Collection: FOODGOD

Foodgod is named after American reality television celebrity, businessman, and former publicist Jonathan Cheban, He introduced a Vape Pen With 0% Nicotine Inspired By His Favorite Flavors.

Foodgod released a line of zero nicotine disposable vapes based on Jonathan Cheban favorite tastes from around the world after carefully developing the best e-liquid flavors for several months. This was done to encourage people to give up the addictive nicotine chemicals in flavored e-cigarettes.

FOODFOD has adapted the extensive understanding of food to e-cigarettes. From Jonathans travels, the taste creator chose some of the best and rarest delicacies, which were then incorporated into disposable vapes with ZERO NICOTINE.

He told his development staff to stay away from nicotine. Now, people may have that comfortable vaping experience without the addiction or negative consequences.

The Vape Industry has a New Favorite

Nicotine-free vapes like those made by Foodgod are rapidly gaining momentum over both vapers and e-cigarette companies. These delicious electronic cigarettes without nicotine are the talk of the industry:

Foodgod 0% nicotine vapes taste superior to any other disposable nicotine-containing ones.