7 Best Nic Salt Juice for Your Nicotine Cravings

7 Best Nic Salt Juice for Your Nicotine Cravings

Nicotine vape juice has been a mainstay in the e-liquid market since 2016. Many of the leading companies have seen its potential as a valuable complement to low-powered MTL vape devices reassembling smoking. 

Tobacco leaves are the source of the complex substance known as nicotine. As an alternative to the more conventional freebase nicotine, this chemical has gained popularity as a means of delivering nicotine to the body more rapidly.

Nic salts became more popular, so companies made nic salt e-juice to meet the demand. Using nic salts is a terrific way to save on spending on juice and basic kits. 

From newbies to vaping and want an e-liquid similar to the nicotine smoking sensation to those seasoned pros curious to explore the newest brands and flavors, our best nic salt juice listed below is sure to spark your interest. 

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Quick Summary 

A bit of a low-wattage device is more than enough when using nic salts. A wide variety of nic salt juices is available for beginning vapers or those seeking variety in their tastes. Read on for a rundown of some of Vape Deal’s best nic salt juice picks -

  1. Naked 100 
  2. ORGNX E-Liquids
  3. Candy King
  4. Dinner Lady
  5. Cloud Nurdz 
  6. Sad Boy 
  7. Glass BSX 

Best Nic Salt Juice 

Nicotine salts vary from conventional nicotine in a few key ways. Nicotine salt was added to vape juice after regular nicotine had been used first. Those seeking a stronger nicotine hit should go for nic salts.

Regular e-liquid with an intense nicotine content may be unpleasant, but the presence of benzoic acid in nic salt makes it more bearable.

Nicotine salt has a different PG/VG mix than e-liquids. Different kinds of regular nicotine have varying quantities of PG and VG, but nicotine salts have an equal percentage of each.

When utilized in low-power devices, nicotine salts produce an e-juice that the body can absorb. As far as clouds and tastes go, vapers using Nic salt juices have a lot of options. Even better, consumers may enjoy the ideal dose of nicotine without worrying about throat irritation.

For those who have successfully kicked the habit of smoking, nicotine salts provide just the perfect quantity of nicotine to satisfy cravings. An average pack of 20 cigarettes has between 22 and 36 milligrams of nicotine.

So, for those who are attempting to limit themselves to one pack of cigarettes daily, usually nicotine-based salt products include 30–40 milligrams of nicotine.

1. Naked 100

Naked 100 is a renowned name among the vapers. With a mission of providing everyone with pure, adaptive-free e-juice, this brand comes up with a range of e-liquids based on natural extracts of fruit flavors. These e-liquids provide a good amount of sweetness avoiding the addition of sucralose or Ethyl Maltol. 

Here are five of their remarkable flavors- 

Cuban Blend

Step right up to the top-notch Cuban experience with this alternative to freebase nicotine. A greater nicotine content and a more pleasant vaping experience are both made possible by this. 

Euro Gold

It is the third flavor in the nicotine line of Naked 100. Since several governments have banned certain flavors, Euro Gold, a plain tobacco-flavored e-juice, is gaining popularity. 

For a mild cigarette-tobacco experience, try this tobacco blend. It will satisfy your demands with a pleasant experience because of its delicate taste nuances.

Hawaiian Pog

The harmonious blend of tastes makes for a luscious and mouth-watering vaping session. Passion fruit balances off the sugary oranges and tangy guava with its delicate sharpness. Anyone who likes fruity tastes will find this an ideal all-day vape.

Lava Flow

In this flavor, you can taste the tropical fusion of pineapple, coconut, and strawberries. Consequently, vaping a smoothie is like a mid-day trip to a faraway land. The taste becomes more powerful as the power and airflow change. 


Berry is a mentholated take on traditional berry flavors-blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The inhalation of this e-liquid brings a blast of tangy berries, while the exhalation is cold and icy. The menthol gives it a refreshingly sour aftertaste. The multi-layered taste profile that results from combining the various berries will surely be irresistible. Anyone who likes a blend of minty and fruity aromas will adore this vape. 

2. ORGNX E-Liquids

This line of e-liquids can be described very simply.

The flavors in the ORGNX liquids collection are all light versions of how the original tastes of the fruits are supposed to be. 

For example, with the ORGNX apple, banana, pineapple, peach, or honeydew flavor, you will taste those fruits only. Unlike the other e-liquid brands, they focus on the single-flavored juices. 

The fruity puff is pleasant and refreshing when you vaporize with your pod. Iced, high VG and Nic salt variants are available for every flavor of ORGNX vape juice. 

3. Candy King 

For those who can’t resist sweets, Candy King is a veritable e-juice place of mouth-watering tastes. The dedication to excellence and new ideas is what makes this vape juice stand out. 

