Ripple Vape Review

Ripple Vape Review: Is It Bad For You?

Ripple's zero-nicotine vape has created hype, right? Naturally, you might wonder about this new vape's benefits and side effects. 

Well, Ripple is a portable and 0% nicotine-flavored diffuser. You’re inhaling botanical blends, which are intended to help the user get rid of nicotine completely.

However, after thoroughly researching it, we think it looks like a weird fad. If you’re going to be puffing on something, you should just get a refillable pod vape. 

If you’re trying to get off the nicotine, then lower the nicotine incrementally or go zero-nic-salt e-juices. 

If you’ve been trying to quit Juul, you might have possibly come across this new name.

To find out more- come along with me as you unfold Ripple Vape Review.


Ripple is a USB-sized, compact, nicotine-free, and non-addictive vape that offers a relaxing aromatherapy experience. Rather than using chemicals, it uses useful plant concentrates like chamomile and essential oils. Since Ripple vapes do not contain nicotine, they are safe for healthy, non-smoking adults.

However, the caveat is that this is only relevant to moderate users who use it occasionally. There is a chance that you can run the risk of lung irritation and cardiovascular damage if you inhale Ripple several times daily for years.

Everything You Need To Know About Ripple Vape

Ripple has achieved several milestones since 2019 in the vaping sector. From its starting days as a zero nicotine disposable brand to now, it has developed different aromatherapy products. 

With their objective- to change the vaping way- the Beechman brothers, Sluice and Sam(ex-smokers), started their journey with Ripple. They found nicotine e-cigarettes to be greatly effective in their fight against tobacco addiction. 

However, they also believed that assisting people in reducing their nicotine use was just part of the solution. The big breakthrough came when they realized they "could apply centuries-old essential oil blends and naturally derived components to replace  nicotine."

Later, the entertaining, sleek, and easy-to-carry- Ripple offered portability and the chance to live a better, more productive life.

How Are Ripple Vapes Different?

Ripple has maintained a relentless focus on product improvement over the years. The Ripple+ was a new product that Ripple unveiled in 2023. With an improved heating system and longer battery life, this device is even more environmentally friendly than the original Ripple. 

But Ripple isn’t a vaporizer. It would be better to say it is a zero-nic aromatic diffuser derived from plants. Compared to other vape devices, Ripple stands out for its eco-friendly design. 

Ripple actively encourages consumers to recycle their old devices since they’re fully recyclable. Furthermore, Ripple is also well-known as an option for those seeking an all-natural substitute for conventional vaping devices. 

This vape doesn’t include any dangerous chemicals or additives in conventional vapes. It contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and botanical extracts-based e-liquids. This better alternative to conventional cigarettes, Ripple, doesn't release harmful byproducts like tar, ash, or smoke. 

Ripple Disposables Are Simple To Use 

You just inhale through the mouthpiece to use and taste the plant-based natural flavor. This vape takes great satisfaction in its all-natural components and dedication to nicotine-free products. It also relieves you from worrying about becoming addicted to vaping.

They Offer 8 Fantastic Flavors

You can enjoy a thousand puffs of natural substances, scents, and flavors with just one Ripple bar. This distinctive bar is slim and broad, easily fitting in your pocket. 

Ripple vapes are available in eight vegan-friendly flavors, each adding a special natural twist to your day. With Ripple’s organic ingredients, you can rejuvenate your body and mind, whether first thing in the morning or after a long day of stress. 

The Main Products Offered By Ripple 

Herbal e-liquid recipes prefilled into disposable vape pens. Variety packs of these disposable "ripples" come in flavors including-

  1.  Zen Berry
  2. Tropical Twist
  3. Mint Breeze

Vapes with reusable pods that can be filled with ease. The stylish POD device comes with one pod of your choice and has eight hours of battery life. Mango Magic and Mint Refresh are just two of the many pod varieties available.

  1. Ripple Vape Boost 
  2. Ripple Vape Dream 
  3. Ripple Vape Focus 
  4. Ripple Vape Free 
  5. Ripple Vape Happy
  6. Ripple Vape Power 
  7. Ripple Vape Relax
  8. Ripple Vape Soothe 

FDA Involvements And Ripple’s Future

However, considering the rapid changes in the vaping sector, Ripple’s market future is quite uncertain. Like any other vape, we cannot deny Ripple Vape's contribution to e-cigarettes.

However, simultaneously, the brand is facing some regulatory hurdles, which will impact its future.

Strict rules are imposed by regulatory agencies worldwide. Ripple vape also faces the same problem. At present, many nations follow the FDA's lead in regulating e-cigarettes and other vaping items. Because of this, sales for Ripple and other vape brands have dropped.

Ripple can be one of the best options for you if you want to vape without nicotine. but as it is only a diffuser based on aromatherapy, you won’t feel any hit while inhaling this vape.

Some have also reported that Ripple isn’t as good as regular vapes. The main issues are that the device cannot make enough vapor, and the flavors are not strong. Additionally, several customers have mentioned that the item is fragile and breaks quickly.

Ripple Vape Review: Is it Good or Bad?

Ripple vape doesn’t pose much risk to adult users. This vape is free from synthetic chemicals and uses only liquids derived from natural botanical extracts on a PG or VG basis.

However, this is nothing special. They use natural ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural Ginseng Extract, Natural Ginkgo Biloba Extract, and Natural Flavors. You won’t find anything exceptional from this vape except for zero percent nicotine.

