How to Know if Your Vape is Going to Explode

5 Ways to Know if Your Vape is Going to Explode

If you have heard about Vape exploding, you are correct! But inappropriate or clumsy use can lead to explosions. Cases of Vape explosions have been getting higher and higher since 2018. And, if you still don't know why and how Vape explodes, this article is for you.  

Screech noise, low vapor, strange smells, and high pitch squeals are signs of destroyed vapers'. If you are still using it, there is a massive chance of serious incidents or explosions. And it might lead to setting your clothes on fire, causing skin burns, or life-threatening events. In short, if you are overcharging, using inappropriately, putting batteries without a case can turn into outbursts. If you notice your vape overheated, then immediately turn off the vape. 

Therefore, we mention the reasons for vape explosions in this article. So put your Vape aside and start the discussion with the vital facts that will save your life.

What Causes a Vape to Explode? 

Here in this section, you’ll have a proper insight into the reasons that can lead to getting your vape to explode! So, don’t skip any of the following sections. 

What Causes a Vape to Explode

Battery Malfunction

One of the common causes for the battery to explode is battery malfunction. Low-quality and poorly designed batteries can result in vape explosions. And this happens mainly due to short circuits and also due to the blends of the electrodes. Moreover, there are times when such short circuits can actually happen when you’re carrying your vape in your pockets. 

That’s not all; overcharging can also result in the battery exploding! Leaving the vape for a whole night charging might destroy the battery from heat. Frequently dropping your vape can be a crucial reason for your vape battery to malfunction and cause a serious explosion. 

Use of Incorrect Charger

Many vape users aren’t aware, but using the incorrect charger is also one of the crucial reasons for vape explosion accidents. Now, you may ask why? Well, using different charging voltages or even such chargers that aren’t compatible with your vape can result in undercharging or overcharging. And these fluctuations in voltage can be a crucial reason for your vape to explode. 

Mechanical Mod Failure

Mechanical mods are designed to ensure you have a powerful vaping experience. However, when it comes to safety, these mods fail at times. Explosions due to mechanical mod failures can become obvious as damaged mods can cause the battery to be damaged, lead to short circuits, and many more.  

Therefore, using mechanical mods with proper care is always recommended to ensure you don’t put too much pressure or stress on these devices. You should also read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you use them correctly!

Improper Storage

Not storing your vape properly can be a solid reason for your vape to explode. As vape batteries are usually made of lithium-ion, they’re sensitive to humidity and sudden temperature changes. 

Therefore, storing the vape improperly can significantly damage your battery and lead to overheating. This can eventually lead to a severe explosion.

That’s not all; even storing in improper places can result in your batteries loosening up. And this can be a primary reason for short circuits and cause an explosion. Plus, if the vape gets in contact with water due to improper storing, this can also result in an explosion.    

User Error

Usually, it’s not common for high-quality vapes to explode. However, not using them correctly can also lead to vape explosions. 

For instance, if you use the wrong e-liquid, there are higher chances that the vape can explode. This is because there are times when the e-liquid can be a bit thick, which can eventually clog the vape’s atomizer and result in overheating. 

So, while using your vape, you must be careful of what liquid you use and how you operate your vape. Not handling it correctly can result in your vape to burst!

Warning Signs Your Vape May Be At Risk of Exploding

In this section, we’ll let you know the possible warning signs that may result in an explosion. So, make sure to read till the very end. 

Battery Issues

The first warning sign you’ll observe is issues with your vape battery. You’ll see that your battery starts to overheat as you take a few puffs. 

This is one of the clear indications that your vape isn’t functioning properly, and it needs to be looked into immediately. 

Battery swelling is another possible warning sign that indicates your vape has a chance to explode. Plus, damaged battery casing can lead to explosions too! 

Therefore, whenever you observe such battery issues, make sure to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

Another possible warning sign that your vape is at risk of exploding is when you hear certain popping or hissing sounds. You may experience these sounds, especially when you’re taking puffs. 

