How to Dispose of Vapes

How to Dispose of Vapes? - Easy Ways to Know

The vaping industry is one of the fastest-growing consumer goods industries in the world. In a lot of countries, there are vape shops on every corner, each selling its own unique brand of electronic cigarettes. Since vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon, there are quite some questions and growing concerns about it.

The confusion and concerns regarding vaping devices massively include environmental concerns, as people and environmentalists alike are worried about the environmental impact of old and used vapes. 

Old and used vapes can have a certain impact on the environment if they are not correctly disposed of, but if due process is followed while disposing of them, they are safe for the environment, and there won’t be adverse effects on nature. So, after using vaping devices, what vapers do with them, along with the materials they're composed of and how they're created, can have a major impact on the natural world.

A campaign group stated that Around 5 million vapes are thrown away in a week, and only 17% of people recycle their vapes properly.  

Disposal instructions for used vapes should be tailored to the specific model, brand, and the ones that are disposing of their old vapes, be they individual vape users or vape manufacturers. 

In this article, we will talk about how you can dispose of both disposable and reusable vapes. We will also look into ways you might be able to recycle your vaping devices. 

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Different Types of Vapes

The National Library of Medicine reports that the first commercially available electronic cigarette, or vape, debuted in 2004. Since then, the vaping industry has flourished, and several types of vaping devices have emerged.



Vape Pens

These are the most common types of vaping devices, and their cylindrical form makes them easy to carry and store. They can be both disposable and reusable. 

Pod Vapes

There are two main components of a pod vape: a rechargeable battery and a disposable, refillable pod. 

Box Mods

These are the most powerful vapes available now; they have an external battery, adjustable wattage and temperature settings, and a refillable tank.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are available in a wide range of sizes and flavors and need to be disposed of once the battery dies or the vape juice runs out. 

Numerous brands are releasing new vapes from time to time, and they should all provide guidelines on how to dispose of them safely. Whether you have a disposable or reusable vaping device will determine how you should dispose of it.

Know about the difference between regular vape and disposable vape here.

How to Dispose of Reusable Vapes

A single reusable vape can be recycled at any of the thousands of stores that accept old and unwanted electronics for recycling. Many people are legally obligated to collect very little waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), such as e-cigarettes. They will take care of properly recycling your old vape, saving you time, money, and effort. 

Vapes fall under the category of "WEEE that is less than 25cm on its longest side," which requires retailers and distributors to collect and recycle the devices, particularly the stores with more than 400 square meters of dedicated electrical and electronic equipment retail space (including aisle, display, and shelf space). 

Disassembling the vape and recycling its components is another environment-friendly option for disposal.

How You Can Recycle Used Vapes

Refillable and reusable vapes can be recycled. Refilling and reusing the same vape is the most environmentally friendly choice. You should consider recycling your vape if it is broken beyond repair, the battery has died entirely, or you simply want to upgrade.

Vapes can be disassembled, and their components can be recycled alongside the same materials.

Battery Recycling

If your vape has a replaceable battery, you can drop it off at any of the many stores that provide battery recycling. Most ‘Household Waste Recycling Centers (HWRC)’ will accept e-cigarettes with built-in batteries for recycling with other electrical and electronic waste. 

Tanks and pods

Take out the vape's pod, tank, or cartridge and give it a good rinsing with water to get rid of any remaining e-liquid. Glass recycling can be used to dispose of any glass containers, such as pods or tanks. If it's plastic, look for a recycling symbol and number on the box and the bottom of the cartridge or pod. 

Find out if this plastic may be recycled at home or if you need to bring it to your local HWRC.


If your vape's coil isn't easily removed from the pod or tank, be sure to follow the manufacturer's recycling guidelines. Wash away any lingering e-liquid after removing the coil and separating the cotton or wicking. 

The leftover coil can be disposed of in metal recycling containers or at home.

Vape Juice Bottles

Bottles of vape juice are usually made of a king of plastic. Rinse the bottle out and see if it is made of the kind of plastic that can be recycled locally. If not, find out if the plastic type is acceptable at the HWRC in your area.

Vape Packaging

You can just recycle your vape's original packaging if it’s made of paper and cards in your regular trash like usual. 

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes

As their name implies, disposable vapes can only be used once before disposal. A disposable vape should be thrown away in a separate trash can instead of a general waste bin. Tossing a vape in your usual trash can release toxins from the plastic, battery acid, and nicotine into the environment even if it’s zero nicotine disposable vape. Furthermore, the lithium-ion batteries are flammable.

Disposable e-cigarettes should be recycled or returned to the store where they were purchased for proper disposal. There are a lot of places that will take your old disposable vape and make sure it gets recycled. 

If the battery can be removed without too much trouble, you can recycle it at a designated location (often a supermarket). 

However, it’s difficult to separate the battery and components from many disposable vapes because of how they are built. It is recommended that you properly dispose of them.

Components of Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes have materials and components identical to their reusable counterparts. They often have a smaller tank and battery, an exterior made of cheaper plastic, and non-removable components. 

In a disposable vape, you'll find-

  • Shell made of plastic
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Small tank that helps store vape juice
  • Metal Coil
  • Cotton Wick

Can Disposable Vapes be Recycled?

Disposable vapes are recyclable. You can conveniently recycle them by dropping them off at an electronics store or using a vape disposal container. The vapes will be taken to a recycling center, where they will be disassembled and their parts recycled.

After checking, sorting, and cleaning, these parts are recycled with the rest of the recyclables. The cotton wick is the only non-recyclable part of a vape because it can be excessively contaminated and may even get burned.

Let’s have a look at how you can recycle each part of a vape based on its different materials and the recycling processes involved in vaping components of different materials.

  • Battery Recycling - The e-cigarette's lithium-ion battery can be recycled.
  • Metal recycling - The vape's coil can be recycled through metal recycling 
  • Plastic Recycling - The plastic-made shell can be recycled in this way 
  • Glass Recycling - Vapes with glass tanks or parts can be recycled.

Where Should DIsposable Vapes be Disposed Of?

Disposable e-cigarettes can be disposed of in one of three basic ways:

Vape Disposable Bins

Since disposable vapes can be recycled, many stores now provide special bins for vape disposal to pile up used disposable vapes and then recycle them.

Electrical and Electronic Retailers

Most vapes and other minor WEEE products can be returned for free to any store with an electrical section larger than 400 square meters. Then, these are properly recycled.

Household Waste Recycling Centers (HWRCs)

Most household waste recycling centers (HWRCs) accept disposable vapes in their WEEE containers, so you can rest assured that they will be recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

How Can Companies or Stores Dispose of Old Vapes?

Any used vapes that are produced must be collected as commercial waste by the respective businesses. This may occur as a result of refunded purchases, customer returns, vapes getting defective while manufacturing or various other reasons. It is crucial and required by law to have waste removed and recycled. 

Using WEEE containers and collections is the simplest solution in this regard. As a store or manufacturing company, no matter whatever measure you choose to dispose of defective and old vaping devices, make sure that you are doing so in a safe and appropriate manner that doesn’t adversely affect the environment and prevents any kind of contamination.  

Final Words

After you are done using your vape, be it a reusable one or a disposable one, you must make sure that you are taking proper measures to recycle it properly. If you are using a reusable vape and if it’s still in decent condition, you can change the battery, refill the vape juice, and start using it again. 

Or, you can recycle different parts of the vape before disposing of it safely. But if you are using a disposable vape and its battery or e-liquid has run out, then make sure that you are disposing of it properly in a separate trash can, or return it to electrical and electronic retailers who will recycle it for you.

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