How Long Does a Vape Last

How Long Does a Vape Last? (How Long It Should Last!)

Vapes have been on the market for a while now, and their popularity has skyrocketed, making them the most sought-after form of ingested cannabis after flower.

You can put them in your purse or pocket or even hold them in one hand. Because of their portability and inconspicuousness, vapes have also gained popularity.

If you're just getting started with vaping, you probably have some questions, including "How long does a vape last?" "How long does a vape coil last?" and "How long does a high vape last?" When planning a budget or stocking up on replacement components, many individuals find it extremely helpful to have an estimate of how long their equipment will last.

In reality, it is dependent on the vape itself.

Here, we'll discuss how long a vape lasts in this article and the issues surrounding it. 

How Long Does the Effect of Vaping Last?

The typical duration of a vape high is two to four hours, so it's worth your time to research this topic if you're curious about the duration of an individual vape session.

But, specific numbers will change depending on the individual. In 2017, researchers analyzed how long an average vape high lasted and how quickly it kicked in. It was reported that the maximum duration of a vape high might be between 20 and 30 minutes, while the whole effect could last up to three hours.

How Many Hits Can You Get From a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are the preferred product among buyers. Once the extract is gone, you must discard the vape and get a new one because the batteries aren't rechargeable. It's unlikely that a cartridge with marijuana extract will last as long as a good disposable vape battery.

How Many Hits Can You Get From a Disposable Vape

Most disposable vapes do not have a button to turn the device on or off. It's as simple as inhaling, as the vape's heating element will vaporize the weed as you puff on it.

But the length of time that these vapes can be used depends on a number of factors, such as how fast the user smokes, how much marijuana is in each vape, and how much the user can inhale at once.

The two varieties of single-use vapes are as follows:

1. Disposable Vapes with One-Time Filling

If you're interested in vaping but aren't sure if you'll stick with it, a single-use disposable vape is a good option to explore. Depending on how often you use it and how much vape juice is in it, its lifespan can range from a single day to many weeks.

Such a vape won't last even a day in the hands of heavy users. While some people may be able to stretch it out for quite some time, ultimately, they will need to replace it. These devices are more costly than traditional ones since they incorporate both the vape battery and the THC oil.

2. Single-Use Vapes

About 60 ml of vape juice is contained in a single-use vape. This implies that, depending on how often and how deeply you draw, each vape can provide up to 200 puffs. If you use your vape five times per day for a maximum of 15 puffs, it should last about two weeks.

If you're unsure which vaping option to go for - disposable or regular, our comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision based on your preferences and vaping needs. 

When is a Vape Cartridge Going to Run Out?

How long a vape cartridge will last is more important to you than how long it will take you to use it.

How frequently you use the vape and how forcefully you inhale on the cartridge will affect how long it will last and how much oil it will deliver with each puff. The purposefully long-lasting cartridge is intended to last during the entire smoke break.

A lack of airflow from your vape cartridge does not necessarily indicate a spent cartridge, despite what some customers may tell you. This can happen if you twist the cartridge onto the vape's battery too tightly and cause a clog. Before swapping out a cartridge, ensure you know what you're doing.

Vape Coils: How Long Do They Last?

Your vape coil is a vital part of the device, but we can only give you a rough estimate of its lifespan due to the wide range of possible configurations.

Vape Coils

In typical use, the lifespan of a high-quality coil is between four and seven days. If you don't smoke during the day, your coil will last much longer.

Those who indulge in smoking on a regular basis might anticipate a shorter lifespan for their coils.

In reality, vape coils don't have a predetermined lifespan; their durability is proportional to the frequency with which they are used.

How Long is the Battery Life of a Vape?

If you're wondering how long your vape will last, the battery life is a major factor to think about. The battery is the lifeblood of a vaping device. It gives the vape its power.

However, it is not rechargeable in disposable vapes. If the battery dies before you're done vaping, you'll be out of luck.

If the disposable vape's battery dies, you won't be able to use it for any more hits. This means the number of puffs you may take from your vape is directly proportional to the battery life.

On average, a fully charged battery will provide about 300 puffs, more than enough to fully enjoy a new cartridge without needing to charge it again. This isn't terrible, as it equates to around a week of constant use before needing a recharge.

Most vapes you buy at the store are disposable, meaning the battery can't be recharged. This means you will have to stop vaping before you get to the end of the cartridge because the battery will die.

We still advise replacing batteries annually, regardless of how often they've been used. Also, we advise 510-thread vapes, as most 510-thread batteries and cartridges are compatible.