Ripple+ is a fantastic substitute for conventional vaping techniques, say some users. The taste is delicious, and it's simple to use. Using the gadget in public won't draw too much notice because it is stealthy.

Ripple Vape Pros And Cons



It is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Excessive use can cause health problems.

Great alternative to tobacco products. 

This vape doesn’t provide a throat hit to other nicotine-free disposables.

This aromatherapy diffuser tastes delicious.

Nothing exclusive than inhaling botanical blends.

Easy to operate.

But lasts only for up to 400 puffs. 

For those trying to kick the habit of smoking or vaping, the absence of nicotine makes it a more appealing alternative.

If cigarette users made the conversion to Ripple, they might drastically cut down on their exposure to hundreds of harmful chemicals. 

By switching to Ripple vapes from traditional tobacco cigarettes, you may significantly reduce your chances of developing heart disease, COPD,  lung cancer, and other ailments related to smoking.  

Still, the lungs might become irritated with too much usage. If you vape Ripple multiple times every day for several years, it will have cardiovascular effects and lung inflammation. 

What are the Ripple Vape Alternatives You Must Try In 2024?

If you are genuinely looking for a zero-nic vaporizer, why not look for other options? They are already popular among vapers and have great positive reviews. Let’s check them out.

1. FoodGod Luxe 4000 Puffs (Frozen Grapes)

Do you love grapes? Then you’ll love this flavor, too. It's different from what Ripple is offering. Vape lovers will love the sweet and cool flavor blended into your mouth with each draw. 

If you compare longevity, we must say Foodgod Zero Nic is a champ. It comes with 4000 puffs, which will last longer than the Ripple. 

Its rechargeable battery allows you to enjoy your shots anywhere. Gone are the days of worrying about empty batteries. 

In addition to the Frozen Grapes flavor, you will get Chilli Mango, Banana Azul, Coffee Affogato, Rose Lemonade, Triple Berry, etc. 

Try this if you want strong hits, longevity, and unique flavor. 

2. 7 Daze Ohmlet 0% Nicotine Disposable Vape

If you prefer a non-candy vape, try the 7 Doze Ohmlet Zero Nic vape. This vape seems to last forever, and the flavor improves with time. It’s an evolutionary device featuring a flat design, great flavor, and longevity in one place. 

This vape device is expert in providing a full-bodied vaporizing experience with its integrated mesh coil. You can choose your favorite from diverse flavor options like Kiwi Passionfruit, Raspberry Dragon Lemonade, Icy Blast, etc. 

Now, you may say that Ripple also has vapor so that you can feel the hit. But that won’t be as strong as you would get from vaping 7 Daze OhmLet. 

While Ripple only offers natural extract-based e-liquids, this disposable vape offers e-juice in different flavors. Both are nicotine-free. 

Interestingly, 7 Daze and Ripple disposables don't require setting adjustments or pressing buttons to inhale. All you need to do is puff the disposable through its mouthpiece and enjoy the flavor. 

3. Lava Plus (2600 Puff ) Zero-Nicotine Disposable

The next alternative to Ripple is Lava Vape USA's Zero Nic-salt Lava Plus. This disposable also has earned a significant fanbase in the vaping world.

You may start inhaling the moment you open the disposable vaping pen, which contains delicious-tasting e-juice. The pen is throwaway, so you won't have to bother recharging or renewing it; after each usage, you can just throw it away and replace it. 

While Ripple only offers you eight flavors, Lava Plus 2600 provides 10 distinct flavors to choose from. More puffs compared to Ripple vape give you more time to enjoy the amazing flavor. 

Lava Plus disposables are geared toward providing a hit throat than Ripple as it has a higher ratio of propylene Glycol or PG. Heavy vapers or chain smokers can use this disposable vape to decrease their nicotine addiction without compromising the taste. 

Also, there are other zero nicotine vapes far way better than Ripple vapes. You can try them and indulge in a world of strong flavor without the fear of getting addicted. 

Some of the best flavors from Lava Plus are- 

  • Watermelon Bubblegum 
  • Strawberry Ice 
  • Watermelon With Mint 
  • Splash Ice 

Go to VapeDeal and check out for 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ripple Vape Safe For Lungs?

As long as you are consuming Ripple in a gap or occasionally, it’s okay. But, it’s not recommended if you’re a heavy vaper, as frequent use may have some possible health risks, such as lung irritation. Arteries might get rigid, and blood pressure and pulse rate can surge soon after vaping. The consequences in the future are uncertain.

Is Ripple Vape Bad For You?

Well, the answer depends on your vaping habit. How often you inhale a Ripple product and for how many days you’ve been doing this makes a big impact. Research has shown that consumers who inhaled moderately never faced any health issues.

However, within several years of use, Ripple consumers had illnesses like lung irritation. While Ripple can be great for reducing nicotine consumption, access usage can cause severe health risks. 

Final Thoughts- Ripple Vape Or The Alternatives? Pick Precisely

Through this Ripple Vape review, we have tried to bring up whether it is good or bad for you and what other options you can choose. Hopefully, this was helpful for you.

Using a Ripple vape is not harmful unless you keep it at a moderate level and seldom vape. Conversely, long-term usage can irritate the lungs. 

If you’re a vaper and looking to cut down nicotine but simultaneously don’t want to miss the flavor and hit, try the zero nic vapes - Foodgod, Lava Plus, or 7 Daze Ohmet. You’ll get better flavors with a nice throat hit. Also, you can gradually reduce your nicotine consumption. Let’s win yourself over nicotine by using zero-nicotine vapes. 

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