Every bottle reflects this commitment, guaranteeing a consistent and tasty puff. Each flavor's genuine flavor is a result of using high-quality components.

Candy King offers a range of flavors in several bottle sizes to suit the tastes of vapers, featuring 30/ 60/ 100ml. Furthermore, Candy King provides nicotine salt e-liquids for those who want a stronger nicotine content. Every vaper may discover their perfect fit with this wide choice of alternatives.

Some best flavors by Candy King are: 

Candy King e-juice is an amazing selection that will fulfill your sweet needs. The options will take you on an unforgettable vaping voyage, whether you're a candy expert or just seeking a new taste experience.

4. Dinner Lady 

All across the globe, vapers recognize Dinner Lady for their lively flavors. Tobacco and fruity blends are two of the many flavors this Lancashire brand has developed. 

More than 100 nations stock its premium juices, prepared using only the highest quality ingredients.

So, it should be no surprise that Dinner Lady was awarded awards, the most notable being the Vapouround Awards' first Hall of Fame nominee. Dinner Lady is a high-end company that sells high-quality items; they have almost every flavor imaginable. 

Some of their popular flavors are:

5. Cloud Nurdz 

The high level of ingredient purity in Cloud Nurd is noticeable. Rest assured, the quality of what you inhale will be top-notch while puffing away. All substances are carefully selected to be UPS standard and FDA-approved by the manufacturer. Every ingredient, from nicotine levels to PG/VG ratios, has been carefully balanced to maximize taste and vapor production. 

It’s not like Cloud Nurdz mixes tastes at random. Each bottle they make is the result of careful scientific analysis. 

The goal of the flavor combination, which includes both artificial and natural elements, is to elicit pleasant emotions in the consumer by appealing to their sense of taste. 

Check out the Cloud Nurdz options: 

6. SadBoy 

To the world of nicotine salts, where emotion meets taste, we present Sadboy at Vape Deal. With its one-kind of products indulges you to deep flavors and delight your senses. 

You can delight in different tastes that evoke a wide spectrum of emotions with their subtle sweetness and intricate intricacy. From sweet dessert-inspired combinations to cool fruit fusions, Sad Boy Salt offers a symphony of flavors to make you feel different with every drag.

The nicotine salts in Sadboy Salt e-liquids are meticulously crafted and provide a pleasant throat impact. As a result, you can be certain that your vaping session will be both tasty and satisfying. To suit your needs and satisfy your desires, you may choose from a range of nicotine concentrations.

Look at the best flavors offered by Sad Boy:

7. Glass BSX 

In the beginning, Glass Vapor was known for making premium mechanical mods. They decided to go into e-liquids after their gadgets achieved tremendous popularity. E-juices from their Basix range, called “everyday essentials”, are available in seven distinct taste combinations. 

Basix e-liquids are available in three nicotine strength options: zero, three, and six milligrams, and they all have a 30/70 PG/VG ratio. 

If you have sweet tooths, you’ll love the delectable combination of caramel banana, a buttery crusted pie, and creamy vanilla- that is Banana Pie. 

Try Blueberry Cake, if you like subtle vanilla and blueberry undernotes with smooth nic salt composition. 

Blue Razz will keep you refreshed all along the summer days. Give a treat to yourself with Butterscotch Reserve. 

Also don’t miss to try their other amazing flavors like Blue Razz, Pebbles, Caribbean Punch, and Mango Tango

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose Nic Salt?

Your requirements will dictate which qualities to prioritize. If you're just beginning to wean yourself off nicotine, we suggest an MTL device and 20 milligrams of nic salts first, followed by 10 milligrams and 5 milligrams when you're ready. 

Is 20mg Of Nic Salt Too Strong?

Nicotine levels ranging from 18 milligrams to 20 milligrams are considered high for those who smoke a significant amount of cigarettes daily, defined here as more than one pack. Different vapes have different liquid strengths, so you must consider that while choosing a device.

So, Which One Will You Pick?

With all the choices of the best nic salt juice, you might wonder if consuming nicotine salt is safe. The only real distinction between nic-salt and e-liquid is the usage of benzoic acid, which has no known negative side effects. 

Nic salt helps people try to quit the habit of smoking as it lets nicotine get into the bloodstream faster. A nic-salt bottle can contain 30-50 mg of nicotine. The high nicotine content of nic salts makes them unsuitable for usage with powerful devices.

So, you’ll notice that the suggested nic-salt devices come low-powered. Otherwise, you may get a sore throat using powerful devices containing nicotine salt-based e-juice. 

Have fun with the fantastic tastes, combinations, and sensations offered by top-tier nicotine salt e-juices, but do it safely. 

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