How to fix a vape that fell in water

How to Fix a Vape That Fell in Water? (Quick and Easy Solutions)

How annoying is it when your favorite vape drops into water or you accidentally spill water over it? 

Consecutively, two more common mistake vapers make are: 

  • running the device up as soon as they get back from the water
  • throwing the device, assuming it won't work again. 

My friend, both ways are wrong. 

Falling into the water can sometimes mean your vape can't be restored. Similarly, starting to use it right after getting wet is also risky. 

Luckily, following several easy steps can prevent the device from dying. Let's explore how to fix a vape that fell into water. 

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Quick Checklist: How To Fix A Vape That Fell in Water

  • Remove your vape device from the water immediately. As soon as you remove your vaporizer from the water, here's 
  • Take the battery and any other parts out of it immediately and store them someplace secure.
  • Next, wipe out each component with a dry cloth or paper towel.
  • Drain any excess water that remains in the vape. Allow it to air dry for a full day. 

What Happens When A Vape Falls Into Water? (Possible Problems)

Though there is a wide array of vape devices available with different innovative features, they all work the same way. Battery, cartridge, and atomizer are the main basic parts of vape devices. 

Refillable pod vapes have accessible internal parts that can be discarded and dried if drenched. But can you fix a vape if you drop it in water? Accessing the internal parts is harder since all device parts are fastened inside. 

So, does putting water in a vape ruin it?

As water and electricity don't mingle, your vape can have several issues unless particular water access prevents protection. 

Your damp vaping device can be permanently damaged in the following ways -

1. Electric Short-circuit 

A short circuit occurs when electricity travels through an unintended path with zero to little electric resistance, leading to excessive current flow through the circuit. Generally, it is caused by water ingress in any device. 

Water entering the vape device's battery compartment can cause a short circuit by conducting electricity. Due to the high potential of short circuits, please refrain from using your just-damped device; otherwise, it can cause inoperable damage.

2. Damaging Battery 

Dropping your vape device into the water can also damage the battery. You should not use a damp battery, as it poses a fire risk. 

3. Atomizer Damage

Coil, as well as the atomizer, can get burnt out if water gets into it. As a result, you may notice smoke coming out of the device. Also, you may have a burnt taste, or even worse, the device may just come to an end. 

4. Tank Damage 

Another essential part of your vape device, the tank, can also be endangered if dropped in water. As a result, the tank's seal fails, leaking out the e-juice. 

5. Corrosion Of The Internal Parts 

In addition to the above issue, the internal metallic parts of the vape device can start to corrode. Contrastive to a short circuit, corrosion is a prolonged situation that may not immediately reveal any performance symptom. You may notice strange behavior exhibited by the device, or it may come to a stop entirely. 

6. Adding water to e-liquid

Propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine are the main components of e-liquid. The inside of the device contains a cotton-like absorbent filler substance that is soaked with e-liquid. If the vape device is immersed in water, you risk the e-liquid being waterlogged and diluted.

For vaping, e-liquid that mixes with water won't work anymore. Even if you're OK with the e-liquid being watered down, you should know that water vaporizes at a lower temperature than the other components. 

There's a good chance you can get pops or burns from the almost boiling water in the disposable.

So, can you still use your vape device? 

If your vape was to be momentarily submerged in water, the chipset and battery may continue to function despite the moisture. But you shouldn't use it immediately after taking it out of the water until you fix the device. 

How To Fix A Vape That Fell Into Water? (Step-by-step guide)

Whether you drop it in your coffee or into the pool, there are many ways for your vape to become wet. To minimize the potential damage, remove it from the water as soon as possible. You need to move fast after removing your vaporizer from the water to keep it surviving.

Here is how to fix a vape that fell in the water. 

Step 1

You need to prevent a short circuit. Remove the device from the water as soon as possible and start disassembling it. 

Step 2

Separate the device's battery and cartridge first. Doing so will facilitate access to any areas that may be laden with water.

Use your fingers or a small screwdriver to gently lift the lid off to remove the battery cover or accessible panel. The device's internal batteries should now be visible. Carefully remove the batteries from their slots without damaging the device's connections or other components.

Then, please remove the pod or tank from the vape device and set it aside.

A vape pod or tank has no electrical components, so there is no way that it could produce a short circuit.

Step 3

Clean the vape's exterior. Use a paper towel or clean cloth to dry the outside of the vaporizer to the best of your ability. Always be on the lookout for potential entry points for water, such as cracks or difficult-to-reach spaces.

