Why Does My Esco Bar Taste Burnt

Why Does My Esco Bar Taste Burnt? - 4 Ways to Fix It

You may be eager to satisfy the nicotine cravings you frequently have after receiving your new vape with your preferred flavor, but as you proceed to use it and take some puffs, you notice after a few draws that there is something wrong with the taste of your Esco Bar disposable vape.

The flavor of your vape seems to be burnt and unpleasant, which means there's obviously something wrong.

Due to their portability and simplicity, the Esco Bar disposable vapes have become increasingly popular among vape users.

However, a common problem when utilizing these gadgets is a burnt flavor, as it’s quite common these days to have your disposable vape taste burnt. 

In this article, we will talk about why your Esco Bar disposable vape may taste burnt and what measures you can go through to restore its proper flavor and taste. 

Basic Understanding of Esco Bar Disposable Vapes

It's necessary to have a basic understanding of your Esco Bar disposable vape before diving into the issue of a burnt taste. The Esco Bar vapes are convenient, lightweight, and small all-in-one packages. They are disposable, meaning that once the vape juice is gone or the battery dies, you should throw it away.

Quite a few things could be at play here. The vape's wick has dried up, meaning there isn't enough e-liquid to keep it going.

If you take too many puffs quickly, the wick won't have time to absorb the e-juice, leading to a burnt flavor. The burnt flavor could be the result of overcharging your disposable vape. It's common knowledge that occasional production faults occur in every industry.

Let’s have a look at the common reasons why your vape may taste burnt:

Lack of Vape Juice

A shortage of vape juice in the device is a common cause of a burnt flavor. Low e-liquid levels can cause dry hits and a burnt flavor since the wick isn't properly saturated.

Dry Wick

If you've used most of the vape juice in a disposable vape but still have battery life left, the wick has likely dried out.

If your wick has dried out, it may be because you left it in a hot place, like your car, for too long. It is not uncommon for the inside temperature of a car to rise to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or higher during the scorching summer months.

Chain Vaping

Overheating the wick is a potential risk of chain vaping or taking puffs frequently and consistently. The vape juice may burn if it evaporates too quickly due to the high temperature.

Taking Frequent and Long Hits

The battery of your vaping device could overheat if you take long pulls or multiple, quick breaths. It can also slow down the re-saturation process of your wick. Make sure to give your vape plenty of time to cool down.

You may recall that your mother cautioned you to stop using the vacuum too frequently; the same advice applies to your vaping device as well. You need to let the batteries cool down so the wick gets moist and the taste of your vape gets better. 

High Wattage

The power levels at which disposable vapes like Esco Bars are most effective are carefully calibrated. If you push it too far by using high-wattage devices or batteries, you risk burning the coil and ruining the flavor.

Charging the Vape Incorrectly

Esco Bars and other disposable vapes aren't designed to be charged with high voltage because they don't need it to function. A laptop charger with 65 watts or more of electricity is not suitable for use with low-voltage devices like vapes. Use a low voltage, ideally less than 5 watts.

If your fast charger doesn't know how much power to transfer or output to the device it's charging, it will destroy your Esco Bar disposable vape. Anker and Shark Geek are excellent examples of chargers with power output indicators. A low-voltage charger should be used otherwise.

When using a disposable vape, how long should it be charged? The good news is that modern smart chargers can determine when to stop charging on their own. Disposable vapes should be charged in 15-minute intervals if not using a smart charger.

When you remove the charging cord from your vaping device, it may still be warm to the touch. After the charging process is complete, please wait 5 minutes for the battery to cool down. A burned taste may result from impatience.

Bonus Tip: Learn how to recharge an Esco Bar effortlessly. Connect it to a power source using the charger, ensure a stable connection, and wait for a complete battery recharge. Get your Esco Bar ready for more adventures!

Manufacturing Defects

Defects in production occur in every sector. They do exist, but rarely. You may have got a faulty device if your brand-new Esco Bar vape has a burnt flavor right out of the box. Your vape might be broken if it doesn't hit and blink immediately upon activation. 

Incorrect Storage

Exposure to excessive heat or cold, as well as other improper storage conditions, can have a negative impact on the consistency of the vape juice and the performance of the disposable vape. A burnt flavor may occur from this when vaping.

4 Ways to Get Rid of the Burnt Taste

If you start getting an unpleasant burnt taste from your Esco Bar disposable vape, there is no way you can keep vaping that way, In that case, you can follow certain measures in order to restore the proper taste of your vape and vape juice. Here are the measures that you can go through to get rid of the burnt taste of your disposable vape- 

1. Keeping an eye on the e-liquid level

The e-liquid level in your Esco Bars disposable vape should be checked frequently. You shouldn't use the vape when the e-liquid is low to avoid getting dry hits.

2. Avoid Chain Vaping

Give the wick a few seconds to soak in the vape juice between puffs. To avoid overheating and a burnt flavor, shorten the time between draws.

3. Follow the Suggested Wattage

Keep within the wattage range suggested by the manufacturer while using your Esco Bar disposable vape. Overheating and burnt tastes might result from using vaping devices or batteries beyond these limitations.

4. Proper Storage

Disposable vapes should be kept out of the sun and severe temperatures. This helps preserve the e-liquid's quality and functionality.

Final Words

Several factors, such as not using enough e-liquid, vaping quickly, using too much power, or improperly storing the device, can result in a burnt flavor when using an Esco Bar disposable vape. Customers who use Esco Bars disposable vapes can improve their entire experience by being aware of these problems and applying the aforementioned solutions.

In order to avoid a burnt taste and have a pleasant vaping experience, it is important to keep an eye on your e-liquid levels, not vape too quickly, stick to the manufacturer's recommended power, and maintain your device correctly.

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