Collection: STIG VAPE PEN

The STIG POD is a cutting-edge disposable, all-in-one pod gadget that represents the future of vaping. It's compact, simple to use right out of the box, and can be used discreetly by all sorts of vapers. There are no buttons to press, no priming, charging, or refilling to worry about. When you're ready, the STIG is ready to go.

The STIG takes salt-based nicotine vaping to a whole new level. It's loaded with SaltNic e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that delivers faster gratification for a longer amount of time by improving nicotine blood absorption. SaltNic's e-liquid is silky smooth, delicious, and delivers incredibly pleasurable throat impacts.

If you're looking for a simple vaping experience that will help you quit smoking for good, the STIG is the device for you. Each STIG is packed with enough juice and power to last a single pack of cigarettes. Per STIG pack, this equates to around 60 cigarettes. Not only will your experience be fantastic because to the ease of use and amazing flavor, but the value you will receive is unrivaled. The STIG is small enough to fit in your pocket and carry with you everywhere you go, allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle while also discovering new sources of inspiration.

10 best reasons to use STIG VAPE PENs

1. STIGs are easy to use and require no maintenance.

2. STIGs are disposable so you don't have to worry about refilling them.

3. STIGs provide a consistent vape every time.

4. STIGs are extremely portable and can be taken with you wherever you go.

5. STIGs come in a variety of flavors so you can find one that suits your taste.

6. STIGs are affordable so you can save money on your vaping supplies.

7. STIGs produce less waste than traditional cigarettes because they don't produce tar or ash.

8. STIGs don't contain any tobacco so you can avoid the harmful effects of smoking.

9. STIGs can help you quit smoking cigarettes by providing a less harmful alternative.

10. STIGs are a great way to reduce your nicotine intake and gradually wean yourself off of cigarettes.