How to Stop Dizziness From Vaping

How to Stop Dizziness From Vaping? 5 Causes & Ways to Stop

Dizziness is mainly a woozy feel that you get after vaping. There are also chances that you may feel like fainting; without the right prevention methods, it only worsens. 

Some reports claim that many youngsters and adults face such woozy feelings, especially when they vape for a long time without breaks, and also due to the lack of the right e-liquid. Plus, there are also other health hazards that can take place due to ignorance on the matter!

So, certain prevention techniques are a must-to-know to ensure you stay healthy and enjoy vape puffs. Therefore, through this blog, I’ll guide you with all the necessary insights through which you’ll know the in-depth reasons for this dizziness along with the possible prevention methods. Keep reading till the end!

5 Common Causes of Dizziness from Vaping

Common Causes of Dizziness from Vaping

In this section, I’ll cover all the possible 5 reasons that can make you feel dizzy after vaping. So, don’t skip any of the following points. 

1. Nicotine overdose

Nicotine is quite an addictive substance that can drastically increase blood pressure and blood flow to your heart, narrowing your arteries. Moreover, nicotine makes your artery walls hard, increasing the chances of heart attacks. 

According to many experts, 12 to 18mg is the recommended nicotine level that you keep in your vape. And after a puff or so, you’ll slowly get used to these nicotine levels. 

Now, excessive nicotine intake can result in headaches, mouth-watering, nausea, and dizziness. So, it’s always important not to consume excess amounts of nicotine. 

2. Dehydration

There are times when vaping can gradually result in dehydration of your body and this can drastically affect your body’s hydration-regulating ability. And excessive dehydration can also result in dizziness. 

Many experts even blame glycol vape juice and not drinking enough water resulting in this dehydration issue. Therefore, to ensure you don’t feel dizzy or have nausea issues, keeping yourself hydrated is a must!

3. Sensitivity to PG or VG

Well, mostly all vape juices come with PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerine) in certain ratios. And it has been reported that around 1 in every 10 vapers come with PG intolerance. 

So, there are chances that this sensitivity can result in swollen gums, dizziness, headaches, and sore throats. Therefore, going for VG might be a more suitable option if you're someone with PG intolerance. 

4. Inhalation technique

It’s quite common for many vapers not to be aware, but your inhalation technique greatly matters regarding vaping. Plus, when you compare it to smoking, the intensity of your vape and the speed also play a significant role, especially when the vape smoke enters the bloodstream. 

And there are times when certain puffs and inhalation can cause dizziness. This can either be the overall nicotine level or intensity that causes such feelings. 

5. Personal tolerance and sensitivity

Yes, there are times when personal tolerance and your vape sensitivity can make a huge difference. Putting your vape in a high-power setting can sometimes hit you hard and result in dizziness. So, it’s essential that you know your preferred vape sensitivity and personal tolerance to avoid such issues with nausea and dizziness.

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5 Effective Ways to Stop Dizziness from Vaping

Effective Ways to Stop Dizziness from Vaping

Through this section, I’ll share some of the effective ways you can halt the dizziness issues from vaping. So, don’t skip any of the following points whatsoever! 

1. Adjusting nicotine levels

The lesser your nicotine levels are, the less addictive you’ll be to nicotine! And there are also chances that the better you adjust your nicotine levels, the less you feel dizzy. That’s not all; you can also enjoy your puffs more in such cases. 

Initially, it can be a tough call, but gradually reducing nicotine intake will not only aid you with your health, but it can also reduce the dizziness effects! So, try to make these adjustments as soon as possible. 

2. Staying hydrated

As mentioned before, PG or VG ingredients in most vape juices can absorb a lot of the moisture, which is one reason you feel thirsty after several puffs. 

And as dehydration is also one of the prime causes of dizziness, it’s highly recommended that you keep yourself hydrated at all times. If you’re a regular vaper, you may need more water than non-vapers. 