That’s not all; even if you smell certain chemicals or something burning, it clearly indicates that your vape is at risk of exploding. And ignoring these signs can prove risky, so take certain measures as soon as possible. 

Experts’ Tip: If you hear these hissing sounds or unusual burning smells, stop using the vape until you get it fixed. 

Hot or Warm Device

Many vape users have a misconception that it’s fine for the vape to get heated or stay warm during vaping. However, that’s never a good sign, especially when your vape consistently gets heated! 

You can even notice heat coming out from your device as you continue vaping. Hot buttons and mouthpieces are also a sign that your vape isn’t functioning well and needs to be replaced asap! 

5 Ways To Know If Your Vape Is Going to Explode 

Several things lead to vape explosions, but you don't need to worry. These gadgets are fragile but not deadly! So using them carefully and acknowledging their mechanism will prevent you from blowing up while vaping. 

Vaping is an excellent technique for quitting smoking, so it's better to know about these e-cigarettes. Here are some significant symptoms to avoid explosions from happening. 

1. Battery Storage Without Case

Vaper has no mechanical mods to indicate the safety features of overheating batteries. So, carrying it with other objects, such as batteries, coins, and keys, can convert it into a burst.  

You have no clue when positive or negative terminals come into contact while sitting in the bag. These objects can form an accidental circuit and lead to power transfer into the e-cigarette battery. And slowly, it will heat the battery resulting in its explosion. 

Loose batteries are dangerous to carry without a case, as they save from direct heat, moisture, and sunlight. The case is the best place to put the batteries; you can keep them in the car or bag without worrying about any disaster.

2. Inaccurate Use

An appliance like this requires care and responsibility as these gadgets contain coils. And if you misuse it, it can run into battery amperage or displaced atomizers. If the coil has low resistance because of the mechanical mod, it will generate more current on every puff. 

Despite low-wattage battery vaping, it will overheat to produce more flavor or vapor. The process might lead to an explosion if not turned off immediately. 

So before using this gadget, you must gather the vital details and Ohm's Law of electronic cigarettes. However, connecting electricity and resistance play a massive role in Vapes.    

3. Mislabeled Batteries 

Vapes contain lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries due to safety reasons. But their drawback is that they might be expensive, around 10 to 40 dollars or more. If you are a chain vaper and can't charge the batteries regularly, it will cost you more each month. However, low-cost batteries are available in the market, known as counterfeit batteries. 

If you get these batteries cheaply, it's a first sign that they might be replica or unbranded batteries. It's tough to detect as they work perfectly in regulated mods. But they can't match the mechanism of vape and overheat quickly. Regardless of this factor, there is a chance that the manufacturer mislabeled the batteries.

If the batteries aren't labeled with amperage use quantity or the details are missing, it's a red flag. Manufacturers always mention the specific details, so, better to check as it can explode on high power use.

4. Clumsy Using

Vape is a sensitive device, not something to play with! People who play with it are in danger. This gadget can lead to incidents and explosions if misused. Dropping the vape multiple times can damage it from the inside or leak the coils. 

Atomizer draws more current than a battery; this device has no cutoff. So dropping can misplace the atomizer or damage it. And when the vape is fallen, there is a chance that an overheating battery enters into a thermal runaway, causing an explosion. 

Also, leaving it in extreme temperatures can cost your life, so it's better to use it wisely. Vapes must be used with care without mishandling to prevent batteries or coils from exploding. 

5. Overcharging Vape

Charging devices have a specific limit or capacity. Leaving the vape for a whole night charging might destroy the battery from heat. Although you must plugin the vape accordingly, it might explode while connected to the power outlet. 

And charging with a high-capacity cell or default charger threatens the vape. Most batteries take 4 to 4.5 volts, but a defective charger lacks this criterion. So, you must check the vape battery limit mentioned in the packaging box, or it might explode. 

What to Do If You Suspect Your Vape Is Going to Explode? 