Step 4 

After dismantling your vaping device, you need to manually drain the leftover water. Use a paper towel to remove any moisture from the device. After removing the pod from your pod system, verify that the top chamber of the device is dry. If your vape mod has changeable batteries, make sure the battery compartment of your vape mod is completely dry.

Blow into the device via the air intake hole for a quick and easy method to dry up your disposable vape. Exhale forcefully through the mouthpiece while you place a paper towel over the intake hole at the device's base. If you use this procedure, you may be able to remove most of the water from the vaporizer.

Multiple Methods for Vape Drying

You may dry your vaporizer by following these steps:

  • Using Rice

One popular method is to put the vape in a bowl of raw rice. After sitting in the bowl for at least 24 hours, the rice should be able to absorb any surplus moisture from the device.

  • Utilizing a Hair Dryer

You may also use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. If you want to use it cautiously, turn it to its lowest setting and direct the airflow towards the vape.

  • Use a Dehumidifier

Use a dehumidifier for extra dry air if you live in an especially wet area or your vape has extensive water damage. This may reduce the time the device spends wet and prevent further damage. Make sure the area has access to a dehumidifier, or invest in a separate portable unit for this purpose.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner

One more effective way to remove water from a vape is to use a hoover cleaner. This method may be more effective when water penetrates the device to a depth that a cotton ball or paper towel cannot reach. Just connect the hose and turn it on to start sucking water out. Maintaining a steady position and not applying excessive force will protect your vaporizer from harm. 

  • Expert Services

If the damage to your disposable vape is significant enough, you may have to hire a professional to clean it. A professional cleaning will use specialized equipment to dry your vaporizer, removing moisture and avoiding more rust so you can trust them with your device.

Step 5 

Let it air dry. After you've dried it as much as possible, keep the gadget in a dry place for at least 24 hours. This will give any remaining water time to evaporate. Please do not use the device until you are sure it is completely dry.

Step 6 

The last step after the disposable vape has dried is to put it back together. Put the cartridge back into place by screwing it into the battery part first; be careful not to put it on too firmly as it might damage the gadget. Push the power button five times rapidly to switch on the disposable vape once you've put it back together.

Make sure the vape is fully operational before using it after reassembling it. If your electronic cigarette is still giving you problems after trying these solutions, you may want to consider getting a new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

I Dropped A Disposable Vape In The Water. Will It Explode?

The battery is the most vulnerable component of a vaporizer when submerged in water. Lithium-ion batteries are susceptible to various adverse reactions when they come into contact with water, including short-circuiting, catching fire, rusting, and even exploding.

During vaping, the battery is responsible for heating the coil and transforming the e-liquid into aerosols. However, problems might arise from rusty coils, infected wicks, and tainted e-juice.

What Happens If I Drop My Elf Bar In Water?

Even though the inner workings of the Elf Bar disposable vape are inaccessible, a few components still need to be water-friendly. 

If you drop Elf Bar in water briefly, its lithium-ion battery may dry quickly and remain in working condition. On the other hand, deep or long-term immersion in water could damage the batteries and make them less valuable. Also, you can't take the battery out of the disposable vape so you can do nothing there. 

Also, if the vape is immersed in water, its internals might be flooded, diluting the e-liquid. Even though e-liquid dissolves in water, it will lose all its vaping properties when mixed with water.

Can You Still Use A Vape That Fell In The Water?

While this is not always the case, the inner electrical parts increase the likelihood that the device will be rendered useless if dropped into water.

The only thing you can do is to dry the vape device as much as possible. If you're fortunate, it will turn on usually again after drying.

Although it may be functioning well, it is still wise to exercise caution when using it for the following few days since the damage effects often take longer to become apparent.

Fix Your Dropped Vape With Ease!

If you inadvertently submerge your vaporizer in water, you may damage costly internal components. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take immediately to attempt to save your device.

Always remember that there is no magic solution for wet vapes. In other situations, the damage may be too significant, and a replacement gadget may be necessary. Doing it yourself might cause more damage than good. Seek advice from a professional if you need clarification.

The most essential thing is to be cautious while handling your vaporizer, particularly near water. It's better to be safe than sorry. To start with, you should do your best to keep your vape dry. Wearing a waterproof case, storing your device in a dry place, and performing regular cleaning and maintenance will all help.

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