Now, when it comes to monitoring your hydration levels, plasma osmolality and urine-specific gravity are two of the most effective ways to keep your water levels in check. So, do try them out!

3. Choosing e-liquids wisely

The e-liquids you pick are crucial in preventing you from having certain dizziness issues. Choosing the right vape liquid will also aid you in having a more astounding vaping experience. Plus, you also need to ensure that you keep  PG and VG ratios low so that it doesn’t cause any dizziness issues. 

You should also try different liquid brands and flavors to understand better the liquid type that suits your needs. But whatever you do, ensure that you are of the overall PG and VG ratios, as a higher dosage of these ingredients may cause nausea. 

4. Taking breaks

Another way you can tackle dizziness is by taking breaks during puffs. Continuous vaping can increase blood flow levels, which can, in turn, cause dizziness. So, after a few puffs, take some short breaks; this way, you will give yourself time to recover. You can also keep an account of the number of puffs you take; through this, you’ll have an idea of your “actual needed breaks.”

5. Seeking professional advice

Yet, if you face dizziness issues, consider consulting with a healthcare professional. This way, you’ll know the actual reasons causing this trouble. Plus, they may provide certain medications and vaping recommendations through which your dizziness issues may degrade. 

Moreover, you can request personalized recommendations from the expert to aid you in picking the right nicotine levels, including the vape types and e-liquid. In a nutshell, ask the professionals for all the necessary information to eliminate dizziness issues once and for all!

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Additional Considerations

Below, I’ve listed some of the additional considerations that you need to put under accounts to get a better understanding of vaping and dizziness. 

Avoiding Long Inhales or Deep Lung Hits

Long inhales and deep lung hits will not only degrade your health but can also be a solid reason behind dizziness. You can lower the watt rate and draw the smoke only for a few seconds. Moreover, keep the mouth closed and hold the vapor for a few more seconds before inhaling. This way, you can avoid deep lung hits! 

Properly Priming Coils and Maintaining Vape Devices

Priming is a must when it comes to vaping. Ensure you wet the vape cotton through the opening to keep your vape in good shape. Also, apply your selected e-liquid around the device’s wick ports and perfectly assemble the device. 

Remember, a bad device can also be responsible for dizziness, especially when the coils are damaged and burnt. And most importantly, bad coils can also negatively impact your health. 

Being Mindful of Other Potential Health Issues

Vapes might be an astounding alternative to cigarettes, but it doesn’t mean these devices don’t come with their cons. There are chances that high nicotine levels and continuous vaping can cause lung infections and also result in coughing. 

Plus, there are reports that excessive vaping is also responsible for certain heart diseases. So, it’s essential that you know the dos and don’ts before binging on to chain vaping or anything as such. 

Being Proactive in Addressing Any Health Concerns

Knowing the vape device type and also having an idea of possible health concerns can keep you away from getting your health degraded. Choose only those devices that guarantee no severe effects on health. Plus, it has good-quality coils that don’t tend to burn out easily. Moreover, you should also know the best type of e-liquids with lower VG and PG ratios. 

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In a nutshell, adjust the nicotine levels when you are vaping and also know the right sensitivity of the device. Also, ensure that you always stay hydrated since dehydration can make you feel dizzy, and this surely isn’t a good sign! And don’t forget to take breaks during puffs and avoid long inhales, as this can seriously affect your lungs. 

Yet, if you suffer from continuous dizziness and such problems, it’s always recommended that you consult a professional. And ask them to provide you with better suggestions regarding the nicotine levels and the right branded e-liquids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does dizziness last after vaping?

The duration of post-vaping dizziness varies, typically lasting from minutes to a few hours. If severe or prolonged, seek medical attention.

Is it normal to feel dizzy after vaping?

Feeling dizzy after vaping can occur due to nicotine and other factors. Mild dizziness might be normal, but persistent or severe cases warrant medical evaluation. 

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