Collection: SADBOY

Straight out of Philly, Pennsylvania, Sadboy e-Liquids will turn that frown upside down with their edgy aesthetic and incredible flavor profiles.
With the Teardrops and Bloodline Salt lineups for low-wattage devices and the Happy End, Nola Bar, and Original Sadboy lines for sub-ohm devices, every vaper can get a little sadness in their tank! If you’re a sad vaper like the Sadboy himself, you can dry those tears with the luxurious branded cloth that comes in every pharmaceutical-style package, along with your bottle of tasty vape juice. Among their top-selling e-juices, the fan-favorite flavor from this amazing brand is Butter Cookie e-Liquid. While the sweet and savory cookie is a difficult flavor profile to master, Sadboy delivers authentic fresh butter cookies with lemon zest flavors in this ever-popular option. If killer candy is more your style, you can’t pass up Pink Cotton Candy e-Liquid, a delightfully sweet cotton candy flavor with a strawberry twist. Don’t let the scary logo frighten you; this e-juice brand will bring a smile to your face with every puff of their incredibly authentic baked sweets and candy flavors.