Vuse Alternative

Vuse Alternative (Top 5 Picks for 2024)

With so many options in terms of brand and device, picking the best vape starter kit may be somewhat of a challenge.

However, you're certain to run across Vuse if you're looking for a prefilled pod kit.

With their revolutionary, ultra-slim frame and user-friendly design, Juul was once the undisputed leader in the pod kit industry and the vaping industry as a whole. The Vuse Vape pen's daring aesthetic and effects deliver a range of refreshing tastes.

The FDA banned Vuse Alto (menthol) and fruit-flavored e-cigarettes in 2023. This is part of an effort to take action on vaping products that attract teens. 

So, what is comparable to Vuse?  

Some other vapes are the same size as Vuse, so you can easily slip them in and out of your pockets. Something must be refillable and preferably low maintenance. Also, you might be looking for a Vuse alternative that is as quiet as the Vuse. 

To get all the answers, read on till the end. Also, check out the current vape statistics in 2024.

Quick Summary 

Are you in search of Vuse-like brands? To find out the strongest match to Vuse, we looked for different possibilities. Check out the vuse alternatives here:

  • Juul
  • Vaporesso Pod System Kit
  • Smok Novo 2
  • Geekvape Aegis Boost
  • Voopoo Drag 4

Check These 5 Vuse Alternatives

Following an analysis of different data points and criteria, we have compiled a list of brands comparable to Vuse. We compared and ranked e-cigarette providers like Vuse based on factors including but not limited to product features, brand popularity, value, and price point. 

1. Juul


Vuse and Juul have the same basic features you look for in a high-quality pod kit. They’re both small, portable, and easy to use. 

Juul vape contains the same 5% nicotine as Vuse. In comparison to Vuse, the nicotine taste of Juul is much stronger, according to those who have tried both. 

On the other hand, a 200 mAh battery is standard on Juul. Though the 200 mAh battery power is lower compared to Vuse, it can run easily for a couple of hours. 

Regarding taste, Juul seems to outperform most other brands. Users generally agree that the mint taste is especially popular. Also, other flavors such as Golden Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco, Cucumber, Fruit Medley, and Vanilla are spot on. 

However, you may find the Juul price is comparably high. Without pods, you have to pay $35 for a Juul vape device. 

Because of its distinctive design and sleek portability, Juul pods have quickly become a favorite among vapers. The sleek and smooth edge of these pods gives them a high-end appearance. 

This device’s top cap is quite convenient as it rests snugly above the battery. The result is a see-through window resembling a diamond, making the remaining e-liquid amount easier to discern. The stylish and well-thought-out appearance of the Juul device demonstrates just how classy they are. 

Keep in mind that the pods used by Vuse and Juul cannot be replaced since they’re closed pod systems. Nonetheless, you may find several beginner kits using refillable pods as an alternative to pre-filled cartridges.

Please check the comparison between JUUL and Vuse.

2. Vaporesso Pod System Kit


Vaporesso Pod System Kit

If you’re new to vaping and looking for an affordable kit with refillable components and decent quality, there are several to choose from. Vaporesso is one of them. 

Vaporesso infuses the vape industry with luxury via meticulously designed and exquisitely finished products. 

The best thing about Vaporesso is how much they value customer input. They do thorough research, which involves sending a team of staff to the field for weeks to tour stores and speak with vapers. 

They are also open to modifying their products according to customer suggestions. 

So far, their best devices

  • Luxe 80 S Pod System kit 
  • Luxe X Pro
  • Luxe XR 
  • XROS Mini
  • XROS Mini 3 
  • LUXE XR Max 
  • Gen PT60 
  • LUXE II 
  • XROS 3
  • Gen PT80s
  • GEN S 220 
  • Vaporesso X Moti X Mini 

The most recent version of the XROS series, the XROS 3 pod is a popular pod system due to its dependability and power. 

The greatest part is that there is no leakage—it features a large battery, type C rapid charging, ideal ventilation, a fantastic auto draw mechanism, and long-lasting pods. At a price point that won't break the bank, it's perfect for vapers of all skill levels.

Another innovation by Vaporesso is the Luxe X Pro. This state-of-the-art pod kit combines technology, power, and simplicity to provide an RDL experience comparable to a professional’s. 

Fusing auto draw with button activation provides the market's most responsive draw activation. Its slender appearance belies its size. Despite its small size and lightweight construction, the Luxe X Pro packs a serious punch with its 1500mAh battery.

3. Smok Novo 3

SMOK Novo 3

An aesthetically pleasing and very practical example of vaping technology is the Smok Novo 3 pod system. The Novo 3 is a great option for vapers who care about style and performance since it improves upon its predecessor while maintaining an attractive appearance. 

Those who value stealthy design without sacrificing performance will find this gadget to be an excellent choice. The Novo 3 is more than simply a vaping device. It’s a stylish item that complements any lifestyle thanks to its small size and elegant cobra-patterned design. 

