Funky Republic Vape Review

Funky Republic Vape Review (Specifications, Details, And Alternatives)

Coming in from the same company that brought you the Elf Bar is the all-new Funky Republic Ti7000. The brand has recently rebranded itself as the Funky Lands. So don't be confused if you receive a product in this name. Rest assured it's by the same company.

The Ti7000 disposable holds about 13ml of vape liquid with 5% nicotine. It uses a 1.2Ω mesh coil and can last up to 7000 puffs of many flavors, mostly fruity and sweet. What makes it different is that it has a digital display to show battery and juice levels. 

The Funky Republic disposable is unlike most disposable vapes, which usually have simple LED lights. So is the Ti7000 another Elfbar in a new shell or is there truly something new it brings to the table, let's find out!

Know Funky Republic Vape In 30 Seconds! 

  • The Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposable, also known as the Funky Republic Ti7000, is a new disposable from the makes of the infamous Elfbar. 
  • It comes equipped with a screen that displays battery and e-juice levels for convenience. 
  • It is rated to hold 7000 puffs and 20 different flavors of liquid. 
  • It has 13 ml e-liquid prefilled, 5% nicotine strength, and a 600mAh battery.
  •  a nifty screen to display how much battery and liquid is left.

Funky Republic Vape Review: Showcasing Ti7000


The Funky Republic disposable vape looks like a large pill mouthpiece. Ergonomically it is oval shaped which makes it comfortable to hold. It's quite big compared to smaller ones so it might not be the best if you're trying to get a puff or two during meetings. However, the larger size means it holds more e-liquid than most disposables out there.

Regarding the looks, it comes finished with a combination of matte and glossy plastic. A value-added feature is that the curve you place your thumb on is textured for better grip. The mouthpiece is big enough for easy cleaning. Once you get the product in your hand you’ll notice that there is very minimal branding resulting in a smart and elegant look, especially in different color-coded flavors.

The bottom of the device is flat and broad so you can keep the device upright on a table. This is also useful as tipping them over for a long time may leak the juice out of the mouthpiece. For charging, you simply lay the Ti7000 on its side and plug it into any USB-C port located at the base.


Everything is very simple with the Funky Republic disposable. It is affordable and easy to use like all the other disposables you get on the market nowadays. But don't let that fool you as it does do a couple of things better than the rest of the bunch.

  • Digital Display: The digital display, which is now becoming more and more common with disposables, is a great value addition. Through this display, you can find out how much juice you have left and your battery percentage. Don’t expect detailed information on this as it's just a new way to add value to your day-to-day experience. 
  • Big Battery: These vapes come with a 600mAh rechargeable battery, which is decent compared to similar disposables. Charging is done via USB-C, which is relatively fast, taking about 30 minutes from low battery to full charge.
  • Draw Activated: Operating the device is straightforward since it is activated by taking a puff. Airflow adjustment is done through six small holes at the bottom of the disposable. Although they are quite close together limiting your options, they are good enough to switch from MTL to DL drags.
  • New Generation of Coils: The Funky Republic vapes use the QUAQ coil, which is also found in Elfbar's other products. This coil technology will give you a superior flavor while consuming less juice per puff. The Ti7000s seem to deliver on these claims, like other disposables with the same coil technology.
  • High Puff Count: Although the Funky Republic promised 7000 puffs, the vape only contains 13 ml of juice. However, the improved QUAC coil uses it more efficiently. There's currently only one strength option, 5%, but more options may be added in the future as the brand evolves.


Using the Funky Republic vape is where it really counts, as all the fancy features don't matter if it doesn't vape well. Thankfully, the Funky Republic delivers a vaping experience that meets expectations for a disposable vape.

Its draw activation makes it easy to use, consistently providing satisfying vapor with each hit. The draw is medium to tight, perfect for a mouth-to-lung inhale, and can be adjusted further by blocking the bottom airflow holes. The 50/50 vape liquid gives a strong throat hit without being harsh, and each puff is flavorful.

