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Blitz JUUL Compatible Pods - 4 Pack

Blitz JUUL Compatible Pods - 4 Pack

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4 Pods Per Pack
1 Pod contains:1ml of liquid 60mg / 6.0% nicotine
These new pods you can use with the JUUL STARTER KIT are bursting with flavor with the 50mg nicotine salt you are looking for. No more boring flavors! Try them all today!


Blitz Blueberryerry Mint pods are a strong fruit mint flavor that makes for one cool vape. A fusion of blueberries and the minty freshness of chilly peppermint gives this vape juice a refreshing bite.

The pure taste of Watermelon will linger on your tongue long after you take a few puffs on the Watermelon Blitz Pods. These pods offer a forceful, fruity wave of watermelon with a slight undertone of candy like sweetness that comes in at the end of the exhale.

Blitz Strawberry Mint pods are the perfect choice for fruit fans. Full of vibrant strawberry flavor with a hint of menthol, Blitz Strawberry pods deliver a sweet and juicy vape. Pick up a pack of Strawberry pods today and discover this classic flavor now with nicotine salts for extra satisfaction.

Blitz White Russian pods are the classic flavor of coffee and vodka with a hint of cream.

Adifferent take on Mango pods. Refreshing mango inhale and exhale.

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