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SMOK RPM 2 Coils (5-Pack)

SMOK RPM 2 Coils (5-Pack)

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The box comes with a scratch sticker so you can check the authenticity of this product.

Coils in the SMOK RPM2 series:

  • 0.16Ω Ohm - mesh (25-50W)

    Applicable to the following SMOK devices (the list may date as new products are released):

    • SMOK Nord 4 Kit
    • SMOK RPM2 Kit

    Wattage range 25-50W (best 40W).

  • 0.25Ω Ohm - DC dual coil (30-50W)

    Compatible with the following SMOK devices (be aware to be using the correct pod if you have more than one with your kit):

    • G-Priv Pod Kit
    • G-Priv Pro Pod Kit
    • RPM 2 Kit

    Wattage range 12-25W.

  • 0.6Ω Ohm - DC dual coil MTL mouth-lung (12-25W)

    Compatible with the SMOK RPM2 Kit.

    Wattage range 30-50W.

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