Dab Pen Vs. Vape Pen

Dab Pen Vs. Vape Pen (Let's Compare)

CBD is legal, but if it is coming from marijuana, it’s not. Due to this, in the last few years, we have witnessed significant changes in marijuana consumption. The stigmas surrounding cannabis are beginning to shift as its legalization gains prominence. Also, new technologies are enhancing its quality and safety. 

This trend leads to vape pens, a craze still expanding. Vape pens for cannabis have exploded in popularity due to their safety and convenience. A lot of vapers promote them as a healthier option to smoking weed. 

However, vape pens are not limited to CBD oil, concentrates, and dry cannabis flowers. The two most common solvents used in vapes are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. 

The popularity of dabbing has been on the rise alongside that of vaping. Some questions may arise as well.

  • How are they different? 
  • Do dabs have more potency than vape pens? 
  • Do dabs have a better effect than pens? 
  • Will vaping a dab work? 

Today, we will get into a dab pen vs vape pen discussion. Let’s start it up. Also, check out our list of 7 best vape pens in 2024.

Quick Summary On Dab pen Vs. Vape pen 

  • Effects: Dabbing is more intense with strong concentration. Vaping is versatile. 
  • Different types of flow and conduction: While vaping, convection is the way to go. For dabs, conduction is the way to go. 
  • Devices: For vaping, you need vaporizers or vape pens. For dabbing, you need a Dab Rig or Dab pen. But in both cases, pens are comparably convenient and portable. 
  • Substance and temperature: The Dab pen consists of cannabis wax. The temperature remains between 315°- 700°F. Vape pens consist of Cannabis flower or oil, and some other e-liquids have nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and other chemicals. Temperatures remain 315°- 600°F. 
  • What Are Dab Pens?

    Dab pens are portable devices that you may use to vape wax concentrates. Dab vape pens, wax pens, or simply dab wax pens are the other names for this device. If you’re looking to vape budder, sauce, or shatter, you can use a dab pen for that, too. 

    This portable alternative to the standard dab rig is a favorite among experienced cannabis users who want a strong impact. 

    Taking cannabis concentrates with you is a breeze with a dab pen. The invention of the marijuana dabbing pen proves that dabbing has never been more convenient. 

    The dab pen allows you to dab discreetly and on the go, no matter where your day takes you. 

    How Do They Work?

    Most dab pens use conduction heating to function. Someone uses a ceramic coil or other heating device to expose a “dab” or more dense concentration to a chamber. A user may inhale vaporized concentration thanks to the dab pen’s heated coil. Dab pens may evaporate concentrates or wax at temperatures as high as 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

    Recently, improvements to the dab pen’s heating mechanism have been made to prevent concentrate damage and taste alteration. Use a ceramic heating element to heat the dab release its terpenes and taste gently. 

    Types Of Dab Pens

    The three most common varieties of dab pens are- 

    • 510 Threaded Cartridge
    • Disposable
    • Self-loading 

    1. 510 Threaded Dab Pens 

    These dab pens work only with oil refills that have a 510 thread. They come with a pen, which has a battery and an atomizer. THC oil in 510 cartridges is more like the vape juice in electronic cigarettes than thicker concentrations like shatter or wax. A mouthpiece and threaded connector for the battery are both included in the cartridge. 

    After using it fully, throw away the vape cart by unplugging it from the battery. 

    2. Disposable Dab Pens 

    Comparable to cartridges, disposable dab pens allow you to toss them away after you’re done. Their pre-filled containers contain a precise quantity of concentrate. Most activate as you draw rather than having a separate power button. 

    They are inexpensive, unobtrusive, and perfect for usage while you’re on the go. However, they are less eco-friendly and won’t let you customize the concentration choice or temperature control like other dab pens. 

    3. Self-loading Dab Pens 

    You may fill up your favorite dab pen with concentrates like budder, wax, or live resin from your neighborhood dispensary using a self-loading dab pen. It is also called a refillable dabbing pen or wax pen. These pens are multipurpose. So, you may use them with a variety of concentrates. 

    They have a chamber for loading concentrate, a mouthpiece, an atomizer, and one rechargeable battery. It’s the atomizers, which you can also call “coils” in this kind of dab pen, that heat up the concentrate to vaporizing temperatures. It can consist of quartz coils, quartz red coils, or ceramic coils. 

    While they are more time-consuming to operate than dab pens with cartridges, self-loading dab pens may save you money in the long term compared to disposable ones. 

    What Are Vape Pens?

    In recent years, vape pens have emerged as a popular method of ingesting cannabis. Also, a vape pen refers to a dab pen used for nicotine or vape juice. So, although, indeed, you can’t consider all vape pens as dab pens, all dab pens can be referred to as vape pens. 

    Vape pens often include electrical components, providing temperature control, extended battery life, and various configuration choices. 

    How Do They Work?

    Vape pens use a heating device, such as a ceramic atomizer or coil, to heat the CBD oil cartridge. A mouthpiece allows users to inhale vaporized oil, which is heated by the battery device that powers the atomizer. 

    Vaporizer pens designed for dry herbs vary somewhat from oil cartridges because the flower is heated directly within the pen. To evaporate the oil, vape pens must be heated to temperatures between 315° and 600°.

    Types Of Vape Pens 

    You will see several types of vape pens, such as:

    1. Disposable Vape Pens 

    Similar to disposable dab pens, these are one-time-use devices, including a pre-charged battery and e-liquid reservoir. You can get these vape pens in almost every shop, from supermarkets to petrol stations. 

