Vape Pen Not Working After Charge? Here's How You Can Fix It

Vape Pen Not Working After Charge? Here's How You Can Fix It

According to the US Fire Administration, from 2009 to 2016, a total of 195 reported cases of vape pen explosions.

Yes, the device is amazing and it feels great to use. However, you need to be cautious about the usage.

Vapes are enjoyable ways to get high since they are convenient and portable. Nevertheless, you may experience periodic glitches with these contemporary devices. One common problem is the vape pen not working after charging. 

But what exactly drives it? And why does this happen?

It is quite likely that the charger you’re still using is defective. Or the battery in your device might be defective. 

If you aren’t planning to replace it, it’s best to figure out what’s wrong with the vape pen. Here, we’re going to explore the issues and possible solutions.

Vape Pen Not Working After Charge: Quick Fixes

Have a glance at the solutions to the vape pen not working after charge -

  • Adjust the incorrect settings of your battery.
  • Replace the battery.
  • Change the charger and charging cable. 
  • Clean up the clogged port.
  • Adjust the pod pr cartridge appropriately.
  • Clean the mouthpiece

Why My Vape Pen Is Not Working After Charge?

Blinking lights, no power, and weak vapor production, among other issues, could be the cause of a vape pen not working after charging. Finding out what caused this is the first step in fixing the issue. 

Let’s talk about the problems and what you can do to solve them!

Weak Hits 

When the vapor production isn't up to par, it annoys a vaper. The vaping process vaporizes a liquid solution heated by a battery-powered element. You cannot get the desired vaporization results from your e-liquid if the battery life is low. Due to the low battery, the device won’t provide enough heating power to its coil and produce vapor. As a result, you may face weak hits and vapor production. 


The initial step you can take is to check the battery voltage of your vape pen and adjust if there are any incorrect settings. You could not receive a strong enough hit if you set the temperature or wattage too low. Check the manual to ensure you're using the right settings for the device and e-juice. If it continues not to work, it may be time to clean the tank, coil, and mouthpiece as possible maintenance issues. Changing out the coil is your only option if it breaks or becomes damaged.

For longevity, you should try the Lost Vape Orion Bar 7500. With an 18 ml e-juice capacity, it delivers 7500 puffs through its lifetime. 

Blinking Lights 

The LED indicator lets you see what’s happening within your vape pen. The LED indication on the vape pen will flash, pulse, or change colors if there’s an issue. Sometimes, blinking signals an issue, such as a low battery. You might get confused if you have already charged it, but the problem is still there. Nothing to worry about! The reason might be faulty installation or a broken connection. 

Frayed or broken charging wires are a common result of prolonged use. Because of this, the gadgets they charge cannot receive sufficient power. Your vaporizer may experience unreliable power delivery if the same happens to its charging wire.


You should check the device with a new charging cable. If it works well with different cords, the charging cable is to blame. Consequently, get a fresh charging cable suitable for the vape pen. 

Even the charger itself can get broken. Look for signs of physical damage to the adapter. This should help you identify the source of the problem. Inspect for any signs of damage, such as exposed wires or bends. 

Zero Power 

Charging your vape device but still not working can make a Fiend furious. The reason behind this is very simple- it wasn’t charging at all. You might have thought you put the charging cable on, but it wasn’t functioning. Have you ever noticed if the charging cable or port is dirty? 

To charge a vape pen, one must first connect it to a device using the charging wire. However, the charging port might get dirty or blocked since most people keep their vaping devices in their pockets.

But we won't limit ourselves to dirt alone. When vape juice leaks onto the USB, it might leave a residue that stops the device from charging.


A quick wipe-down of the charging port should fix the issue. The next time you need to clean up a spill, dip a cotton swab into a small amount of rubbing alcohol. To clean the port of any debris or heavy oil residue, enter the cotton pad and turn it around. The port on the charging cord requires the same procedure.

However, be wary about charging your vape pen if the USB cable is damp. Use a cotton pad to remove any remaining alcohol from the port, then let it air dry.

To find out the best rechargeable disposable vapes, you can try out Hyde Vape

Malfunctioning Atomizer 

The vape pen's atomizer produces vapor from the w-liquid. It will not function properly if it is overtightened or shorted out. 


An improper connection is probably to blame for the issue. Before proceeding, ensure that the tank is firmly screwed into the mod's connecting thread. To try again, just detach the tank, reconnect it, and try again.

E-liquid or Oil Leak

Leaks may occur in any kind of cart, including prefilled THC and Delta 8 varieties. Grease getting into the battery might result in a dead vape, even after fully charged. This issue may also arise with vape pens. 


A snug fit between the tank and the gadget is essential. Leaks may occur if the tank is either over or under-tightened. Inspect the coil. Leaks may occur if your vape tank's coil is broken or incorrectly placed. See if swapping out the coil or checking the installation helps.

To avoid any malfunction in your vape pens or poor construction, you may trust Fume disposable vape pens. These vape pens' lightweight and lightweight design focuses on leak-proof features. 

Limited Airflow

The way a vape charges may not seem directly related to airflow. Indirectly, it can mess up the electricity link that lets the device charge.

For instance, clogged airflow could accumulate waxy compounds if you reuse a single mouthpiece for several cartridges. This accumulation might hinder the cartridge and battery from making a full connection, resulting in no charge. 

The same holds for a pen with restricted airflow. It will work harder to vape. The batt gets drained out more quickly. Consequently, not enough charge as it should. 


