JUUL Review (Hype, Flavor, and Fall)

JUUL Review (Hype, Flavor, and Fall)

Since its release in 2015, the Juul vape has become one of the market's most beloved electronic cigarettes. 

A survey found that among adults who used e-cigarettes, 25.6% reported using JUULs, while 65.2% of teenagers and 60.7% of young adults used them

Although Juul is comparable to other electronic cigarettes, it differs in a few key respects. Many people who are trying to cut down on their cigarette consumption have found success with the Juul vape because of its small size, simple design, and simplicity of use. 

Today, we will review the Juul vape's pros and cons, including its features and advantages. 

Quick Summary 

While high-wattage mods are the norm in the vaping industry, less powered devices such as e-cigarettes and vape pods do show up from time to time.

JUUL is among the most well-known.

Some claim that the so-called "teen vaping epidemic" in the United States began with the debut of the JUUL pod, making it the most divisive vape kit ever. But the reality is adults who are trying to cut down on cigarette use might try the JUUL, a pod vape. 

Juul offers a simple collection of flavors that will make you return for more. Though it shares certain functionality with other e-cigarettes, JUUL stands apart because of its innovative design.

Why Was JUUL Popular? (Debunking JUULing)

A research on JUUL showed that between July 2017 to October 2018, around 17% of 15-17 years old (who are considered minors) have used a JUUL product

Shocking, isn’t it?

Check out the usage of JUULs for different age categories below.

The usage of JUULs for different age categories below

Surveys conducted within the last year indicated that 56% of young adults are regular consumers of JUUL

At 29 percent, selecting fruity and sweet tastes was one of the most common reasons for usage. Sales have increased, causing JUUL's e-cigarette market share to quadruple in a little over a year, going from 24 percent to 75 percent, according to the polls. 

The popularity of JUUL among young adults is fueling its phenomenal rise, and the poll findings add to that expanding body of data. 

The polls also uncovered the reasons for the usage of JUUL by youthful adults. When asked why they used JUUL or e-cigarettes, over 600 young adults in the summer of 2018 cited the product's widespread appeal among their peer group, the wide range of flavors available, the belief that it was safer than alternatives, and the desire for a "buzz" that it provided.

Many users believe that JUUL or e-cigarettes are safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes, according to a quarter of those who have tried them.

Take A Look At The JUUL Timeline


James and Adams planning for a new kind of e-cigarette with Ploom Inc.


Plux comes into the market


Gets funding from JTI


JUUL comes into the market


JUUL focused on nicotine-based e-cigarettes


Kevin Burns joins the company


FDA starts investigation on the JUUL products 


Gets the Altria deal


AMA starts investigation


Trump administration threatens to ban all kinds of flavored e-cigarettes

JUUL Review (How Good It Is?)

JUUL Review (How Good It Is?)

Juul vape is portable, simple to use, and has a thin profile. The pods are replaceable, making it similar to a disposable vape. The rechargeable feature, however, means you can dispose of the pre-filled pods.

Juul looks like a flash drive. Using it in public places, such as schools, is as easy as slipping it into a USB drive. To charge it, just plug it into a computer's USB port.

Tobacco and menthol JUUL pods are available, and they come pre-filled with nicotine salt in concentrations of 3% and 5%. There are two-packs and four-packs of these pods, which contain around 0.7 mL of e-liquid each. 

Tobacco leaf nicotine salts are the active ingredient in the JUUL pod juice. Almost identical to the absorption rate of nicotine from a lit cigarette, the body also absorbs nicotine salts. When inhaled, the vapor of nicotine salts is more pleasant than that of traditional cigarettes, which may irritate the lungs and chest.

Let’s Talk Design

The JUUL delivers in a straightforward package that includes the gadget itself, a USB charger, four packs of JUULpods, and a warranty certificate good for one year.

The JUUL stands apart visually from other cig-a-likes by going with a rectangular design instead of the more common cylindrical one. It is shorter than other cig-a-likes, but its metal construction sets it out from the norm.


