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What are JUUL pods?

JUUL pods are small, refillable cartridge-like attachments that snap into the JUUL device. Each JUUL pod contains nicotine juice and comes in various flavors, such as mint, mango, and cucumber. One JUUL pod is roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes in terms of nicotine content. A JUUL pod is a non-refillable, disposable vape cartridge that contains a proprietary formula which includes approximately 5% nicotine by weight, glycerine, benzoic acid, propylene glycol and flavors. Each JUUL pod is filled with 0.7mL of nicotine salt liquid, which is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes’ worth of nicotine.

There are four different flavors of JUUL pods available: Virginia Tobacco, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley, and Creme Brulee. JUUL pods are designed to be convenient and easy to use. They snap securely into the JUUL device and can be popped out when you need to refill them. The flavors are all pretty strong, so a little goes a long way.

Top 10 Reasons to use JUUL Nicotine Pods

1. JUUL disposable pods provide the user with a premium vaping experience, with Mint, Nicotine and Menthol flavors to choose from.
2. JUUL disposable Pods are completely disposable, with no need for refilling or recharging, everything is ready to use, and extremely convenient.
3. JUUL Nicotine Pods are small and extremely portable, and easily fit in your pocket or purse for discreet use.
4. JUUL Nicotine Pods are available in mint, nicotine and menthol flavors, so you can choose from your favorite!
5. JUUL Nicotine Pods provide an excellent way for smokers to wean off of cigarettes since they provide a similar smoking experience and nicotine levels without any of the harmful chemicals or bad smell.
6. JUUL Nicotine Pods are much cheaper than cigarettes, so switching from smoking to vaping can save you a lot of money each month.
7. JUUL Nicotine Pods allow you to vape indoors without bothering other people, since there is no dangerous second-hand smoke like with traditional cigarettes.
8. JUUL Nicotine Pods have a huge community following, with people discussing favorite flavors and methods of vaping.
9. JUUL Nicotine Pods deliver a consistent 5% nicotine level, providing the user with a consistent level of nicotine intake.
10. JUUL Nicotine Pods do away with the need for ashtrays, or littering cigarette butts and are therefore a more environmentally and cleaner method of inhaling nicotine.
JUUL Nicotine Pods have been adopted by millions of smokers all over the world who have chosen to ditch the dangers, smell and inconvenience of traditional cigarettes.

How to use a JUUL Device
To use a JUUL device, remove the pod from its packaging and insert it into the device. Once the pod is inserted, inhale on the mouthpiece to take a puff.

How to charge a JUUL Device
To charge a JUUL device, plug the USB charging dock into a power source. Then, insert the JUUL device into the dock. The LED light on the front of the device will glow red while charging and turn green when fully charged.

How to know when a JUUL pod needs to be replaced
A JUUL pod needs to be replaced when the liquid in the pod has been used up. To check the level of liquid in a pod, hold the pod up to a light source. If you can see liquid through the side of the pod, it needs to be replaced. If the pod is empty, dispose of it properly and insert a new one into the device.

How to dispose of a JUUL Pod
To dispose of a JUUL pod, remove the pod from the device and throw it away in a trash can. Do not dispose of JUUL pods in recycling bins.

JUUL Disposable Vape Pods

JUUL is the maker of JUUL pods, which are non-refillable, disposable e-liquid cartridges that provide an extremely satisfying vaping experience. JUUL pods are the mouthpiece that contains the nicotine and clicks right into the top of your JUUL device. There isn’t an easier to use nicotine vaping product on the market today.

JUUL contains only pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol which forms an aerosol that carries the nicotine and flavors safely to the user, resulting in a very satisfying cigarette-like experience. Flavors in the JUUL Pod can be a combination of artificial and natural ingredients, such as mint and menthol flavors. 

JUUL Pods meet stringent Vapor Testing Standards, to ensure consistent and safe delivery of nicotine and flavor. Consistency is always maintained amongst batches, and toxicology testing is stringent in order to ensure that materials used in our vape pods are safe.   

JUUL Pods come in Mint, Menthol and Virginia Tobacco flavors, and are available in the United States in nicotine strengths of 5.0% (59 mg/mL) and 3.0% (35 mg/mL). Since everyone has different tastes, we invite you to try our different flavors to discover which taste is the right one for you.

The sale of JUUL Pods to minors is prohibited by law and as such, age verification is required at point of sale.