Collection: Myle Meta Bar (2500 Puffs) Disposable Vapes

Nowadays, disposable vapes are perfect for giving vape enthusiasts smooth and flavorful smoke experiences without filling any flavor and charging in batteries. Disposable vapes are a kind of smart e-smoking device that could meet your needs as complete vaping momentums without having issues and hassles like changing coils, filling out flavors, and organizing cotton in coils. 

Vaping requires these kinds of maintenance every limited period. Disposable vapes don't need any of them, these vapes give the chance for just unboxing and starting to vape. Myle Meta Bar Disposable Vapes are really good for vaping. 

Finding a reliable and high-quality disposable vape could save the user time and hassles through its easy-vaping, non-filing, and non-charging activity. Anyway, disposable vapes are famous for their portability, and fascinating designs, which could be carried outside in a pocket to provide easy flavorful puffing experiences among users. It is true that reliable and high-quality disposable vapes are really a blessing for e-smokers.  

Features and Specifications of Myle Meta Bar

New Myle Meta Bar looks sleek and relatively slim, and portable e-smoking device that is highly optimized for enhancing users’ vaping experiences while featuring a pretty conveniently proportioned mouthpiece and its uber discreteness in your hand. 

Especially, Myle Meta Bar disposable vape is flavor-filled, super lightweight, and pretty simple to use. Plus, it comes with cutting-edge features that make it an astounding pick for any vape lovers!

Battery Life

This device comes with a non-rechargeable 950 mAh battery for long-lasting use. It would automatically turn off or switch off after having 2500 puffs from it. 


Myle Meta Bar vape comes with a mesh coil that can easily reduce the “heating time” of the disposable vape. Moreover, it’ll burn while giving you a consistent and super-intense flavor vaping experience with every puff you take.  


The vape provides easiness with its rubber mouthpiece. That's to give you enough comfort while vaping without letting the heat touch your lips. The rubber mouthpiece even provides comfortable vaping, so you can enjoy your e-smoke without worrying about the heat stings. 

Size and Weight (Portability) 

This excellent design vape is specially designed for providing easiness, comfort, and portability, to the users. And if you go on the looks you’ll notice it appears pretty much like a pen drive. Moreover, as it’s pretty lightweight so users won’t have to face trouble while carrying it. 

Puff Count 

Myle Meta Bar would give you somewhere around 2500 puffs. And you’ll even get a pretty satisfying and smooth e-smoke experience that’ll last all day long.  Yes, the puff counts may differ, but nevertheless, it’ll always be somewhere between 2500 puffs. Yet, you can consult with the seller before grabbing this disposable vape bar.  

E-Liquid Capacity

Myle Meta Bar has 25 mg, and 50 mg Nic Salt variants. That’s not all; it even comes with a 6 ml liquid inside to provide a smooth and satisfying vaping experience at all times.  


This vape offers a variety of flavor options. Here’re some of the best flavor deals you’ll get from this astounding disposable vape bar: 

  • Georgia Reach
  • White Grape Ice 
  • Coconut Cake,
  • Iced Tropical Fruit
  • Lush Ice 
  • Iced Mint 
  • Lychee
  • Mega Melon
  • Blackcurrant
  • Sweet Tobacco
  • Red Apple
  • Malaysian Mango flavors

All these flavors are appreciated by most users and you can easily grab the one that suits your style and taste. 

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Performance and User Experience

Myle Meta Bar is a perfect disposable vape for those who just love e-smoke. Not only does it provide a smooth flavorful vaping experience, but the density of the smoke is super eye-catchy! 

According to many users, this is an excellent vape starter kit, and some may even consider being “The Perfect Disposable Vape.” This is because the vape comes with long-lasting and highly effective coils that don’t heat up the device in any way possible and the raw vape flavor gives a fruitful burst to the mouth.

Some even claim that the vape is super addictive, not because of the nicotine, but due to the striking and stinging flavor options. And this is one of the primary reasons why the vape is globally recognized and appreciated by customers. 

