Types of Vapes

Different Types of Vapes: Buying Your First Vape

Picking up a vaping device for the first time could be a bit of a challenge. Rapid technological advancement has resulted in a dizzying array of vapes. 

So, it’s good to have an idea of what you’re getting into when shopping for a vape. 

To help you find the best vape for your needs, we will go over the different types of vapes here.

Quick Summary 

To begin, you need to know that there are primarily two types of vapes. Nicotine vapes and Cannabis/CBD vapes. Though any nicotine vape may be referred to as an "e-cigarette," the name is most often associated with little devices that resemble cigarettes in terms of size and form.

The four main kinds of electronic cigarettes are as follows: 

There is certain to be a "vaping style" that works well with each of the aforementioned devices. 

  • Mouth-to-Lung (MTL)
  • Direct-to-Lung (DTL)

To help you pick the right vape, it's important to get to know all about the different types of vapes and the vaping styles. 

What You Need To Know About Vape?

Innovation in the vaping sector throughout the years has resulted in the current vaping gadget. When the built-in battery is fully charged, it powers the vape tank's atomizer coils, which are made of metal. The user inhales the vaporized e-liquid.

A vaping device primarily consists of three parts:

  • Power source 
  • E-liquid 
  • Atomizer

To operate the atomizer, the device is connected to a battery. 

The atomizer's job is to heat and transform the vapor from the e-liquid. 

These are the backbone of any vaping device.

The two most common methods of inhaling vapor are direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL). You can always classify a vaping device as one of these two types of vapor delivery systems.

MTL/ Mouth-to-Lung 

For those just starting, the best vaping devices often allow for the mouth-to-lung (or "MTL") technique. For the same reason that most people inhale cigarette smoke when they light one up, these devices are designed to be breathed so that the vapor may enter the lungs via the mouth.

MTL devices, often called "classic" electronic cigarettes or vape kits, produce a faint vapor.


Inhaling the vapor straight from the e-cigarette entering the lungs is the intended use of direct-to-lung vape kits. Because of this, they are often reserved for more advanced vapers. While there are DTL kits that are easy enough for newcomers to use, the inhaling technique is different from smoking cigarettes, so it may take some time to get accustomed to.

Different Types Of Vapes 

To begin, you need to know that there are primarily two types of vapes.

  • Vapes with Nicotine: Portable devices that use lithium-ion batteries to simulate smoking without actually burning the tobacco. Flavors include tobacco, sweets, and unflavored, while nicotine strengths range from zero to five percent.
  • CBD and Cannabis Vape Pens: small, handheld models that run on batteries, as well as bigger, desktop models that can be charged electrically or run on batteries. Use these tools with dried herbs, concentrates, or any other plant, whether it's CBD, THC, or something else entirely.

Now that we have covered the groundwork, let's dive into the different types of vapes available.

Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are created with simplicity in mind; they come pre-filled and are ready to use immediately. Popular products like Elf Bars are growing in popularity because of their variety of flavors and how easy they are to use.

Because of their low-commitment nature and ready-to-use packaging, they may be an excellent entry point for anyone considering a transition from smoking to vaping.

Also, unlike the somewhat harsher freebase nicotine e-liquids, most disposables use nic salt e-liquids, which have the maximum potency but are also easier on the throat—a pattern that smokers will be acquainted with.

How Long Should They Last?

Unless you have a puff counter, which is included on many pod devices and vape mods, it's hard to tell when you've used 500 to 600 puffs on a disposable. 

The flavor will start to fade. Considering that many disposables include more nicotine salts, you won't puff on them as often since they are mouth-to-lung devices. They need to last for at least a week, and maybe even two, if you vape regularly and adopt a certain mouth draw technique.


  • It doesn't need any upkeep. Dispose of the whole gadget after the battery or e-liquid runs out.
  • Tobacco, menthol, strawberry, blueberry, mango, and a plethora of more tastes are at your fingertips. Perfect for first-time users to figure out what they like.
  • Perfect as a replacement for smokers who just light up sometimes or who smoke for social reasons. One of the main draws of disposable gadgets is their low price and convenience of usage.

Pod Mod/ Pod Vape

The pod vape, sometimes called a pod mod, is a sophisticated yet beginner-friendly alternative to vape pens. It's the risk-free choice that gives vapers greater leeway to choose their preferred e-liquids. 

No matter the time of day, a tiny battery-powered gadget with a pod on top can offer a seamless experience. Hundreds of models from leading manufacturers like Uwell, Voopoo, Smok, GeekVape, and Elf Bar show that vapers have alternatives compared to smoking, and the pod vape system's quick ascent seems to have happened overnight.

Pod kits for e-cigarettes often have a similar shape to vape pens, being broader than the former and narrower than the latter. The two most common kinds of pod systems are refillable and prefilled, and both are small enough to carry in a pocket.

Refillable Pods

You may get refillable pods that are sold empty when you buy replacements. After you've added vape juice, they will fit snugly inside the device. Modern vapers use refillable pod systems for nic salts due to their portability, which allows for more personalization of the vaping experience. Using refillable pods is great since it helps the environment! By reusing pods several times until they are worn out, refillable vapers may save money by not having to toss away as many pre-filled pods.

Pre Filled Pods

For portability and ease of use when traveling, pre-filled pods are superior to refillable ones. It may seem complicated, but a refilling pod simply slides into the "pod kit battery," which has a magnetic link to the battery.

