Best Small Vape Mod

5 Best Small Vape Mods 2024

When we're out and about and want a discrete way to satisfy our vaping needs, we all turn to small vape mods. A vape brick is not really convenient as an accessory to have in your pocket.

Once, standalone vape mods used to be enormous, cumbersome cloud generators, but things have changed over time. Vape mods have shrunk in size thanks to innovations and advancements in vape designs, making them more portable and comfortable to use without sacrificing any of their functionality.

In this article, we will have a look at the top small vape mods that you can get on the market, which, despite their compact size, are often competitive with the other high-quality vape mods that come in bigger sizes. Check out the list of the top small vape mods given below if you want a convenient and comfortable vaping experience.

1. Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2

Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2

The Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2 Mod is the only dual-18650 battery mod on today's list, yet it still manages to give a compact size and travel-friendly build, making it a great choice for vapers who like to vape while on the go. 

While mods like the Argus XT have impressive user modes, the Aegis Legend 2's 200W maximum output can enable you to reach new heights of power.

The Aegis Legend 2 shines when paired with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) or rebuildable tank system (RDTA), as every sub-Ohmer knows that ordinary vape coils seldom manage that type of stress. However, standard sub-ohm tanks can still be utilized within the 60W - 120W range.

Furthermore, the IP68 protection is included in this vape mod like other usual Geekvape features, which provides a safety net against water and knocks. It also incorporates Geekvape's trademark A-lock mechanism, a simple and easily flipped switch that accidentally stops your mod from firing or modifying the power level.

Although the Aegis Legend 2 is a bit larger than other conventional small vape mods, it is still small enough to be carried around without ruining the lining of your jacket or jeans.


  • A-lock provides protection from accidental presses
  • Output power ranges from 5W to 200W
  • Compatible with any 510 threaded RDA or sub-ohm tank
  • Two 18650 batteries are used (not included)
  • Smaller, more portable design with leather and brushed metal build 
  • IP68 technology provides protection against water, dust, and shock
  • High flexibility in terms of temperature
  • A brand-new UI with a 1.08-inch display.
  • Protective flip cover for the Type-C charging port.


  • Massive 200W peak power output
  • Highly compact despite being a dual-battery mod 
  • Large full-color screen 


  • Way too advanced for users who prefer MTL vaping.
  • The 21700 battery type is not supported.

2. Voopoo Argus GT2

Voopoo Argus GT2

Voopoo's Argus GT2 mod looks like something out of the future thanks to its leather-Zinc decals, and after starting to use it, you’ll immediately find that this vaping device is a great cloud engine.

The Argus GT2 offers one of the highest wattage output ranges, with a maximum of 200W, while being a double-battery unit that can accommodate two 18650 Li-ion batteries.

In addition to Smart and Turbo modes, the Argus GT2 also features Temperature Control settings for a wide range of coil-building materials, as you'll quickly learn by digging into the options. Because of this, the Argus GT2 is the finest portable vaping mod for your RDTA and RDA do-it-yourself setups.

It is designed to meet IP68 standards, which means it can withstand being momentarily submerged in shallow water and is resistant to drop damage from particles like sand and sawdust.

It can be terrifying when your vape mod falls in the sink, but the Argus GT2 is made to cater to even the clumsiest of cloud chasers.


  • Dimensions: 142mm x 54mm x 29mm
  • Variable wattage from 5W to 200W
  • Power modes include Smart, Turbo, and Temperature Control for the user's convenience.
  • IP68 Standard Protection
  • GENE.TT 2.0 Chipset
  • Screen size of 0.96 inches (TFT)
  • Goes well with 18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Type-C charging


  • Ideal for DIY setup of coils
  • IP68 construction guarantees protection from moisture and drops.
  • Temperature control


  • Slightly bulky buildup
  • Mainly suitable for sub-ohm vapers

3. Eleaf iStick Power Mono

Eleaf iStick Power Mono

There is nothing the Eleaf iStick Power Mono vape mod lacks. The iStick Power Mono Mod is a gorgeous vaping device that puts Eleaf on par with other manufacturers like SMOK, Voopoo, and Aspire.

