vape tastes burnt after charging

Why Vape Tastes Burnt After Charging? 7 Causes & Fixes

If you're not using an all-in-one vape but rather a "vape mod" and "sub-ohm tank," it can be difficult for a beginner who has just quit the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes, as vaping requires you to know quite a bit of functionality to be able to do it properly. 

No matter what kind of vaping gear they use, most vapers, especially beginners, will feel the same way at some point. That's when you take a big gulp of burnt and distasteful air, which overpowers the flavor of your e-juice and leaves you wondering what might be the problem. 

A burned taste isn't the end of the world, no matter what type of vape you're using—a pod vape, a sub-ohm tank, an RDA with mech, a mod, or an all-in-one. You can fix the taste by going for various methods and solutions; we will discuss them in this article. 

Why Does Your Vape Taste Burnt?

Coils are the elements that heat the metal within the tank of your vape. Your wick has been extinguished (the cotton-swaddled cylinders). Here’s how a vape tank works:

  • When you press the fire button, the wire mesh coil or wire coil made of stainless steel, nickel, kanthal, or titanium inside the vape gets heated.
  • Since you primed the coils and filled the tank with e-juice in a conventional tank or through the coils in an RBA, the organic cotton wick was soaked in the liquid.
  • This wick ensures that your coils remain moist, and the liquid within the wick and nearest the coils is now heated to vaporization.... producing the enticing vapor that is so enjoyable to inhale
  • If you keep your tank full, the liquid near the coils will evaporate first, drawing more liquid into the wick to saturate the cotton and prevent a dry burn.

There are many reasons why the wicking material might not have soaked up enough liquid to dampen those coils. This could have led to the cotton catching fire due to the coiling wire becoming too hot (water aids in regulating the wire's temperature).

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Causes of that Burnt Flavor in Your Vape

Here are 7 explanations for why a freshly installed coil might still make your vape taste burnt:

1. You Are Not Optimizing Your Coil Head with the Appropriate VG/PG E-Liquid.

The ideal proportion of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin in the juice depends, to some extent, on the wattage range and diameter of your coil head. Mods with smaller coil heads, like those found in pens and pod mods, call for a more dilute liquid.

A higher percentage of the thinner Propylene Glycol (PG) should be used for vape coils with a lower recommended wattage. All of your coil heads have little holes for wicking liquid, right? You can tell if the coil head needs more VG or PG by the size of those.

The rule of thumb is that as the vapor cloud size increases, the VG requirement decreases, and vice versa. In this case, the left-hand coil head would call for more propylene glycol, while the right-hand one would prefer more vegetable glycerin.

If you use a small coil head and a high-VG liquid, the wick may catch fire because the liquid won't squeeze through the narrow wicking ports and saturate the coil before you stop vaping.


If you vape at a power level above 30W, you should be fine with a VG concentration of 50 percent or higher, and double-check the ports while you're at it.

2. Your Wick Hasn't Been Allowed to Soak Through

The wick may not have had enough time to absorb the liquid if you haven't let your vape stand after filling it, and it's also possible that the taste was burnt because you started vaping when the wick was still a little dry.


To prime your coil, you must do the following-

  • During the soaking time, Turn the tank over by shaking it upside down to make sure that all air bubbles are outwicking!
  • If your wick is not saturated, you will see air bubbles escaping through the ports around the coil head.
  • View the section on high wattages, and then inhale

3. You May Have Overdone It With the Chain Vaping

Social anxiety, intoxication, and exceptionally tasty e-juice are just a few triggers for raucous rounds of chain vaping, but there are plenty of other times when it's the sensible thing to do.

Imagine being so nervous that you get a lungful of burn and start splattering and swearing all over the place instead of looking really cool by blowing out huge clouds.

You might also just put on a brave front and act like nothing is wrong. Certain coils aren't made to withstand heavy vaping, and there are ludicrous levels of chain vaping, like when you're trying to master a trick and completely ignore that your tank is getting smoking hot.

When you chain vape, your tank heats up, and your e-liquid evaporates too quickly for your coils to get saturated between draws. Although inhaling charcoal with a hint of burned newspaper and the smell of a burning jersey is pleasant, the end result is neither polished nor pleasant.


The solution is to keep a close eye on the temperature of your tank; it should never be more than slightly warm to the touch.

4. You Haven't Been Maintaining a Full Tank

There are tiny holes or ports on your coil head’s sides that allow wicking. Always keeping them covered is a must to forestall a dry hit or cotton that has been burned when vaping.

If you repeatedly expose your ports, your coil head and wicking will wear out much faster. When you inhale from a tank whose ports are exposed or whose juice supply is neglected, air instead of liquid is drawn into your wicking. The first hits after reloading will likely land on dry cotton.