The battery lasts a long time, and the digital display keeps you informed about how much vaping time you have left. The device is comfortable to hold and use, though you might not want to carry too many in your pocket at once. However, with 7000 puffs and a battery that lasts all day, you likely won't need to carry more than one.

15 Funky Republic Ti7000 Flavors

Here is the full list of Funky Republic flavors available for you to try out: 

  1. Peach Pie: Like biting into a freshly baked peach pie.
  2. Pineapple Coconut Ice: A mix of pineapples, coconuts, and menthol.
  3. Pink Bomb: this is a blend of raspberries, cream, lemons, and grapefruit.
  4. Pomelo Pear Grape: this is a relatively new flavor in the market that mixes citrus pomelo, pear, and grapes.
  5. Super Berry: As the name suggests, it is a mix of most types of berries. 
  6. Rainbow Cloudz: This is a great mix of a fruity candy flavor.
  7. California Cherry: An American take on a sweet cherry mocktail.
  8. Cantaloupe Apple: Smooth blend of cantaloupe and apples.
  9. Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime: A mix of passion fruits, kiwis, and limes.
  10. Tropical Island: Takes you on a journey to a tropical island with its mix of fruity and coconut ice.
  11. Strawberry Banana: A yummy mix of strawberries and bananas.
  12. Watermelon Ice: Classic watermelon flavor with a hint of menthol.
  13. Blue Razz Ice: Cool blend of blue raspberries and menthol.
  14. Peach Mango Watermelon: Mix of Juicy peaches, tropical mangoes, and watermelons with a hint of ice.
  15. Tropical Rainbow Blast: A mix of tropical fruits.

5 Alternatives of Funky Republic

If the Funky Republic disposable is not exactly what you are looking for you can check out some of these alternatives to satisfy your vape cravings.

  1. Lost Mary OS5000

Another great disposable from the makers of the ElfBar is the Lost Mary OS5000. If you want a top-notch disposable vape look no further. This is known for its superb quality and convenience. Each OS5000 comes pre-filled with 13ml of either 50mg or 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid, offering around 5000 puffs in total.

With over 25 flavors to choose from, especially catering to fruit lovers, the Lost Mary will give you a delectable vaping experience. Plus, their fruit/mint combinations are a hit among menthol enthusiasts. The standout feature of the Lost Mary OS5000 is its anti-leak design, ensuring a smoother vaping experience without any worries about leakage.

For added convenience, these disposables feature a three-color battery indicator to prevent unexpected power loss. When the indicator turns red, it means the battery is at 20% or lower. Additionally, the charging port has a flap to prevent dirt or water from entering. 

Equipped with a 650mAh battery recharged via Type-C charging, these disposables ensure a consistent power source. With exceptional flavor and a sturdy build, the Lost Mary OS5000 disposable is an excellent choice, especially if you're considering switching from your Juul Vape.

2. Raz TN9000

The Raz TN9000 is another new disposable in the market. It comes from the makers of Geekvape known for their legendary vape kits and pods. It stands out for its top-tier functionality and ergonomic design. It comes with a 650mAh rechargeable battery. Similar to the Funky Republic it has a 0.96-inch display screen which indicates battery level and real-time e-liquid capacity monitoring. 

The disposable comes with 12ml e-liquid, and it offers approximately 9000 puffs per device. It only comes with 5% nicotine with no option for those who look for lower dosages. The Raz TN9000 impresses with its modern and compact design, blending durability with lightweight construction. Its futuristic aesthetic, complete with a transparent mouthpiece, adds to its visual appeal. 

Operating on a draw-activated mechanism, it eliminates the need for buttons, activating with each inhale.It delivers exceptional performance through its 650mAh rechargeable battery. Offering approximately 9000 puffs catering to those who prefer vaping frequently.