Also, you need to realize that many vape manufacturers have already figured out how much battery life each model will get. And it's done so that the vape juice runs out before the battery does.

You can do some research before buying a vape so you don't find yourself in a situation where the battery dies before the juice does.

Why dispose of your disposable vape when you can make it last longer? Our comprehensive guide will show you how to recharge s disposable vape step by step, ensuring you do it correctly and safely.

Some Factors that Affect Your Vape’s Lifespan

There are a number of variables that can affect how long a disposable vape should last. We have already discussed the battery life, which affects the lifespan.

Apart from that, the disposable vape's design and e-liquid capacity are also important factors.

One metric often used to judge its durability is the number of puffs one can get out of a vape.

Yet, the elements above still influence how many puffs you can take. Let’s see how these variables impact the vape's lifespan-

Liquid Capacity

The duration of a disposable vape is also directly related to its volume capacity. This is because the more juice a vape can store, the longer a session can last. vapes have a wide range of storage capacities.

And the many vape manufacturers out there have a hand in shaping these preferences. You can put anything from 2ml to 12ml of e-liquid into a disposable vape pod.

Because of this, whether you're a light user or an avid enthusiast, you can always discover a solution that suits your needs. It's possible to vape to your heart's content.

The answer to that question would indicate how long it would last. Around 400–500 puffs can be taken from a disposable vape with 2ml of e-liquid. The pre-filled one with 12ml of e-liquid will also provide enough for around 5000 puffs.


For the most part, people overlook this important consideration. The temptation to crank up the vape's heat is always there.

For some, that's the best way to enjoy their vape. You should see that this is not a good idea for the future. Maintaining a vape continuously close to the current temperature is essential. If not, the single-use vape would not last very long.

It's not hard to figure out why. The vape coil would burn more rapidly at higher temperatures. In addition, you will have to stop using the vape if the coil burns out sooner than intended.

Storing the Vape Properly 

How you store your vape matters, and storing your vape properly will ensure maximum efficiency. So, you need to give the vape the finest care possible and keep it in a secure location. Keeping it at room temperature is also recommended.

If it were initially cooler, bringing the temperature to where it needs to be would take more effort and time. And if you can't keep it warm, just hold it in your hands for a few minutes before vaping to warm it up.

How Often You Smoke 

The vape's liquid will be used up at a rate proportional to the user's inhalation rate. And when that happens, it's game over for your vaping session. Even with daily use, the average small-capacity vape only lasts three to five days in the hands of a heavy user.

Yet, the average lifespan of other disposable vapes exceeds that. Hence, it should be no surprise that heavy smokers go through disposable vapes far faster than light smokers.

Drawing length

If you inhale deeply and slowly, your vape will likely last longer. It's easy to understand why. With each draw, more e-liquid is absorbed into the body. In addition, it would be exhausted rapidly if used that way.

When you take a long draw, you use more e-juice. The optimal vaping strategy involves striking a balance between puff frequency and inhalation duration.

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Final Words

It isn’t easy to determine how long a vape will last. As a general rule, you can expect it to function properly for no more than six to eight months before you'll need to replace all of its components.

However, this number varies widely depending on the quality you use, how often you smoke it, and how long you smoke it each time. The batteries and coils in your device will need to be replaced on a regular basis, and there will likely be a need for some general upkeep as well.

The device's shelf life begins again as soon as you do that. When starting from scratch, though, replacing all parts at once is recommended for maximum durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to extend the life of a vape?

Yes, it is possible to extend the life of a vape through regular maintenance, proper battery care, using quality vape juice, replacing coils as needed, storing the device properly, avoiding overheating, and using the right charger.

How often should you replace your vape coil?

The frequency of vape coil replacement can vary depending on usage, but typically, a vape coil can last anywhere from one to four weeks. A good rule of thumb is to replace it when it starts to give a burnt taste, or the vapor production decreases noticeably.

Can old vape juice harm your device or your health?

Old or expired vape juice can indeed harm your device and potentially your health. Over time, the ingredients in vape juice can degrade or oxidize, which can lead to unpleasant taste and potential harm to your device due to increased viscosity. While not typically dangerous, vaping expired juice can cause irritation or discomfort due to the breakdown of the nicotine and flavor components.

What to do if a vape device fails prematurely?

If a vape device fails prematurely, it's important to troubleshoot the problem. Common issues can include battery failure, coil burnout, or problems with the device's circuitry. If you're unable to resolve the issue yourself, contact the manufacturer's customer support, especially if the device is still under warranty. It's crucial to avoid trying to repair complex issues on your own, as this can lead to further damage or potential safety risks.

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