The vape is also an ideal pick for both new and pro vapers and the overall sturdy and trendy design makes it more alluring to users. Plus, according to the customers’ reviews, the vape is super durable and performing. Meaning you really won’t have to worry about maintenance and servicing while taking this vape. 

They even state that with every puff you take, you’ll have a new taste feel to your buds. Although it sounds a bit exaggerated, you’ll never know unless you give it a try.

Comparison to other Disposable Vapes on the Market

Myle Meta Bar Disposable Vapes Other Disposable Vapes on the Market
Myle Meta Bar Disposable Vapes are easy to use, it provides a “just take and enjoy” smoother puff. 
Other Disposable vapes may require a smoke-switch button, or an on/off switch to operate the vape. 
This vape is specially designed for improving flavor actions, instant puff, smoke, and nic cravings, with fascinating size. 
Other vapes are designed by brand choices, comparing competitor vape structures, effective coils, and different battery capacities. 
Myle Meta Bar (2500 Puffs) Disposable Vape is designed with MESH Coil that will reduce the time to heat up the device while giving the users a consistent, unique vapor flavor in an instant. 
Other vapes are constructed with RDA, MESH, and SINGLE COIL to release smoke as effectively ones. 
There are no confusions that Myle Meta Bar (2500 Puffs) Disposable Vapes will give smooth, accurate flavorful vapor without having any charging or refiling issues. 
Other Disposable Vapes may require connecting them in charge for enough power supply, changing of coils, and also having to refill them with flavors to get a smoother, and more flavorful vaping experience all the time.
It is designed with featherweight materials to reduce the carrying space like a pen drive. The design of this vape really enhanced its portability, and it is too easy to take this vape everywhere you want. 
Other disposable vapes are designed from the brand choices, or the common standard shapes like all other vapes for maintaining the vape’s common size, weight, and features.  
Myle Meta Bar vapes don't need to charge, or changing of coils, or be refilled. Because it's enough perfect to give long-lasting vapors to the users by its limited effectiveness.  By using other brands' disposable vapes, all users may face the problem of losing the coil effectiveness as before. Sometimes other vapes might need to refill flavor at the time it's low. 

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Myle Meta Bar Disposable Vape features a 6 ml built-in tank and an effective battery that delivers as correct 2500 raw flavorful puffs to enhance the vaping experience to another level. 

This unbelievable action-packed smooth flavor for its perfectly meshed coils and intense built shape to improve vaping actions more enjoyable all the time. 

It reduces the time to heat up the device to produce colorful vapors with long-lasting performance. Myle Meta Bar vapes are really worth the money, and experience. 

In last, we’ve discussed in above as enough about this exciting disposable vape with its performance, built-in design, shape, effectiveness, and overall details. Try to get your best by comparing your favorite ones from MYLE. Really it will be a great deal!  

As we say, this vape is perfect for convenience and portability for giving your 2500 satisfying puffs with a smooth, intense, and flavorful taste all the time. Get your one check out all the great disposable vapes of MYLE META BAR from

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Myle Meta Bar Last?

Myle Meta Bar Disposable Vape will last after having 2500 puffs from it. Anyway, it has a non-rechargeable battery that gives an endless smooth-vaping experience all day long.  It lasts until you take 2500 puffs from it. 

Can I recharge or refill the Myle Meta Bar?

As having a built-in non-rechargeable battery, and a non-refill flavor tank, there is no option to refill or recharge Myle Meta Bar Vapes. Puffs and performances in this vaping device are limited. 

How do I know when the Myle Meta Bar is empty?

When you have completely taken 2500 puffs from your Myle Meta Bar Vape, in the time you puff the vape, there is no vapor response. Your Myle Meta Bar is empty. By brand premises, these vapes will give you non-stop 2500 puffs or more and then it will be empty. When your puffs couldn't take any vapor response, in this time you have to know that your device is empty. 

Can I recycle the Myle Meta Bar after use?

Myle Meta Bar Vapes are recognized as single-use vapes, and waste-plastic after use. By having a built-in battery and a non-refill flavor tank, recycling Meta Bar vapes requires some actions to use them again. You have the right to get your cash refund or security money from the company after you return this vape upon the end of its usable life.   We recommend that you don't try this for your security.