Verify if there is any dirt or residues in the mouthpiece. If there is any, disassemble the mouthpiece from your vape device. You can use a cotton swab or toothpick saturated with isopropyl alcohol. Next on, apply it to remove the build-up. After reassembling the mouthpiece, get the device on charging. 

6 Safety Tips For Vape Pens

  • Always use the charger and charging cord that came with your vape pen.
  • When the vape pen is fully charged, disconnect it.
  • Be careful not to charge the vape pen while the temperature is too low or too high.
  • When not using the vape pen, turn it off.
  • Never keep the vape pen on charge the whole night.
  • If the entire system of the vape device fails, it’s risky to repair it. You should buy a new one. 

Warning: When Do You Need To Change Your Vape Pen?

There are a few things to consider when determining how often to replace your disposable vape pen, such as its overall condition, performance, and individual taste. 

You should get a new vape pen when you see any of the signs below:

Your Vape Pen Has Low Battery Life

If you find that it takes much longer to charge completely or if the charge lasts much less than before, it may be time to get a new battery. As batteries age, they lose some of their capacity, which means they don't work as well.

It Is Showing Performance Issues 

If you encounter problems like uneven vapor production, low flavor quality, or trouble drawing from the device, you may need to replace the parts.

The Vape Pen Has Structural Damage 

If the vape pen is damaged physically, like a crack or a dent, it may not work properly and might even be dangerous. If the damage is substantial enough to compromise its functionality or structural integrity, it is advisable to get new equipment.

You Are Facing Hygiene Issues With It 

If you want your vape pen to last long and work properly, you must clean and maintain it often. Getting your vape pen clean is becoming more of a chore, or if you're worried about bacteria growth, it may be time to upgrade.

It Now Has Outdated Hardware

Older vaping devices could become unsupported or obsolete as newer ones become available. You should probably get a new vape pen if you're having trouble locating replacement parts or accessories or if the latest models include all the features you want.

26+ Vape Pen Terms You Need To Know

Knowing your vape pen's working process makes it easier for you to understand what can be the issue with it. Vape pen terms and phrases also help to make the task easier. 



Batt/ Battery

The vape device’s part supplies power up its heating element to produce vapor. 


Empty e-juice bottles that users can fill with their own juice.

Cart/ Cartridge

Refillable e-juice container


Employed to recharge the battery of electronic cigarettes when they run low. 


A cheaper imitation of an original device


Vape mist that vapers make when they vape 

Dab Pen 

Dab pens are often used for ingesting THC concentrates, popularly known as “vaping.”

These things look and work a lot like vape pens.

Dank Vape 

According to a report from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention on lung injury from e-cigarettes and other vaping products, this brand is "the most well-known in a group of mostly fake brands, with typical packaging that's easy to find online and used by suppliers to market containing THC cartridges." (look at EVALI)


Devices that can only be used once and can't be refilled 


Using an e-cigarette or smoking product can hurt your lungs. As a result of a nationwide spread of serious lung diseases tied to using e-cigarettes and vaping goods, the CDC came up with the term. 

Fiend/ Fiending

That person is always looking for tobacco, and they might or might not believe they are hooked.


A vape inhaling trick that doesn't show toughness while exhaling. 


Taking one puff from a vaping device. 

Juice/ E-liquid/ Liquid/ E-Juice

The vaporizing liquid inside the e-cigarette

JUULius Caesar, JUULia, JUULiet, JUULian, JUULio, JUJU, JUU.

Different names for JUUL 

mg/ milligrams 

The way to measure how much nicotine is in vape juice


The way to measure how much liquid is in a cartridge or pod

Mint Gang/ Mango Gang

Someone who uses vape juice, especially mint or mango, may relate to this group.



Nick Sick

It refers to general signs of nicotine exposure, especially if the amount is higher than a person's limit.

Puff Bars

A disposable vaping device that comes in flavors

Rip it

vaping as many puffs as a person can handle


A sticker to customize a vape device


A disposable vape pen with 1.2 ml of salt-nic e-juice, available in different flavors and enough puffs to equal one pack of cigarettes.


Where the e-liquid is kept on top of a refillable pen or box mod.

Throat Kick/Hit

If you vape nicotine-containing e-liquid, you might feel tingling in your throat's back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Has My Vape Suddenly Stopped Working?

There can be different reasons for this. Like- 

  • The contact point of the battery and charging port might have collected dirt.
  • The cartridge doesn’t fit snugly. 
  • Clogged cartridge 

If My Vape Isn’t Functioning, Why Is It Flashing?

A dead battery typically causes a flashing vape pen. To avoid damaging your vape pen’s battery, plug it in until it reaches full charge. 

What Is The Reason Behind The New Cart Not Hitting?

If your brand-new cart still doesn't work, a blocked cartridge or settled oil might be the culprit. Use the lowest setting on your hair dryer to gently reheat the cartridge and restore the oil flow. If that doesn’t work, try unclogging the cartridge with a paper clip or toothpick.

Charge Your Vape Pen Carefully!

As you gain more knowledge about vaping, it becomes simpler to spot and fix issues like your vape pen not working after charge. The best approach is to start by reading the product manual that comes with your vape. 

We have discussed all the possible problems and their solutions here. If you are still facing internal issues and the solutions mentioned above fail, your vape pen might have gone through a short circuit or got a faulty component. 

At this point, you should take it to your nearest professional vape store for repair. The technician can offer you repair service once he identifies the problem. 

If you buy disposable vapes from Vape Deal, you will get risk-free, high-quality vape products that require minimal maintenance. Read our blogs on the 10 best disposable vapes here

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