed against a surface longer than needed or cause any damage to the LED display screen. Storing vapes at room temperature is also quite important to prevent overheating of the device. However, before you store your vape away for good, remember to disconnect the cartridge from the pen and cover the mouthpiece properly in order to prevent dirt particles from seeping in. 

Final Words 

A good vaping setup or kit could single handedly be responsible and make you never want to vape again or get you hooked on it. In order to experience a sharp, rich, and intense draw from the device, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money. 

Each of these 5 best vape setups under 100 in 2023 mentioned are highly raved and relied upon by users all over the world. They offer users with a dense airflow and throat hit which is essential if you are an avid smoker. 

Therefore, instead of spending hundreds on just any device, do your research and choose a setup that remains within your budget and best suits all your needs

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