    2. Pod-Style Vape Pen

    The most distinctive feature of pod-style vape pens is their pods. The pods are small, detachable tanks holding e-liquid or pre-filled CBD oil. 

    There are two different kinds:

  • Pre-filled Pod Systems: Packed with vape juice or CBD oil, you can throw these pods after use. 
  • Refillable Pod Systems: These pods let you refill them with vape juice or CBD oil as many times as you like before the heating coil starts to wear out. 
  • 3. Box Mods 

    Superior to their smaller counterparts, box mods are rectangular, boxy vape devices that are noted for their excellent performance. Compared to regular vape pens, they aren’t as portable, but they provide more customization choices, such as various changeable settings, so you can create the perfect vaping experience. 

    Dab Pen Vs Vape Pen (Detailed Differences)

    Dab Pen Vs. Vape Pen

    You’ll notice several similarities between dab pens and vape pens. You can preload both kinds of pens with cannabis concentrates for later use, and they’re both portable vaping devices. You can get pens in different models that let you change the temperature.

    Lastly, both methods involve inhaling the concentrate to a vapor state. 

    However, vape pens are different from dab pens in several ways:


    Dab pens and vape pens have different effects. When compared to vaping, dab pens often provide strong effects. Not everyone enjoys this level of intensity, and occasional non-consistent cannabis users may find the high to be too overwhelming. 

    But dab pens work better for some users. Those who have delicate lungs could benefit from it. Instead of taking several hits with a vape pen, a dab pen usually only takes one stroke to enjoy the full effects of CBD or THC. 

    Also, dabs use more dense CBD. For those dealing with severe nausea or discomfort, this may be a better solution. 

    On the other hand, for low-intensity uses, many users chose vaping. 

    Conduction Vs Convection 

    When comparing dab pens and vape pens, one key distinction is the usage of heat. Contrary to conventional dab rigs, which employ conduction heating, vaporizers use convection heating. 

    Convective heat is a method that employs hot air to evaporate CBD oil or flowers. The finest vape pens use ceramic coils to avoid direct touch. This procedure stops the ignition and carbonization processes, effectively stopping dangerous compounds like benzene emissions. 

    Conversely, conduction heat involves bringing the heat source directly into the material. Heating the wax in this method is more efficient. However, it may cause a burnt-like taste which wouldn’t be healthy for you. 

    Thankfully, the lower risk exposure results from the shorter usage duration caused by the increased potency of dabs. And the finest dabbing vaporizers still have that satisfyingly full taste and clean burn.

    Substance And Temperature 

    Dabbing and vaping often involve different drugs. In contrast to dab pens, which usually utilize shatter or wax, vape pens use CBD oil, nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings, and other chemicals. 

    It takes a greater operating temperature for a dab rig to transform thick wax into an inhalable substance. Vaping wax involves the finest dab pen device battery due to the high temperature that demands substantial electricity. 

    For the most part, vape pens work between 315 and 600 degrees Celsius, whereas dab rigs may go as high as 700 degrees Celsius. You need a good dab pen battery to keep the charge going and get consistent results.


    At one point, the main noticeable difference between vape pens and dab pens was their specific devices. However, new developments are making them seem more similar. 

    Regarding convenience and mobility, vape pens- particularly disposables are no match. Their pen-lik forms make them more comfortable to grip. Beyond that, it’s less bulky and easier to carry away. It’s a discreet device that provides excellent vaporization. 

    Dabbing technology has gone a long way in only a few short years. The “hot knifing” dab rig was the old method. This method included heating a knife over the burner or fire flame and creating vapor while it touched the wax. This was an awkward and risky approach. In later versions, the material was touched with a hot nail. 

    There was an adverse image associated with dabbing due to the unsafe appearance of the dab rigs. Nowadays, dab rigs are more aesthetically pleasing. They are more likely to resemble vape pens in design. 

    Is Vaping Better Than Dabbing?

    There are benefits and drawbacks to both vape pens and dab pens. The user’s requirements and preferences will determine which one to choose. 

    While vaping is more regulated and mindful of health, dabbing is more regulated and mindful of health, dabbing is more intense and powerful. 

    When deciding on a dab pen or vape pen, you should consider factors including potency, cost, and ease of use. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can You Maximize The Effects Of A Dab Pen?

    It’s better to start with short hits and gentle draws when using a dab pen. Remember that dab concentrates are quite effective. 

    An easier method to ease into a pleasant experience and prevent getting too high is to increase the dosage gradually. 

    Do Dab Pens Smell?

    Yes, you can smell CBD flower inside, but the scent from dab pens isn’t that strong or remains that longer smoking from the flower. So, it’s a fantastic option. However, how much smell you get depends on your dab pen use. 

    Can Dab Pens Make Your Eyes Red?

    Due to the presence of THC, dab pens may potentially induce red eyes. Compared to other products, they are rather powerful and may cause some user’s eyes to redden. However, the way marijuana affects the eyes might differ depending on the strain and individual. 

    Which One Will You Pick?

    Anyone seeking a streamlined vaping experience may consider purchasing a vape pen. Changing out the cartridge is a breeze, and cleaning your vape pen is unnecessary after each use. If you’re a novice vaper looking for a mild dose, vape pens are great. 

    If you smoke cannabis and want to up your vaping game, a dab pen is a great investment. You may change the temperature and utilize various concentrates with dab pens. Furthermore, those seeking an extreme high will find dab pens to be the way to go, as they give a bigger dose compared to vape pens. 

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