When it comes to using the JUUL, simplicity is key. When the battery life of the device is sufficient, you may attach one of the JUULpods that come with it and begin vaping.

Once you inhale, the gadget begins functioning automatically, so there's no need to press any buttons. To activate the battery, a sensor inside the device detects draws.

Considering the nicotine content of JUULpods, it can be prudent to keep track of the number of pulls you make to avoid inhaling an excessive quantity of nicotine.

You should experiment with different amounts of nicotine to find the one that works best for you. Common smokers were the target audience for the JUUL's design. You may utilize it without being an expert. 

These are the essentials for using a JUUL:

  • Take the cardboard pod with the screen off the battery.
  • First things first: charge the battery completely.
  • To use a new pre-filled pod, just snap it into the gadget.
  • Roll your jaw back and inhale into the mouthpiece.

One of the most user-friendly vapes is the JUUL. Because you can just light up, put the vaporizer in your pocket, and light up again whenever the mood strikes, it's almost easier than smoking. Puffing on the JUUL is the only way to activate it and release vapor. Due to JUUL's closed system design, users are limited to using JUULpods exclusively and are unable to replace the batteries.

Battery Details 

Over the years, the device has undergone several revisions. However, except for some minor tweaks here and there, the form factor has remained the same from edition 3. Even with the pod, the JUUL is 94.8 mm long (87.2 mm) and 15.1 mm wide. Pod included, it weighs little more than 14 grams. You can hold it firmly in your mouth with your lips, despite its weight being more than a cigarette.

What About The Flavors?

In response to government mandates, JUUL now only offers two taste options: tobacco and menthol.

Virginia Tobacco tastes surprisingly like tobacco. Although there is no discernible smoke flavor, it has the aroma and flavor of a new pack of cigarettes just before lighting them. 

The flavor is deep and nearly nutty, like pipe tobacco, but it isn't sweet tobacco. Tobacco, if they're going to nail any taste, it should be it. And they have.

Looking for the top Juul alternatives? Check out our expert picks for the 5 best options that'll keep you satisfied and smoke-free!

Few Famous Juul Products

The USB drive design makes it tiny and inconspicuous, and it doesn't produce a tremendous cloud of vapor like other e-cigarettes. 

Starter Kits 

The JUUL is a pod vape that may help people cut down or stop smoking. It was a pioneering instance of its kind. Its slim design, ease of use, and portability make it ideal for travel. It runs on replaceable pods, much like a disposable vaporizer. Thanks to its reusable charging pods, the only items you'll ever have to discard are the empty ones.

The JUUL, an enclosed pod system, is a great option for heavy smokers who are attempting to quit. It is the most discreet and diminutive vaporizer on the market and the easiest to use and maintain. Furthermore, it has unparalleled battery life.


Replacement cartridges called "Pods" for the JUUL e-cigarette hold e-liquid or vape juice. These are only compatible with Juul devices. Each JUUL vape pen comes with replaceable pods that can be filled with e-liquid, often known as vape juice. 

Every Juul Pod has a proprietary recipe for the e-liquid, including nicotine salts and additional ingredients. Juul Pods have a higher nicotine content than other e-cigarette brands, which makes them appealing to smokers who are looking for a nicotine replacement.

Let’s check out the benefits and possible improvements of JUUL products. 



  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Quick charging
  • Flavor options
  • Tolerable mist
  • Completely sealed
  • Over time, JUULpods may come loose—This is especially true if you change out the JUULpods often.
  • The capacity of the pods to hold e-liquid is not very large; a full pod only lasts for two days since the device is compact and uses tiny pods.

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of JUUL (Netflix)

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of JUUL (Netflix)

Thanks to all the new technology, some items reach unbelievable heights before falling flat when tested. You can learn more about JUUL through the documentary series- Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul. It follows the story of JUUL, a once-revolutionary e-cigarette behemoth. 

The first, apparently harmless query that started JUUL spread like wildfire across dorm rooms and cocktail parties was: "May I try your Juul?" 