In this section, we’ve listed some of the steps that you can take when you suspect that your vape might explode. As these issues are pretty serious, don’t risk skipping any of the following!

Stop Using the Device Immediately

When you notice sudden overheating or malfunction on your vape, then it’s recommended to stop using it immediately. 

Even when you hear unusual noises or smells, it’s also suggested to halt the puffing. This way, you can prevent your vape from exploding or getting damaged.

Remove the Batteries Safely

When you suspect your vape has a chance to explode, one of the best solutions would be removing your batteries. This will surely prevent the vape from significant damage and eliminate the risk of certain explosions. 

But remember, there are chances that your battery can be hot or even melted in the battery case. So, be careful while removing it! 

Store the Device and Batteries Away from Heat or Flammable Materials

Keeping your damaged vape near heat or flammable materials will only make the vape prone to explosions. 

Even if your vape works fine, you shouldn’t keep it near any flammable materials or heat sources. Instead, you should always store the vape in a secured place with no sudden temperature changes and are safe from falls and other changes. 

Seek Professional Help or Advice

No matter what, one of the best ways to protect your vape from a hazardous explosion is to seek the advice and help of an expert. 

Professionals know the insights and can easily analyze the problems associated with your vape. This way, your vape will turn good as new, and you also won’t have to worry about sudden mishaps! 

Tips to Prevent Vape Battery Explosions and Fires

Preventing Vape Battery Explosions and Fires


Preventative Measures to Avoid Vape Explosions

Here in this section, you’ll learn some of the most effective preventive measures that can aid you in avoiding vape explosions and mishaps. 

Use Reputable and Regulated Vape Devices

Don’t purchase vape devices that don’t guarantee performance and quality. Even if it costs you a few extra dollars, purchase trustworthy and well-reputed vape devices

These devices usually meet safety standards and don’t provide cheap vape accessories like chargers or batteries. 

Only Use Approved Chargers and Batteries

As mentioned earlier, your batteries and chargers are crucial for your vape's well-being! Using unauthorized batteries and chargers will always degrade your vape's quality.

And this can eventually cause issues with your vape, leading to an explosion. So, always use approved batteries and chargers since they guarantee your vape will work fine!  

Follow the Manufacturer's Instructions and Warnings

Not following the manufacturer's warnings and instructions is one of the major mistakes many vape users make. 

This can lead you to make errors while operating your vape and this in turn can damage your vape. Therefore, it’s always recommended that you follow the manual before puffing on your e-smoke!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my vape explode If I drop it in water?

No! Exposure to water will not lead to explosions, but it might destroy the vape. The coils might leak, or electrical wires won't work, so avoiding using them is best. Purchasing a new one is a better idea, but checking or fixing it from a professional might work too. 

How do I make sure my vape doesn't explode?

Use carefully and according to the instructions. Protect them from high temperatures, or don't leave them in hot and direct sunlight anywhere. Also, cold or freezing temperatures can impact your vape mechanism. Don't Vaper around flammable liquids, oxygen, and gasses because they might be life-threatening.

What are the chances of my vape exploding?

Minimum! Any gadget or electrical device can explode if misused. However, disposal vapes contain lithium-ion batteries known for explosive content. So, disposal vapes can lead to acid leaking or overheating, and this reason conducts disaster explosions. 

How do I Know if my Vape is Destroyed?

Burn taste, gurgling, leaks, and used-up coils are the signs of changing your vape. These are the signs that most people avoid and try to fix by themselves, leading to extended disaster. If you notice these signs, it's a deadline to switch your vape urgently.


How to know if a vape is going to explode is easy. If used carefully, there are zero chances of explosions. But improper information and misuse can damage the internal mechanism and lead to disastrous outcomes. 

As an e-smoker, you must know these vital facts that can save you and your loved ones. 

Moreover, the coils used in this gadget might leak or be damaged if dropped. So you must ensure you are not falling for scams while purchasing good quality material. 

Using the authentic vape according to the instruction will prevent explosions. 

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