YOVO Vape Review: Pros, Cons, and Best Alternative

YOVO Vape Review: Pros, Cons, and Best Alternative

60.7% of e-cigarettes used were disposable, followed by 16.1% with refillable or prefilled cartridges or tanks. YOVO, Elf Bars, Esco Bars, and JUUL were the most often mentioned brands.

Yovo is the name added to the ever-increasing vaping industry. Both novice and experienced vapers are turning to the YOVO Vape. 

However, like any other product, it has advantages and disadvantages. Here, we'll examine the YOVO Vape and all its features, specs, pros, and downsides. We'll also explore some of the finest alternatives out there.

YOVO Vape: The Latest Hype

An exciting new disposable vape brand, YOVO Vape, is changing the game with cutting-edge innovation and stylish designs to revolutionize the vaping experience. The YOVO Vape is your best bet for portability and simplicity regarding disposable vaping devices. 

This is an excellent option for those who want a simple vaping experience since it comes prefilled with e-liquid and is ready to use immediately. The gentle and sugary flavors of YOVO disposable vapes will win you over the first time you use them. You can get high-quality, environmentally-friendly disposable kits at YOVO. 

Let’s Check Out Some YOVO Products 

  1. Ultra 18000 

    With its upgraded coil design, larger capacity, and higher puff count, the Yovo Ultra 18000 is prepared to take on the industry's top players. Many well-liked tastes are available in the Yovo 18000 Ultra Collection.

    A disposable vaporizer that activates with a draw is the Yovo 18000 Ultra. You can see the juice tank on it. This is a see-through panel that runs the length of the gadget. It also means you're moving to a more energy-efficient vaping method. 

    Although the Yovo Ultra 18000's smart display has an e-liquid monitor, adopting a tank-based design is a significant change. It straddles the line between disposable pod systems and refilling vape pod kits.


    • 15 milliliters of e-liquid
    • Concentration of Nicotine: 50 milligrams
    • 18000 puffs
    • Rechargeable by USB-C, the battery is 850 mAh.
    • TRX 2.0 Heat Technology Dual Mesh Coil
    • See-Through Juice Vape Tank
    • The e-liquid level, battery life, and inhalation duration are on the big LCD screen.
    • Measuring 88 mm x 41 mm x 23 mm 

      2. JB 8000 Blackgold

      The Yovo JB8000 Black Gold Edition is an innovative vape with a 650mAh battery and 8,000 puffs. It promises a long-lasting, tasty experience. Delicious varieties, including  Watermelon Chew, Alphonso Mango, Cool Mint, and Mentos Strawberry, are available.

      With a 12mL capacity, a mesh coil, and a USB Type-C charging port, the Yovo JB8000 Disposable Vape offers 8,000 puffs.  


      • 8,000 puffs 
      • 12 mL capacity and 5% nicotine content
      • TRX Sub ohm Mesh Coil 
      • Smart Display 
      • E-Liquid Level Display Rechargeable by USB Type-C

      3. JB 8000

        YOVO has created the JB 8000 Disposable Vape for the pickiest of vapers. The 12 ml e-liquid volume and enormous 8,000 puff count guarantee a pleasurable and long-lasting experience. 

        Those in search of a powerful experience will love the steady impact that the 5% nicotine dosage provides. If you're looking for a vape pen that will last, go no further than the YOVO JB 8000. Its 650mAh battery is both powerful and convenient.


        • Maximum number of puffs: 8000
        • Vapor juice of 12 milliliters
        • The potency of Nicotine: 5%
        • It is rechargeable
        • Port for Charging: USB-C
        • Capacity of the Battery: 650mAh
        • Light for the Battery
        • A Measure of Liquidity

        Advantages And Disadvantages Of YOVO Vape 



        • The draw-activated system and prefilled e-liquid make it simple.
        • Its small size makes it easy to carry and use privately.
        • There is a wide range of tastes, so everyone can find something they like.
        • Lessens the chance of spills and messes.
        • A small range of flavors.
        • A higher level of nicotine
        • Scarce supply
        • Price level

        Here Are Some YOVO Alternatives You Definitely Should Check

        As we all know, there is a wide variety of disposable vapes that you must try. 

        Here are the 5 best alternative vapes to YOVO vape. 

        1. Geek Bar Pulse

        Another well-known throwaway vape pen is the Geek Bar Pulse, known for its strong performance and tasty experience. As an option for the YOVO Vape, the Geek Bar Pulse has many features that make it a good choice for vapers who want ease without sacrificing quality.


        • 16 mL of 5% (50 mg) prefilled e-liquid Strength of Nicotine
        • 650mAh Type-C Electric Battery
        • Two ways to vape and two different puff counts: about 15,000 puffs in regular mode. Pulse Mode: A little over 7500 puffs
        • A large screen shows the battery level, vaping mode, and e-liquid level
        • Dual mesh coils; dual-core heating 

        Available Flavors 

        • California Cherry 
        • Miami Mint 
        • Blue Razz Ice 
        • Pink Lemonade 
        • Aries OMG Blow Pop 
        • Gemini Grape Lemon 
        • Juicy Peach Ice 
        • Frozen Cherry Apple
        • Frozen Strawberry 
        • Sagittarius Cherry Bomb 
        • Libra Sour Apple Blow Pop 
        • Frozen White Grape 
        • Dragon Melon 
        • Frozen Blackberry FabSMOK Novo BAR AL6000

        2. SMOK Novo BAR AL6000

        The Smok Novo Bar's 6,000 puffs come in a variety of mouth-watering tastes, from fruits to drinks. This disposable vape is ideal for those always on the go because of its customizable airflow, SMOK's infamous mesh coil design, and lightning-fast charging. Plus, it has a pleasant flavor every time you puff. Pick from fourteen delicious tastes.