A prefilled pod's vape juice and coil are ready to go when you pop one into your device. The combination of the coil and battery transforms the e-liquid into vapor. Because you won't have to worry about replacing the coil or frantically pouring e-liquid into the pod, they are easier to maintain.

One drawback is that it cannot be filled with your preferred e-liquid. On the contrary, you'll need to go out and get refillable pods that are compatible with the gadget you have. 

How long do vape pods last?

How long a prefilled pod lasts in a vape is mostly dependent on the coil's resistance form. For instance, a week could be the maximum time between pod changes in a less powerful Sub-Ohm system, as the vaper needs to use a lot of e-juice to create such massive clouds. Depending on how often you refill it and how long the coil lasts, refillable pods should last anywhere from three to seven days.

The same holds for a high-resistance MTL pod. A new pod will be needed sooner rather than later if the coil is overused due to repeated mouth-to-lung usage. Prefilled pods usually last around twenty-four hours to a week, whereas refillable pods might last about a week to two weeks, depending on how often you use them.


  • Variable power, temperature, and voltage controls
  • An atomizer's adjustable airflow control allows the user to fine-tune the vapor output.
  • An abundance of aftermarket options for personalization

Vape Pens 

Vape pens are more time-consuming and costly than cigalikes or disposables, but they provide the user greater control and configurable options. Not surprisingly, they often take the form of a pen but write with another effect! Typically cylindrical with a slender, pointed mouthpiece, these vaporizers are lengthy and simple to handle, use, and put away.

The ability to charge vape pens anytime you like is what sets them apart from disposables and cigalikes. No need to toss the pen and just wait for its battery to die. You may instead charge it endlessly by inserting it through a USB port.

How many puffs does a vape pen last?

Generally, most disposable vape pens weigh 3 grams. At most, it will let you take between 80 and 100 puffs. You may get 120–150 puffs out of 5 grams.

Instead of taking extended draws, try shallow puffs that last about a minute or two. That way, the coil can evaporate the e-liquid, bringing forth the best taste. Also, the coil won't become too hot and burn.


  • Variable airflow and temperature
  • Great aftermarket potential at a low price
  • Differences between MTL and DTL vaping experiences

Vape Mods 

Those with expertise in the vaping community often employ vape mods, the biggest and most powerful equipment available. These devices may be adjusted to fit your vaping preferences, as the name implies. Such adjustments may concern the tank, the battery, or possibly the coil. 

In most cases, a vape mod will include a sizable battery, tank, mouthpiece, sub-ohm coil, and fire button. Some of the things that can be changed about them are the airflow, the temperature, and the voltage or power. This will give you more control over your vaping experience.

Due to the large size of the battery, vape mods are often bigger, heavier devices that provide sophisticated functions. There is a wide variety of sizes and forms for these sophisticated features.

The battery may be bigger and last longer, or the tank may be able to carry more e-liquid than normal. You can make greater vape clouds with the help of most of these sophisticated features, which are primarily focused on vapor production. Vape mods are created with direct-to-lung inhalation in mind. 


  • When compared to generic, store-bought vaporizers, vape mods provide far stronger hits.
  • Lasts substantially longer on a single charge.


Cigalikes are essentially imitations of the classic tobacco cigarette, as the name implies. To simulate the sensation of smoking tobacco, they are almost the same size and shape. Because they allow users to transition between e-cigs and traditional cigarettes with ease, these gadgets are popular among smokers who are just getting into electronic cigarettes. 

A "throat hit" comparable to that of tobacco smoke but with much less of the dangerous compounds. To activate the vapor, all you have to do is inhale—no button pressing is required.

Cigalikes are rather unique among vaping devices, although they are also considered 'MTL' devices since their inhalation method is similar to that of smoking cigarettes: first in your mouth, next into the lungs.

How Do Cigalike Vapes Work?

You should take your equipment out of its packaging and charge it completely before using it. When it reaches 100%, either use the included refill or buy a matching flavor separately to connect to it. Once you've screwed on the refill cartridge, you're all set to activate your vape. Just auto-inhale via the mouthpiece of the cartridge.

While you inhale, a sensor triggers the heating chamber (known as the atomizer) to heat a small amount of liquid from the cartomizer. This turns it into vapor which is drawn into your mouth through the central hole in the cartridge.


  • Real "cigarette" sensation
  • An affordable alternative to e-cigarettes
  • Simple to operate
  • A discrete manner

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of vaping compared to smoking?

In comparison to smoking, vaping is often seen to be safer. Vaping eliminates the majority of cigarette smoke's harmful consequences by heating e-liquid rather than burning tobacco. People who smoke may find that vaping helps them cut down or perhaps stop altogether.

What PG/VG ratio e-juice is best?

While VG creates larger clouds, PG is more effective at hitting the esophagus. Beginners may benefit from 50/50 mixtures. For mouth-to-lung vapers, a 60VG/40PG ratio could be easier. Most people who use sub-ohm DL vapes choose 70VG/30PG or even maximum VG ratios.

What are the risks when using mech mods?

Mechanical modifications do not have any built-in safeguards. Users must be knowledgeable about Ohm's law, coil construction, and battery safety to avoid potentially harmful problems such as shorts. Regulated modifications provide a higher level of safety.

What Is The Best Vape For Beginners?

Simplicity is key when you're first starting. An excellent starting point for those wishing to transition from cigarettes to vaping is a vape pen. Vape pens are convenient since they are simple to use, compact, and need nothing in the way of maintenance.

Once you're comfortable using the vape pen, you may start experimenting with various nicotine concentrations and flavors.

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