How do they get fruit flavors in my vape??

Many disposable vapes use a combination of flavors that are commonly associated with fruits. The exact ingredients and percentages may vary between different brands and different flavors.

It's a combination of skill and science. Our flavor experts source the best ingredients, then mix them together with precision to bring you vapes that taste just like candy and fruits.

Most fruit flavors are artificial, produced in a lab, and they’re designed to taste like the real thing. There are very few natural fruit extracts on the market.

The fruit flavor vape is made from food ingredients, not chemicals. The liquid is made from 99% propylene glycol and food grade flavorings.

The fruit flavor comes from a brand new kind of e-Juice called Max VG. Vaping is all about the vape juice and how it interacts with the atomizer to give you the best vaping experience possible.

Fruit flavor vapes are produced by mixing plant material with other flavorings. The plant material is called a base, and it’s where most of the vape’s flavor comes from.

The vaporizer cartridges come with a special e-liquid mixture, which is enjoyed by you in a perfume bottle or tank. The e-liquids used for vape pens are different from what you use to fill regular cigarettes. Most of the e-liquids contain propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol as well as vegetable glycerin among other ingredients. These can be easily stored in a carafe and are not toxic.
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