How To Clean Atomizer in a Vape

How To Clean Atomizer in a Vape? (Step By Step)

Cleaning your tank and coil is one of the most important parts of a clean vaping experience. It can help prevent nasty flavours, leaking and even equipment failure. If you’ve tried to clean them yourself before it can be tricky to master but we can help make it easier.

You can clean the tank by wiping with a soft cloth or paper towel. You can also soak the mouthpiece and tank in an organic cleaner. To clean your coil, please refer to the user manual for more information about compatible cleaning solutions.

The most common answer that I get regarding tanks and coils is to use a coffee filter. Make sure that you are using an alcohol-free liquid on your e-cig liquids. Once you have done this then you just want to put the mouthpiece of the tank down into the coffee filter. You may also want to turn the tank upside down in order for all of the eliquid that has accumulated in the bottom of tank to drain out as well

First, let’s talk about the coil. If you have a rebuildable tank or other atomizer with a removable coil, you can clean it by disassembling your old coil, cleaning with some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs, then reassembling and rewicking. Otherwise, vape pens and tank systems come with a cleaning tool or brush that allows you to remove residue from the coils, as well as other areas of the device. Simply wipe down these components with a microfiber cloth or rag to remove any grime or buildup.
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