The fix is to prime the coils and refill the tank if you've been vaping from an empty one, and always keep the tank full and avoid exposing the wicking ports in the future.

If the burnt flavor persists after a thorough cleaning, you may need to replace the coil head or wick.

5. The Coils Need to Be Primed

Opening the tank and priming the coil head is recommended before you fill the tank, waiting a few minutes for the wick to become saturated, and finally vaping on a new coil for the first time.

Dry cotton burns, so priming involves applying water directly to the coil and wicking material to ensure they get thoroughly saturated before you start vaping. A new coil's stubbornness can also make it easy for it to burn accidentally. It's because, compared to other wicking materials, this one has tight wicking and is less porous. before it's been "vaped in" enough, so, when the coil head is brand new or hasn't been used for a while, you'll want to give the wick a little extra time to soak up all the liquid.

It's possible that the air bubbles trapped in the wicking compact won't be moved without priming, in which case your lungs will be full of "no thanks."


Just prim your coils. If you have already installed a new coil, you can access it by unscrewing the tank's top cap and/or removing the tank's glass. Then,

  • Apply e-liquid by placing a single drop in each of the coil head's openings (wicking ports)
  • From the top of the coil head, drip the e-juice onto the uncovered wick, aiming to thoroughly soak the wick and moisten the coil without soaking it. Take it easy; you don't want to inhale too much e-liquid during your first drag.
  • Tank reassembly
  • Coat the inside of your vape tank with liquid.
  • Reduce the airflow to a minimum.
  • Take a few dry hits or draws to draw liquid into your coils before turning on your mod (don't press that fire button!).
  • Discourage airflow by closing vents.
  • 5 minutes please (see the following section on soaking your wick)
  • View the section on high wattages, and then Vape

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6. Your Vent is Blocked

Regularly using juices with many added flavorings, colors, or sweeteners could cause the wick to clog. Some of the high-sweetener and favorite high-flavor juices may be too good to avoid, but if you decide to vape them, you'll need to take the following precautions:


The solution is to rinse your coils to prevent the small lifespan and burnt flavor from using heavier juices. Learn how to properly maintain your coils by reading our detailed guide. A replacement is required if it fails.

7. You Used a Very High Wattage while Vaping

If you adjust the wattage of your vape to dangerously low levels or all the way up to their capacity when I forget to lock the screen, you might permanently damage numerous coils and ruin several others, though I have been able to save some with a thorough cleaning.

Assuming you primed and soaked your coils properly and are still within the coil head's expected lifespan, you may have vaped at too high of a wattage. In fact, if you take a hit and immediately notice a burnt flavor, you should check your mod to ensure the wattage hasn't been accidentally increased.


A vape coil's optimal wattage setting should be listed on the product's packaging or the coil head. Keep your vaping within these parameters. 

Vaping at a wattage that is too high for our coil heads causes dry cotton burning because the e-liquid in the wicking (cotton) evaporates quicker than the wick can re-saturate.

Breaking in a fresh coil or coil head involves increasing the wattage by 5 watts and using the device for 4 or 5 hits before repeating the process until the maximum wattage at which the device will function is reached. A thorough cleaning and/or a wick/coil exchange are the only true options if you have exceeded the recommended wattage for your coil and your cotton has burned.

Even if your coil's minimum wattage is listed, don't feel obligated to use it at that level. When using a brand new coil for the first time, it's best to begin at a lower wattage than is typically recommended and gradually increase it.

Fixing the Burnt Taste of Your Vape

Most of them are precautions you can take to lessen the likelihood of a burnt hit, but if you find yourself in this troublesome situation, there are two methods you can opt for-

Method 1

There’s a chance that cleaning your coil head could eliminate the burnt flavor. A new coil head is an investment. Therefore, you should try to restore your old one before throwing it away. Maybe it's too late to salvage your coil head, but it's worth a go.

A thorough cleaning or, in the case of rebuildable atomizers (RBAs), a wick swap, and coil scrub have restored wicks that had previously tasted burnt on several occasions.

Remember, before you take that first puff, be sure to prime, fill, dry hit, and soak (find out how below).

Method 2

If method 1 doesn't fix it, you must replace the coil head/coil.

  • Removing the top cover and the glass may access the vape coil
  • Take the coil head out of its mount.
  • Just unscrew the old one and screw in the new one.
  • Wet-hit, dry-hit, prime, and soak
  • Vape

Final Words

When you're done cleaning or replacing something, don't forget to prime and soak it.

I hope this clarifies why your vape juice has a burnt flavor. Prevention and safe vaping habits are essential. If you go through the abovementioned methods, you will be able to fix the burnt taste of your vape. You will also be able to manage it by going through the specific reasons mentioned above and opting for specific solutions. Have a pleasant experience vaping.

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