One of its highlights is the adjustable airflow, catering to both Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) and Direct Lung (DL) preferences. Utilizing mesh coil technology, each puff has rich flavor and dense vapor production. Additionally, the Raz TN9000 offers a diverse selection of flavors a total of 18 to be precise. 

3. Myle Meta Box

The Myle Meta Box is renowned for its extended battery life, generous e-liquid capacity, and smooth flavor experience. This device is sleek, compact, and crafted from high-quality materials.

Featuring a comfortable mouthpiece and effective airflow restriction, the Myle Meta Box's draw-activated and firing mechanism ensures user-friendly operation. With 12ml of preloaded e-liquid, it delivers around 5000 puffs, surpassing many other disposable vapes.

Equipped with a 400mAh rechargeable battery, it's designed to last a full day on a single charge. You can also conveniently recharge it via the included Type-C charging cable. Its mesh coil is one of the best for its price with superior flavor and vapor production.

The Myle Meta Box offers a variety of flavors, including Apple Ice, Blue Razz Ice, Bubblegum, Cool Mint, Grape Ice, Mango Guava, Peach Ice, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango, and Watermelon Ice. In terms of performance, this device excels, providing a consistently smooth and flavorful experience with great vapor production and minimal throat hit. 

4. Yami Bar Air

The Yami Bar Air 6000 is another great alternative that offers a decent e-liquid capacity, long-lasting battery life, and seamless flavor, all at an affordable price. With a 550mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, the Yami Bar Air ensures efficient power delivery. Its 14ml e-liquid capacity and ability to deliver around 6000 puffs make it a reliable option for extended use.

Constructed from durable aluminum alloy and PCTG materials, it maintains compactness without compromising on durability. With a nicotine level of 5% and a 1.2-ohm mesh coil, it enhances the overall vaping experience.

The Yami Bar Air offers a variety of flavors such as Blue Razz Ice, Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, Strawberry Mango, and Watermelon Ice. Each flavor is carefully crafted to provide a deeply satisfying vaping experience.

Equipped with a draw-activated firing mechanism, starting your vaping session is as simple as taking a drag. Overall, the Yami Bar Air 6000 is a fantastic choice for vapers looking for a disposable device that combines quality, convenience, and affordability for exceptional value.

5. Dragbar B5000

If the Funky Republic doesn't cut it for you, you can check out the Dragbar B5000. It is a great alternative designed to be simple to use. Each device comes preloaded with 13ml of e-liquid in 0mg, 20mg, or 50mg nicotine salt strengths.

The 50mg strength is suitable for heavy smokers, while the 20mg option is tailored for regular smokers. With 10 diverse flavors, there's something for everyone's taste within its rated 5000 puff count.

The Dragbar B5000 is ready to vape straight out of the box, requiring no setup. Just unbox it, and you're ready to go. With commendable flavor and an enjoyable draw, it's an ideal choice for beginners. It has a 500mAh battery and can be charged through USB-C. 

It doesn’t have an adjustable but its tight mouth-to-lung draw mimics the sensation of smoking a cigarette. If you're looking for a reliable and easy-to-use option to start vaping, the Dragbar B5000 is a great option to check out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Funky Republic A Good Vape Brand?

The Funky Republic disposable might not be packed with cutting-edge features but it delivers a solid punch with the essentials. It is aimed to be inexpensive and easy to use. For its price, it manages to pack a display where you can check your device information. Additionally, it has the classic quality assurance you get from a disposable vape made by ElfBar

Does Funky Republic Vape Have Nicotine?

Yes, the Funky Republic only comes in 5% or 50mg/ml nicotine strength enough to satisfy any heavy vaper.

Should You Get It?

The Funky Republic Ti7000 presents itself as a welcome addition to the disposable vape market. At first glance, it might particularly stand out but its inclusion of a digital display is worthy of praise. 

During regular use, the vape operates smoothly without any leaks. For those seeking a tight Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) draw, the Ti7000 delivers with ease. You can expect an enjoyable vaping experience, with ample vapor production and a pleasant throat hit. 

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