This pod kit is notable for its longer battery life and better pod choices. The device’s 800 mAh battery is a big improvement over the original Novo, so you can enjoy extended vaping sessions without worrying about running out of juice. 

You can get the most out of your taste with the 1.0 ohm mesh pod and enjoy the traditional mouth-to-lung experience with the 1.4 ohm MTL Both are compatible with the Novo 3.  

Due to its adaptability, the Novo 3 can satisfy vapers with varying tastes, from those who want a longer inhale to those who want a more concentrated hit. The device’s draw-activated firing technique makes it very user-friendly, making it a great pick for vapers of all skill levels.

4. Geekvape Aegis Boost

Geekvape Aegis Boost

Not only is the Aegis Boost the second pod-type vape after the Bident, but it’s also the first all-in-one (AIO) device from the well-known company Geekvape. It’s the newest pod mod in the iconic brand’s unbreakable line of vape kits. 

The Aegis Boost is in the pod category, yet it looks similar to its forerunners. It comes with a 3.7 ml e-juice capacity, 1500 mAh battery, and changeable coils. The results of the refillable pods and changeable coils are less waste and less expense for the user.

5. Voopoo Drag 4

Voopoo Drag 4

One of Voopoo’s newest kits is the Drag 4. A lot of vapers have become fans of this kit. They first appeared on the vape market with the DRAG mod, an inexpensive, well-built, and effective device that quickly gained popularity. Despite this, they continue to have fans, even though the sequel to Drag 2 was a letdown. 

The Drag 4 kit is the newest installment, so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the original. Even while dual-battery mods aren’t as common as they once were, it’s great to see a more sophisticated device like this sub-ohm tank kit with dual 18650 mod emerge from the pods and AIOs that have taken over the market. 

This mod has a 177-watt output, comes with battery panels made of wood or resin, and has a leather backing. The package also includes the UFORCE-L tank, the latest model in this series, which employs PNP coils. 

However, all these kits are inexpensive to begin with. The expense of vaping may quickly mount up when you include the cost of replacing coils, e-juice, and additional accessories. When using a vaping device, it is essential to choose a trustworthy brand and adhere to all safety protocols.

What Is Vuse? (Details and Features)

Vype later changed its name to Vuse and started the business in 2013. The only mission was to make it easier for people to get high-quality vape products and tastes. We began to hear more about vaping in the US around that time. The then scenario propelled Vuse to popularity.

Smokers loved Vuse because it had new and different products. Their groundbreaking electric cigarette looked, felt, and tasted just like real tobacco cigarettes when it was first released. It was available in two varieties: original and menthol.

Since its founding, the company has brought cutting-edge new ideas to the vape and electronic cigarette businesses. They offer various vaping devices, including cartridges, reusable pods, tanks, and disposables. This shows how committed they are to the vaping industry. 

Key Features Of Vuse Vapes 

  • The disposables by Vuse come fully-charged. And, users won’t need to recharge it while using it. 
  • Vuse vapes are light, sleek, and slender.
  • When left idle for two or three seconds, most vape pens will automatically shut off to save battery. 
  • Most of the Vuse devices are puff-activated, making them quite easy to use, especially for those new to the hobby. 
  • Thanks to the adjustable airflow, you can get whatever throat blow you want with this vape. 
  • Natural and synthetic flavors, which are food-grade authorized, are available in Vuse e-liquids. 
  • Vuse doesn’t produce any THC-containing pens, oil, or waxes. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Is Better: Smok Novo 2 or Aegis Boost?

Incredibly powerful and compact, the 40w Aegis Boost from Greekvape is a starter kit perfect for vapers who lead active lives. The sleek, shock-proof frame has a fashionable leather inlay, which we find nice. This most durable starter kit can withstand water, stains, and corrosion. 

On the other hand, for those who like to maintain an air of secrecy while vaping, Smok Novo 2 is the discrete option: draw-activated, compact, and lightweight. It has quickly become globally popular among pod gadgets. It’s a little heavier than Novo, but the long-lasting battery life and stronger impact compensate for the extra weight. The results of the refillable pods and changeable coils are less waste and less expense for the user.

Which Brand Is Better, Geekvape Or Smok?

Well, this is a matter of personal choice. You may find a wide selection of e-cigarettes and products from both companies, and they both have their unique characteristics. You should check reviews, consider your aping requirements, and compare the models both the manufacturers offer and pick the one that works best for you. 

Wrapping Up 

There are additional pre-filled and refillable tank options with varying nicotine strengths and flavors available for smokers who are seeking a Vuse alternative. Juul, Vaporesso Pod System Kit, Smok Novo 2, Geekvape Aegis Boost, or Voopoo Drag 4 are substitutes for Vuse, and each has its unique features and performance levels, providing vapers with a new level of vaping sensation. 

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