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Myle Nano Disposable 600 Puffs - Iced Quadberry

Myle Nano Disposable 600 Puffs - Iced Quadberry

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If you're looking for a delicious and refreshing iced quadberry flavored disposable, you'll want to try Myle Nano Disposable. This device offers a powerful and smooth nicotine hit, along with a tantalizing flavor that will leave your taste buds wanting more. This yummy flavor combines the taste of ripe berries with a menthol kick, making it perfect for those hot summer days. Myle's Nano Disposable comes pre-filled with 2.5ml of nicotine salt e-liquid, which is equivalent to approximately 600 puffs. That means you'll enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience without having to worry about running out of juice. Plus, the sleek and compact design of the Myle Nano Disposable makes it easy to take on the go - perfect for those who are always on the move! It has a sweet and fruity taste that is sure to please your palate. The quadberry flavor combines raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry into one delicious concoction with a cool kick.

  • 1 MYLE Nano Disposable Devices Per (Pack)
  • 5% Nicotine
  • Size: 2.5 ml
  • 600 Puffs Per Device

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