Collection: Jam Monster Vape Juice, E-Liquid and Disposable Vapes

You got your vape but confused with the vape juice? Explore Jam Monster!

Coming with 77+ vape juice options and multiple nicotine levels, you will find your favorite pick in the list. 

Most of the juices from Jam Monster come with the Large Gorilla bottle. The bottles are compact, air-tight, and very easy to carry. You don’t have to worry about juice spilling at times!

All the necessary information can be found on the bottle such as the nicotine level or the PG/VG ratio. You will find mostly 25% PG and 75% VG in the Jam Monster vape juices. 

Also, they don’t kill the coil very fast. 

As long as the juices can suit the coil properly, you will get good longevity of the devices. Surprisingly, the manufacturers of Jam Monster juices put enough effort into quality control just to serve you the perfect juice.

Mainly the juices come in three separate volumes:

  • 100 mL 
  • 60 mL 
  • 30 mL

Also, you can find Jam Monster juices with the perfect amount of nicotine level. There are 0%, 3%, and 6% levels of nicotine available. Control over the nicotine levels can help you with the intake. It also helps a lot when you are planning to quit smoking. 

Apart from the juices, you can taste the disposable vapes from Jam Monster as well. They come in 10 different flavors.

Don’t get confused about the juice selection. You will find your favorites in the Jam Monster juice list.