        • 13mL prefilled capacity 
        • 650mAh battery
        • 6000 max puffs 
        • 5% nicotine strength (50mg)
        • Operation: Draw-Activated 
        • Heating Element: Mesh Coils
        • Charging: Type-C Port
        • Airflow: Bottom Switch
        • E-Liquid Indicator Light 
        • battery life indicator light
        • DCOIL-AI6.0 Chipset

        3. Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18k Disposable Vape

        The Lightrise TB 18K conceals many high-tech capabilities in a small, intuitive design. With three different power settings, this disposable vape provides an unrivaled degree of personalization. This advanced function allows you to personalize your vaping experience to your liking, guaranteeing maximum pleasure with each puff.

        According to Lost Vape, the Lightrise TB 18K can provide up to 18,000 puffs on a single charge. 


        • 700mAh rechargeable battery
        • 18mL e-liquid capacity
        • Three adjustable power settings
        • Dual mesh coils
        • Adjustable airflow control
        • Smart LED display
        • Full-screen touch button

        Available Flavors 

        • Blueberry Raspberry 
        • Cool Mint 
        • Blue Mint 
        • Banana Cake 
        • Watermelon Ice 
        • Blue Cotton Candy 
        • Duo Black Ice 

        4. Chris Brown CB15K Disposable Vape

        A perfect example of how style, performance, and innovation can work together in the vaping business is the CB15K x Chris Brown Disposable Vape. 

        The CB15K revolutionizes disposable vapes with its state-of-the-art features, high-quality construction, and extensive flavor palette. No matter how much or how little experience you have with vaping, this gadget will provide you with an unforgettable feeling.


        • Up to 15000 puffs Delicate puffs
        • 5% (50 mg) of nicotine
        • Capacity: 15 mL of Nic Salt
        • Wireless Power Supply
        • Variable Airflow Management
        • Built-In Battery Life Indicator
        • Power Button
        • Reinforced Mesh Coil
        • Synchronized Wing Animation

        Available Flavors 

        • Georgian Peach 
        • Cool Mint 
        • Strawberry Watermelon 
        • Miami Mint 

        5. Myle Meta 9000 Disposable

        With the cutting-edge and intuitive product, the ideal combination of form and function, you may enjoy the pinnacle of disposable vaping with the Myle Meta 9k

        With a massive 18mL e-liquid capacity and an astounding 9000 puffs per device, you may relish taste without frequent refills. Put an end to the hassle of constant refills and take your vaping to the next level effortlessly.

        This device has two mesh coil technology, so you can enjoy the smoothest, most consistent vape. The built-in LCD screen allows you to fine-tune the taste of your preferred e-liquid while keeping track of your battery life and leftover liquid. 

        The 850mAh rechargeable battery is strong and durable, so you can vape all day long without worrying about running out of juice.

        The device's cutting-edge anti-leak technology ensures a mess-free vaping experience. You can relax knowing there will be no more mess from leaks or spills, introducing a new era of mess-free vaping!


        • Around 9000 puffs 
        • rechargeable 850mAh battery
        • The built-in LCD screen shows the remaining battery life and liquid level
        • Fast Charging Type-C Connector
        • 5%/50 milligrams e-juice
        • a dual-mesh coil
        • an anti-leak technology
        • an 18 ml prefilled tank
        • Tobacco-free Nicotine salt 

        Available Flavors 

        • Cuban Tobacco 
        • Peach Ice 
        • Iced Apple 
        • Frozen mango 
        • Pink Lemonade 
        • Iced Blueberry 
        • Iced Tropical Fruit 
        • Strawberry Ice 
        • Lemon Mint 
        • Miami Mint 
        • Iced Watermelon 
        • Iced Mint 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How Long Does YOVO Vape Last?

        It depends on your vape puff amounts and how frequently you vape. For example, YOVO Ultra comes with 18000 puffs, and JB 8000 offers 8000 puff counts. With its 850 mAh battery and unique puff count, you can expect it to last a longer period.

        Are YOVO Vapes Refillable?

        Disposable vapes are not intended to be refilled, and the YOVO disposable vape is no exception. Refilling this device can damage it, leading to leaks, clogs, and other issues. 

        So, YOVO Or The Alternatives?

        With its small size and assortment of flavors, the YOVO Vape provides a practical and easy-to-use alternative for vaping. Nevertheless, only some may be fans of its disposable design and preset nicotine concentration. 

        Several options are to consider, such as the Geek Bar Pulse, SMOK Novo BAR AL6000, Lost Vape Lightrise TB 18k, Chris Brown CB15K, and Myle Meta 9000. 

        Each choice offers something different, such as a greater puff count, superior materials, various flavors, or both. Whether it's durability, aesthetics, variety of flavors, or general performance, the ideal option will ultimately come down to personal taste and requirements.

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