Puffco Alternative

Puffco Alternative: 5 Options For Better Vaping Experience

Are you looking for a portable vaporizer that can provide tremendous results? 

A popular name in this industry is Puffco. It is renowned for a variety of products sold both online and in physical places. 

Due to the cannabis law variation and Puffco conspiracy, consumers are switching to vapes nowadays. There is strong competition among businesses that provide Puffco alternatives, some even boasting extra features. 

So, let’s explore them.

Quick Summary 

Considering the more potent process of dabbing, you can still get high concentrations of nicotine e-juice in several vapes. 

Here are the options for Puffco alternative:

  • Geek Vape Aegis B60 (Boost 2) 
  • Voopoo Drag 4 
  • Vaporesso Luxe 80 S Pod System Kit 
  • Lost Vape Centaurus Quest 200W 
  • Voopoo Drag Q Pod System Kit 

5 Puffco Alternatives That You Will Love 

Please remember that all the alternatives we are talking about here are big names in the market. They also come with extreme safety measures and a promise to have the best experience possible. 

Let’s find out!

1. Geek Vape Aegis B60 (Boost 2)

Geek Vape Aegis B60 (Boost 2)

Our first pick is this rugged AIO perfect for experienced vapers. The B60 is slightly bigger than standard pods and around the size of a mod with a single battery. 

With its elegant frame design and rear leather panel, the B60 is easily recognizable as a device of the Aegis line. 

The moment you put it in your hand, you’ll notice its sturdy construction, which is common to Aegis products. It’s IP68 rating makes it resistant to shock and water. You can carry this pod vape with you wherever, and no matter how you handle it, the B60 can handle a lot of abuse

Since it’s an all-in-one resembling mod kit, only those with prior knowledge of vaping should attempt to use the Boost 2. Automatic Iotokants (AIOs) are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for novice vapers just starting or looking for something compact to bring with them. 

Geekvape continues to dominate the coil market; this utilizes the same B series coils used in the Boost Plus and the Original Boost. A wide range of power is available, with five different coil selections spanning from ten to fifty-eight watts. To minimize leaks, it has top ventilation, impacting performance. 

The B60 comes with a 2000 mAh patented battery along with 60 wattage of power. Though it won’t give you the chunking punch of clouds, you’ll love its vape quality so that you won’t miss the big clouds. 

2. Voopoo Drag 4

Voopoo Drag 4

Imagine a classic design with strong wooden components and an innovative UFORCE-L Tank with leakproof top airflow.

This is DRAG 4; the fourth generation of VOOPOO DRAG IP in enhanced MOD. 

the DRAG 4 has four different modes for controlling temperature and three different modes for power. Although pods,  simpler mods, and AIOs have seemed to have supplanted temp control in the market, it's great that certain manufacturers still cater to vapers who want it. 

The PnP Dual-In-One coil extends the life of your vaporizer so that you can enjoy thick clouds and delicious tastes in the long run.

Vapor and mouthpiece heat buildup is efficiently reduced by the heat sink design. The temperature of the vapor is ideal for a relaxing experience! 

For charging, Drag 4 comes with high-standard 5V/ 3A advanced charging technology. With improved battery life, it takes less charging time. 

3. Vaporesso Luxe 80 S Pod System Kit

Vaporesso Luxe 80 S Pod System Kit

Looking for lavishness within your hand? This one is the best option for the GTX coil.

This tiny AIO device will fit into your pocket. Its integrated battery, rather than an 18650, gives it a compact design. It seems sturdy and well-made without being cumbersomely heavy. 

The variable compatibility and watt output with a broad range of coils makes it an ideal solution for both DTL and MTL vaping. You will get a pair of sub-ohm mesh coils and the GTX GO 26 pod tank, that can hold up to 2 milliliters of e-liquid.

Though it’s not as high as you can see in other kits available today, the integrated 2500 mAh battery will last the journey. It’s sufficiently powerful for clouds. If you want to start with big clouds, Vaporesso LUXE 80 S is there for an amazing experience. 