The product evolved beyond its original intent as a smoking substitute. As of 2018, JUUL has risen to the sixth highest-valued startup in the US, after only digital behemoths like Uber. 

Check out the JUUL hashtags used in the social media platforms.

the JUUL hashtags used in the social media platforms

[Source: Drugwatch]

From January 2021, the fate of the nationwide e-cigarette market and the immensely successful vape brand Juul Labs were uncertain.

In terms of regulating the vaping business, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been playing catch-up for quite some time. Juul and similar brands were already widely accessible throughout the country when the government agency completed its assessment of the health impacts of these products in 2016.

Companies already selling electronic cigarettes had to compile papers to show that their goods were good for public health. If they failed to persuade the FDA, they risked being ordered to cease selling vapes in the US.

Although Juul had filed its application, the FDA had yet to decide. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) abruptly removed Juul's products from sale in June 2022 after finding that the company had failed to submit sufficient toxicity data.

Hundreds of lawsuits by the first state attorney general in the U.S.-  Stein, claim that Juul was responsible for reviving the teen addiction pandemic that led to a dramatic increase in the popularity of nicotine products after decades of record-low cigarette sales. 

CEOs at Juul have long denied any intention of targeting minors, claiming instead that they aimed to provide adults with a safer alternative to traditional, highly flammable cigarettes. To their credit, the vast majority of medical professionals now acknowledge that electronic cigarettes pose a lower risk of harm than conventional cigarettes. Juul, with its stylish appearance and pleasant nicotine delivery, may be lovely to adult smokers who are trying to quit.

The FDA then initiated a secondary evaluation of its data in response to Juul's appeal; the examination is ongoing. At the same time, Juul devices are still available.

Some Fun Facts About JUUL

Some Fun Facts About JUUL

  • A total of 400 people work at Juul which is valued at nearly 40 billion dollars. 
  • Kevin Burns, the 54-year-old CEO, joined the company in 2017 from Chobani. 
  • According to Kevin Burns, Juul is the "cigarette-killing company."
  • A Juul is the energy needed to generate one watt of electricity for one second. That apart, the name conjures images of a rare and valuable gem, adding to its allure.
  • The Juul is a technologically advanced vaporizer that is as slim as a Bic lighter and weighs nearly the same, making it simple to conceal in your palm.  
  • With 60% of the e-cigarette market share, Juul is clearly on the top.
  • Altria, the cigarette behemoth, invested $12.8 billion in Juul in December 2018, valuing the vaping device producer at $38 billion, and acquiring a 35% share in the company.

Ready to kick-start your JUUL journey? Dive into our easy-to-follow guide and become a JUUL pro!


Anyone, from novices to seasoned pros, may use JUUL pods. Their user-friendliness and variety of familiar flavors make them ideal for those just starting to vape. Additionally, the nicotine salts used to make the e-liquid contribute to a smoking-like experience.

If you're new to vaping or just starting, JUUL pods might be the perfect solution for you. Why not tell your vaping friends about this Juul review if you think it is interesting?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Juul Vapes Unique?

There are a lot of opinions about why Juul is so trendy among youths. Some of these theories include the fact that Juul is so small and discreet that it's easy to hide and its modern, sleek appearance. Also, marketing campaigns targeted squarely at youths contributed.

Does JUUL Leave A Smell?

It shouldn't, to put it. In contrast to cigarette smoke, which may be difficult to eliminate, vaping Juul should not leave a lasting odor. Nevertheless, there are a few things that may affect how long the vaping fragrance stays.

How Long Can A JUUL Last?

With 600 charge cycles or around 1–2 years of daily usage on average, the JUUL battery should endure. Eventually, the battery will start to die, and you should probably get a new one. 

How Do I Know If My JUUL Is Empty?

It will seem lightweight and rattly once your Juul pod is empty. The green light flashes on the Juul device's LED when the pod is empty as well. The typical amount of juice remaining in a Juul pod once emptied is about 1mL.

Is JUUL Healthy?

Vaping with a JUUL pen is a healthier option than smoking cigarettes. They phase out combustion and cigarette smoking.

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