Collection: Vape Mods: The Best Picks for Superior Vaping Experience

The way wave of vaping started with the vape mods. You can see vapers with different types of mod and enjoying very unique flavors. 

Vape mods are full of customizations. Most of the mods have multiple components that can be changed, replaced, or customized. 

Vape Mod Components

  • Juice Tank
  • Atomizer
  • Controls
  • LCD Screen (sometimes touchscreen)

The vape mods are extensive on so many levels. They come with better and more advanced features, better battery life, and more control over vaping. 

Exclusive Controling features

  • Voltage control 
  • Temperature control (dry and burnt hits)
  • Wattage control 

Screen To Show Data

Most of the vape mods come with an LCD display on the side. Some of the displays have touchscreen features. Usually, the screen provides vaping data and device-related information. 

The Screen Shows

  • Volts
  • Amperage 
  • Battery Capacity
  • Juice Level
  • Coil Resistance

Vape mods are for extreme and extensive vaping experience. If you are looking for more customization of the vaping experience, get into the amazing world of vape mods.