4. Lost Vape Centaurus Quest 200W

Lost Vape Centaurus Quest 200W

Get ready to take your favorite e-juice to the next level with the innovative Centaurus Quest by Lost Vape. 

This kit comes with the Centaurus 5 ml Sub ohm tank and is compatible with UB Max Coil.

This mod offers long-lasting use with its dual 18650 batteries and Quest chip 2.0. It has a detachable side panel for a personalized design, one firing button, and battery life, indicating an LED screen showing power and charge level via colorful lights. 

If you use this kit with a  0.3Ω coil stuck onto an RTA starting with 25W, the airflow remains ¼ open. And you’ll get a similar experience of a mouth-to-lung vape with a nice flavor. 

You'll get a good vaping flavor while having a ½ opened airflow, elevating the wattage to 35W for DTL vaping. A full airflow with 55W for a DTL vaping style gives you comparably warm vapor with an amazing flavor. 

If you apply new cotton and a 0.15Ω SS316L mesh wire strip and set the mod to 60W and 420°f, you will receive a nice balance of vapor warmth and flavor. 

5. Voopoo Drag Q Pod System Kit 

Voopoo Drag Q Pod System Kit

Big plumes aren’t the only benefit of cloud kits, most of them also come with more user options to let you customize your experience. 

Just like the Voopoo Drag Q pod. 

Durable and comfortable, the Drag Q comes with a leather body equipped with an inlaid aluminum frame for a secure grip. It can precisely regulate the airflow and achieve the most matched output power. 

The credit goes to its lune-shaped air inlet system that refrains the mouthpiece from becoming too hot. Consequently, insufficient airflow can’t cause e-liquid to explode and create any obstructions while holding. 

Moreover, you can see the current battery life and output power on its light bar. Using its ITO atomization process, you can enjoy different MTL vaping experiences. 

Do you know the most interesting part of this pod? One Drag Q feature helps it to lock itself within five minutes of no action. Above all, you may use any ITO coil with this Drag Q pod kit. 

Dabbing Vs. Vaping: Few Things You Need To Know

Dabbing Puffco and vaping is different in effects, conduction and convection, devices, substance, and temperature. While dabbing is more intense, vaping is a versatile experience. 

Surprisingly two things are found in any cannabis-related discussion. 

  • According to 36 states, the usage is allowed
  • As per the federal government, it’s prohibited

However, cannabis’s legalization has been meteoric in the past decade. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the cannabis industry. But still, it’s challenging to reach products to consumers. 

Due to the sea-shift in the scenery of Marijuana use in recent years, there has been a beginning to alter stigmas and new technologies. Vape devices started to become more well-known here and are still going strong. 

Vaping has become the preferred method of consumption for cannabis and nicotine. A good incentive to vape is that you may pick from various e-juices, and the vapor has a superior flavor.

To get the burnt, dry hits like dab rigs, vape mods feature a temperature control function. Since the temperature doesn't increase, you can take longer drags and still have a constant vape. 

The user selects the maximum allowable temperature, which is usually between 100°C and 315°F (300°F to 600°F). When you set a setting for the heating element and your vape, the electricity will automatically change to maintain that temperature.

However, not all modifications excel at temperature regulation, and even those with TC modes aren’t always sufficient. Remember that there is always a wide variety of alterations available. When it comes to this technology, several manufacturers are well-known.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Puffco Controversy?

Puffco accused its rival Kandypens of covertly coordinating an earlier class-action suit against it. The complaint said that Puffco's Peak vaping devices, among the most famous high-end e-rigs available, were defective, especially their ceramic atomizers, and that the business failed to fulfill its warranties.

Why Is Puffco Getting Sued?

In the lawsuit filed by Kandypens, Mr Anderson stated that Puffco failed to honor their warranty policy for one of their products- Peak vaporizers. Puffco refused to respect its warranty policy for the product unless the buyer paid the entire retail price. 

Choose Your Puffco Alternative Today!

Hopefully, this blog post helped you to compare the options for Puffco alternatives. If you are looking for something similar to this E Rig, then you should try these five alternative options. As we discussed the vaping concentration of each vape above, you can easily pick out your preferred one. 

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