It's a cute little gadget that's easy on the eyes with its matte surface and soft grip panel, and rounded edges. Despite its incredibly small weight, it has a massive 3500mAh battery—one of the largest internal power sources you’ll see in vaping devices, let alone in a device that is so small. 

You can adjust the power output anywhere from 5W to 80W with ease, and there's also a smart mode that will keep your coils from overheating. Anyone using a conventional vape tank (whether MTL or DTL) will have more than enough power with the iStick Power Mono Mod, while RDA users may want to consider other kits on the list, such as the Argus XT.

Some vape mods come with more user modes, while some vape mods come with more durability, but the Eleaf iStick Power Mono Mod is a jack of all trades that won't let you down when you need a travel-friendly and compact mod for your favorite tank. 


  • 3500mAh battery capacity
  • 5 to 80 wattage
  • Dimensions 39 x 32 x 86 mm
  • 510 thread connection
  • Optional Smart Mode


  • Incredible battery life span
  • Amazingly snug despite enormous battery capacity
  • Excellent for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping


  • A user may prefer more features

4. Vaporesso Gen PT60

Vaporesso Gen PT60

The Vaporesso Gen PT60 is more of a slim vape pod than a small one, but it's still an affordable option, so it made the list.

The 40W maximum output and rechargable 2600mAh battery make this a good option for mouth-to-lung vapers and those who prefer lower-wattage sub-ohm vaping.

Overall, the design and construction quality are excellent. Not something you should be ashamed to pull out in public.

The Vaporesso XTank, which came close to being named our review's top performer in terms of flavor, is also included in the set. 


  • Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 112mm
  • Excellent design and build
  • Simple to use for vapers of any experience level
  • 2600 mAh battery (decent longevity for MTL users).
  • Maximum output power of 60W
  • The tank produces an excellent flavor


  • Produces amazing flavor profile
  • Convenient to use for all sorts of vapers
  • Compact design and build


  • Could have had more features

5. Aspire Zelos 3

Aspire Zelos 3

The Aspire Zelos 3 mod is a favorite among a lot of vape users since it is a reliable, straightforward box mod. The power outputs range from 1W to 80W, and there are a few different user modes that may be more complex than necessary. 

However, because of the incredible 3200mAh internal battery, you'll have plenty of time to experiment with all of the available outputs and modes before needing to plug in again.

The Zelos 3 is equipped with a Type-C charging port and one of the largest internal power sources on the vape market, so it can be quickly recharged at any time.

Holding down the 'fire' and '+' buttons simultaneously will bring up a basic menu. This gives you a pleasant and small amount of control, allowing you to switch modes, reset the puff meter, and even alter the color of the interface.

The big internal battery may result in a somewhat weighty build that some may find off-putting, but the power master switch at the base of the mod can help you prevent pocket firing when your Zelos 3 mod is tucked away in your pants or handbag.


  • 5 modes for output
  • Capacity: 3200 mAH
  • Casting with zinc and alloy
  • Quick charging using Type C
  • Power output from 1 to 80 watts.


  • Power that lasts for days on end
  • Easy navigation and use
  • Contains a master power switch to provide safe portability


  • Larger-than-average size
  • Physically imposing

Final Words

If you are looking for a small vape mod that will be suitable for your vaping needs, you can easily go for one of the abovementioned vape mods, as they are small and compact in size, and each of them comes with its own set of amazing features. While they are distinctive in features, all of them can provide you with a great and comfortable vaping experience.

Make sure to choose the one that will cater to your preferences the best, as you may be looking for either longer battery life, more features, or just more portability options, and you can conveniently settle on any from this list no matter what you are looking for. 

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